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Surendra Kumar Apharya – The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!

There is a very thin line between “Skill” and “Talent” and it’s a subject you can debate on, but there are people who, with their acts and actions, will confuse you, will amaze you in such a way that you may forget the topic and start gazing at them only. When they perform it becomes an act of astounding skill, a magnificent performance of talent and spectacular show of concentration, practice, hard-work and perseverance. And mind you, there are not much people around, who are like this. And one such skillfully talented individual is- Mr.Surendra Kumar Apharya.

Surendra Kumar Apharya – Astounding Guinness Book Record Holder

The Archeological Survey of India at the Jaipur branch has this extraordinary wizard who can write on a single grain of rice and a single strand of hair. This is just not all; he has been carrying forward the traditional tenth century Rajasthan miniature arts and holds quite a few Guinness World record.

Surendra Kumar Apharya - The Man who can write on Rice & Human Hair!
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He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for writing 1749 characters on a single grain of rice. He has been holding this record for the last 25 years. He got his name on the Book not just once or twice but seven times. He also holds a record of writing 249 characters on a single strand of human hair. This master of miniature arts has also written three Speeches of Jawaharlal Nehru, which otherwise if written normally will become an average sized notebook with eighteen pages, on a postage stamp measuring – 19.6mm X 17.8mm.

His Journey

It all started when one fine day, after reading an edition of “Guinness Book of World Records”, Surendra decided to do something extraordinary. He started writing on small things like a grain of rice. He faced a lot of failure and frustration, and even criticism from his own family members when this act of writing took long hours of practice. But his patience, hard work, and concentration gave him all the accolades.

Surendra Kumar Apharya Miniature Writer
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He finally mastered the art with the help of correct use of the lens, thinnest of brushes, and controlled precision writing. He practices yoga so that his hands do not vibrate while he writes. He can even hold his breath for two minutes when required. Then started the journey of awards and he got all the recognition for his talent, from the Government. His challenge to a Japanese record for inscribing most characters on a grain of rice (184), in 1989, when he was 38 years was the turning point.

His Stimulus

Surendra is an inspiration and his story is a stimulus to many, which is evident from the fact that his wife has been trying to beat the record of splitting human hair. So far she’s been able to do that -24 times. His dedication and the willpower that he has to achieve a set goal is itself a vision. No doubt this is not the end, as he moves ahead on his journey, with the next milestone of writing either Gita or Quran in an area of 1 mm.

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