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Gladson Peter – One man Band

Gladson Peter - One man Band

Looking at Peter Gladson perform on stage is literally hard to fathom because he is a lean 24-year-old who artfully balances 13 instruments on his back that weighs around 20 kg and masters the art of playing them all in an extremely synchronised manner. Gladson is known to be India’s …

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Khivraj Gurjar – India’s BMX Yogi

Khivraj Gurjar - India's BMX Yogi

Daredevil Grandad as he is famously called, Khivraj Gurjar performs yoga on a bike just on an edge of 300 ft-high cliff. His breath-taking extreme yoga moves are totally unbelievable. This timeless Daredevil actually risks his life by walking over a ledge with a 100 metre drop that too without …

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