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Road Map from Leh to Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake, also known as Pangong Tso is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. It is located in the Himalayas and is spread over 134 km extending from India to China at a height of 4350 m. It is one of the most popular tourist places of India. Distance between Leh to Pangong Lake by road is 223 km. Reaching Pangong Lake from Leh by road can take you around 6-8.5 hours depending upon the route you take. Some other factors like traffic and road condition can sometimes add to the time. By now you must be wondering how to reach from Leh to Pangong Lake by Road. Well, in this article we will be telling you about all the Leh to Pangong Lake Route and the best route according to us.

Road Map from Leh to Pangong Lake

Road Routes from Leh to Pangong Lake

Route 1 : Leh – North Pullu – Khardung – Shyok – Tangtse – Lukung – Pangong Tso

If you are looking to pass through Khardung La pass, you can take this route to reach Pangong Lake. This route is 74 km longer than the usual route but if you want to cover the World’s Highest Motorable Pass(Kardung La), you can follow this route. Distance from Leh to Pangong lake by this route is 297 km and it will take you around 8-8.5 hours to reach Pangong Lake by this route.

Distance from Leh : 297 km

Best Road Route from Leh to Pangong Lake

Route 2 : Leh – Shey – Hemis – Zingral – Tangtse – Lugung – Pangong Tso 

This is the shorter of the two routes. People who don’t want to go through Khardung La and want to save some time can follow this route. Leh to Pangong Lake by this route is 223 km and it will take you 6 – 6:30 hours. By following this roure you can also cover some monasteries like Shey, Thiksey and Hemis. You cane enjoy both Route 1 and Route 2 by going to Pangong Tso by one route and coming back by the other.

Distance from Leh : 223 km

Note : Don’t forget to get the Inner Line Permit for your visit to Pangong Lake.

Hope you liked to know about the Road Map from Leh to Pangong Lake and also the Best Road Route from Leh to Pangong Lake. If you have any doubts or questions, you may leave your comments below.

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