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Prayatna Sharma – World’s Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior

Great talents have always been produced by India. A young teenager’s name is added to the list who has made a name in the history by breaking the world record. Prayatna Sharma, a 15 year old boy, studying in standard tenth,  from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, India has become the fastest in the world at backwards skating. He has set a world record of skating backwards and his name has been included in the Guinness Book of World.

Prayatna Sharma – The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

His success has proved that age doesn’t matter if you have a passion to achieve something and you work hard  for it. Hard work and aim to achieve his goal has made this school boy a world champion of backward skating. His achievement is a matter of immense joy and pride for India.

His Guide and Trainer

Prayatna Sharma was five years old when he started training skating under his father’s guidance. Skating was his hobby. He woke up early in the morning,after doing his exercise had milk and went on the roads of the city for his practice. He practiced skating for two hours daily in the morning.

Prayatna Sharma - World’s  Fastest Reverse Skater from Gwalior
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In the beginning Prayatna  was practicing forward skating. But  he wanted to do something different. So he started practicing backward skating under the guidance of his coach. He practised for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening daily. At the start it was difficult for him. But daily practice helped him to perform backward skating  with balance.  After a practice of 5 to 7 years  with the help of training from his coach, he achieved great speed and perfect balance in backward skating. His father and other family members were of great support.

His Achievement

Prayatna Sharma was very keen to achieve his  goal of becoming the world’s best reverse skater. His efforts  and long years of practice gave him full confidence over his unbreakable speed and perfect balance, so he decided to create a world record that no one had so far achieved.

Prayatna Sharma - The Fastest Reverse Skater of the World

On 21st June, Prayatna Sharma created a world record of the most fastest backward skating for 1 kilometer in just 2.08 minutes. He smashed all the previous world record and made an entry in the Guinness books of record.

His speed was more than some two wheeler vehicles or even faster than 100 cc bike.

His Dreams

After creating a world record of fastest reverse skater, Prayatna Sharma has an intention of doing something more higher. He aims  to do something bigger and enter the world of professional ice skating. For him ice skating is a  fascinating sport.

At present his goal is to work hard and practice a lot to achieve success in ice skating.  He has a dream of winning  an Olympic medal for his country in ice skating. He wants to honour and make India proud by his achievements. He will put in all his efforts to make his dream successful.

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