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A School in Singrauli, MP where all the 300 students write with both hands!

Ambidextrous School in Madhya Pradesh

Majority of people in the world are right handed, some are left handed and very few are ambidextrous i.e., they have the ability to write with both the hands simultaneously. According to the present data only one percent of the global population is ambidextrous. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Leonardo da Vinci, …

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Roll Ball – India’s Sport Innovation

Roll Ball - India's Sport Innovation

Roll ball or rollball is a sport which is similar to basketball or handball and is played on inline roller skates. The game encompasses of two teams having six players each and five field players along with a goaltender. Roll Ball has its roots dating back to the year 2003 …

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Krishna’s Butterball, Mahabalipuram – A Stone that defies Gravity

Krishna's Butterball, Mahabalipuram - A Stone that defies Gravity

Krishna’s Butterball is also called as Vaan Irai Kal. Its another name is Krishna’s Gigantic Butterball. It is a gigantic granite boulder which rests on a highly short incline. It lies in the historical town of Mahabalipuram which is in Tamil Nadu, India. The boulder is about 6 meters high, …

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Agni Keli – India’s Fire Festival

Agni Keli - India's Fire Festival

Agni Keli is also called as the Fire Fight of Kateel. It takes place in Durga Parameshwari Temple situated in Mangalore, India. It is a unique and rare ritual that has hundreds of devotees hurling burning palm fronds at each other in order to appease the Hindu goddess Durga. The …

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Kila Raipur Sports Festival – Punjab’s Rural Olympics

Kila Raipur Sports Festival

It was in the year 1933 that Philanthropist Inder Singh Grewal envisioned an annual recreational meet. In this meet farmers from all the areas in the vicinity of Kila Raipur could come together and gauge their corporal endurance. This idea lead to the inception of the Kila Raipur Sports, which …

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Ayappa Nagubandi’s Broadcast Wearables – India’s first touch Enabled T-Shirt

Ayappa Nagubandi's Broadcast Wearables

You must have seen a lot of trending innovations in the fashion industry. But, have you ever seen a Broadcasting T-shirt? Yes, you heard it right. Ayappa Nagubandi’s jaw-dropping digital wearables are all that you desire in this new tech world. This new brand manufactures some very cool touch-enabled clothing …

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Chamayavilakku – India’s Cross Dressing Festival

Chamayavilakku - Kerala's Cross Dressing Festival

The Chamayavilakku festival is one of the most anticipated events held in Kerala every year. This festival is celebrated in the Temple of the Hindu Goddess Kottankulangara Shree Devi, in the small village of Chavara near Kollam, Kerala. The most outstanding traditional ritual followed during this festival is the cross-dressing …

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Frog Wedding organized in Assam for Rainfall

Frog Wedding in India

The cultural and traditional richness in India is infinite and fascinating. Similarly, the religious belief and practices across the country are enormous and captivating. People respect them and take them forward from their ancestors without even judging the scientific explanation behind each one of them. Though Indian traditions have that …

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