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Shaheed Diwas 2020: Powerful quotes from the revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh

It was on 15th August, 1947 that India became independent. However, the inception of the revolution, the Sepoy Mutiny, also known as the Indian Mutiny, started in 1857.  It was the rigorous struggles that the freedom fighters of India went through between 1857 to 1947 for its independence from the British.

Three revolutionary freedom fighters, Shivaram Rajguru, Sukhdeb Thapar, and Bhagat Singh, were hanged on 23rd March, 1931. They were sentenced to death for John Saunders’ assassination, a police officer serving the British government in Lahore jail in 1928. 

India celebrates the extraordinary valore of these heroes on 23rd March every year as Martyrs’ Day or Shaheed Diwas. The heroic sacrifice made by these freedom fighters and their contribution to the independence of India from the colonial rule of the British is commemorated on this day. 

Colleges and schools and other educational institutions organize events to express their gratitude and pay tribute for their relentless efforts in bringing an end to the 200 year long oppression and slavery by the British. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a heartfelt tribute to Sukhdev, Rajguru, and Bhagat Singh on the occasion of Shaheed Diwas. 


“Non-violence is backed by the theory of soul-force in which suffering is courted in the hope of ultimately winning over the opponent. But what happens when such an attempt fail to achieve the object? It is here that soul-force has to be combined with physical force so as not to remain at the mercy of tyrannical and ruthless enemy.”

“It is beyond the power of any man to make a revolution. Neither can it be brought about on any appointed date. It is brought about by special environments, social and economic. The function of an organised party is to utilise any such opportunity offered by these circumstances.”

“The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting stone of ideas-Bhagat Singh in court during his trial, India’s struggle for freedom”

“Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking.”

“But man’s duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments.”

“Love always elevates the character of man. It never lowers him, provided love be love.”

“Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge”.

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