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3 International Train Routes from India

India has 4th largest largest railway network(Only behind United States, China & Russia) with 115,000 km of track and 7,112 stations. Indian railways has also been included in the list of Top 10 employers of the World. With time, Indian Railways has been introducing new trains to benefit the tourists across India. There are some luxurious trains in important tourist cities of India as well as some scenic Toy trains like Kalka-Shimla Toy Train. Indian Railways will soon start its services for Gatimaan Express which is said to be the fastest train in India. Today we are going to tell you about 8 Best Double Decker Trains in India.

3 International Train Routes from India

India has a large rail network across the country. Off late India has expanded its railway network with neighboring countries like Paksitan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Indian Railways is also planning for an installation of rail system in southern Bhutan.

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Train Route between India and Pakistan

As a matter of fact, before partition there were 8 rail links between India and Pakistan(Part of India at that time). Now there are just 2 rail links between India and Pakistan which are currently active.

Samjhauta Express
Samjhauta Express Crossing India Pakistan Border

First one is at Wagah , called Samjhauta Express between Amritsar in India and Lahore in Pakistan. You can see a glimpse of this train in Superhit Bollywood movies like Veer Zaara, Bajrangi  The services for the second train Thar Express was started in 2006 that runs between Munabao(in Rajasthan,India) and Khokhrapar(In Sindh, Pakistan).

Thar Express
Thar Express , PC : indiarailinfo.com

There are other rail links which are discussed for implementation in future. These routes are  Ferozepur–Samasata, Ferozepur–Lahore, Amritsar–Lahore, Amritsar–Sialkot and Jammu–Sialkot.

Train Route between India and Bangladesh

After Bangladesh was created there was a change in the routes through Siliguri Corridor of many trains between Assam and Bengal. At present there are 3 rail routes between India and Bangladesh.

Maitree Express
Maitree Express, PC : www.rediff.com/news

The main passenger rail route i.e., Maitree Express runs 2 times a week between Kolkata in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh. The second train is between Mahisasan (Mohishashon) and Shahbazpur. The third rail route is between Radhikapur and Birol. A rail route between Akhaura in Bangladesh and Agartala in India is also approved by Government of India.

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Train Route between India and Nepal

At present there are 2 rail routes between India and Nepal. First one is a braad guage route between Raxaul Jn., Bihar–Sirsiya, Parsa and another one is narrow gauge route between Jaynagar, Bihar–Khajuri, Dhanusa.

Proposed Train Routes

  1. Indian Railways is also planning to build the highest railway track in the world even taller than the Beijing-Lhasa Railway Line.
  2. Indian Railways has also been planning the rail system between southern Bhutan and India.
  3. Rail Route between Manipur, India and Burma is under construction.
  4. It is also said that the Central Government is considering a rail route from Manipur to Vietnam Via Burma.
  5. Indian Railways in collaboration with rail authorities in China is interested in starting a High Speed Rail link between New Delhi in India and Kunming in China Via Myanmar.
  6. A rail route to Thailand is also possible if Burma Railway is rebuilt. This would also give proper connectivity to Malaysia and Singapore as well.

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