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Tippu – Haryana’s Super Donkey Worth Rs. 10 Lacs!

Tippu is a donkey. But he is not an ordinary one. He is the most expensive and kingsize donkey the country has ever seen with a price tag of Rs. 10 Lacs which is ten times higher than the ordinary donkey.

Tippu’s owner Raj Singh is a mule trader from Sonipat district of Haryana. Mule breeding is the family business which he does to earn a living. With the help of this super costliest donkey the owner plans to earn in lacs.

Tippu – The Super Donkey of Haryana worth Rs. 10 Lacs

Let’s know more about this incredible donkey, Tippu.

Tippu’s Uniqueness

A male donkey or an ass is called a jack. Tippu is a jack donkey or jackass. He is nearly seven inches taller than a normal donkey. He is used for breeding mules. He is the biggest among its species and a unique one.

Tippu - Haryana's Super Donkey Worth Rs. 10 Lacs
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Ordinary donkey is sold for about 3 to 3.5 lacs but because of its uniqueness Tippu is worth Rs.10 lacs. Tippu comes from the same state where farmer Karamveer Singh from Kurukshetra district has bred the most expensive bull. Tippu’s owner Raj Singh has no intention of selling Tippu for less than Rs.10 Lacs.

Tippu’s Royal Life

Tippu is not only expensive but he also lives a luxurious life which no other donkeys live. His daily diet includes five kilograms of black gram, four litres of milk and 20 kg of green fodder. His favourite food is black gram. He is also fed with tonnes of laddoos without which he gets upset . His appetite is much more than an ordinary donkey. His owner spends Rs.1000 on him daily which an ordinary man might find it difficult to earn per day.

Tippu's Royal Life
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Usually donkeys carry heavy loads and brays in an open grassland, but Tippu is an exceptional. He is given special care. Everyday the owner takes  him out in an open space to indulge in recreational activities and also takes him for morning and evening walk. Apart from this a fan is kept in his stable to keep him cool. All his necessities are looked after and he leads a luxurious life. 

Tippu’s Fame

Tippu is a huge size donkey leading a royal life. He is a star and is priceless. He is very popular among mule breeders. Breeders from different places in India such as Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand come rushing to breed with Tippu. Each breeding session cost Rs. 10,000/- . Tippu is in great demand among the buyers. An Uttar Pradesh-based breeder at the Beri Cattle Festival in Rohtak offered Rs 5 lakh to purchase Tippu. But his owner demanded double price ie. Rs.10 Lacs.

Special qualities of Tippu has made him a celebrity. He is very precious and close to the owner’s family. His all needs are taken care of by them. He is very famous in Haryana state. People from different place come to see this unique and royal donkey. Tippu is considered to be the Sultan of donkey who is worth Rs.10 lacs.

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