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At 180 Km/Hr, The Spanish Talgo Is Now India’s Fastest Train

The Spanish Talgo Train has become the India’s Fastest Train by reaching a speed of 180 km/hr and covering a distance of 84 km in just 38 minutes in a trial run conducted by Indian Railways on Mathura-Palwal route, surpassing the record made by Gatimaan Express.

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Talgo Trains clocks 180 Km/hr in India 

On July 9’2016, the very first day of the trial of Talgo Train in India between Mathura and Palwal, the train clocked a speed of 120 km/hr. After this trial run, it has been decided that the train’s speed would be increased by 10 km/hr everyday.

Talgo Train in India

The talgo train completed its yet another trial run successfully on July 13’2016 by clocking a speed of 180 km/hr due to its light weight and advanced technology.

Talgo High Speed Trains in India

According to a report, if trials of Talgo trains are successful in India, it can prove to be a major game changer as the company claims that these coaches have the capability to run at 200 kmph on the existing tracks without any changes in the infrastructure. The cost of a Talgo Train coach is Rs 5 crore and it requires minimal upgrade of infrastructure to run on Indian rail tracks.

Talgo Train Seats

Talgo Train will surpass the speed of the existing fastest train in India, Gatimaan Express which reaches a maximum speed of 160 km/hr, Shatabdi Express 150 km/hr and Rajdhani Express goes upto 130 km/hr.

7 Facts about India’s High Speed Talgo Train

Let us know a few good to know facts about the Talgo Trains.

1) A Talgo Train can run at a maximum speed of 250 kmph but trials in India are being conducted at 160-180 kmph.

2) The coaches of Talgo Train will save up to Rs.1 crore as compared to the LHB coaches that are currentlt being used in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

3) The Talgo Train coaches are also said to require less maintenance.

4) Apart from other things, Talgo Train coaches provides amenities like footrests, reading lights, tables and audio entertainment controls for each individual seat.

5) However, By the introduction of Talgo Trains, the travel is expected to become more expensive than it is now.

6) The coaches of Talgo Train are made up of Aluminium and these lighter trains can cut travel time by 30%.

7) Besides reducing the overall travel time, Talgo’s lighter trains consume 30 percent less energy.

8) Talgo Trains are expected to cover the distance between Mumbai-Delhi in just 12 hours, unlike the Rajdhani which currently takes 17 hours.

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