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Roll Ball – India’s Sport Innovation

Roll ball or rollball is a sport which is similar to basketball or handball and is played on inline roller skates. The game encompasses of two teams having six players each and five field players along with a goaltender. Roll Ball has its roots dating back to the year 2003 and bonds inline roller skating with basketball, handball and throwball as well. This game is an Indian invention and Pune’s Raju Dabhade was the brainchild behind the invention of this sport in the year 2005.

Roll Ball - India's Sport Innovation
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Roll Ball – Sport Innovation of India

Rollball is due to have the third world cup in the month of December and it has 50 countries participating in it. This game indeed proves to be a “wheelie” good time to the participants and audience alike. The primary aim of the International Roll Ball Federation is the promotion of this Indian innovation in  countries of the world and to make it famous mainly among school and college students. The event will enable the players to interact and exchange the cultural values with others. It will also awaken a sense of unity and mutual feeling of respect between them.

The Game

Players have to move towards the goal while they dribble or pass the ball. It is similar to a basketball game with the final aim of throwing the ball into a goal at every end of the court. The team that is capable to score more goals will win. There are two referees in every match. The ball could be held in either one or both the hands, also during passing and shooting.

Roll Ball - Sport Innovation of India
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It is a 12-year-old game, that has in all 37 states of Indian teams partaking in the event. It also has a very strong South Indian contingent that consists of ten teams. This includes Six boys teams and four girls teams from the South zone that will be competing in the event.

The Invention

The inventor of Rollball, Raju Dabhade was a newspaper boy in India and used to deliver newspapers on his roller skates. He continued to strive hard to get to the ranks of competitive skating and gradually became a physical education teacher, post retirement from the competitive skating.

Roll Ball Game
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His passion for skating with the dream of introducing a new sport game has always been his inspiration from the start. However, it was during a skating instruction session in the year 2003 when a basketball just happened to bounce into play when he had his eureka moment!

Roll Ball Federation of India

Roll Ball Association of Tamil Nadu is affiliated to the Roll Ball Federation of India. These two in collaboration have contributed to host the tournament for the second time in three years continuously. The inaugural ceremony game in the state was held at Erode in the year 2015.

Roll Ball World Cup 2017 in Bangladesh witnessed two women from the state team in the Indian squad. The trip to Kenya and Thailand saw 3 players gaining recognition and giving their best.

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