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Better chances for employment with Suresh Prabhu’s request to Airbus for Manufacturing of Planes in India

Suresh Prabhu asks Airbus to manufacture Planes in India

In an effort to promote PM Narendra Modi’s initiative “Make in India”, Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry has asked the aircraft manufacturing company named Airbus to start building planes in the country itself. This shall evidently promote better growth for India in the aviation sector while bringing in a number of jobs while decreasing the rate of unemployment.

On Friday, the former Railway Minister visiting the facility of Airbus located in Toulouse while he was on a visit to the country of France. He commented that given the condition that Airbus agrees to create airplanes in our country, this particular move shall generate 1000s of jobs for the unemployed section of the society creating a beneficial situation for both party.

He further described in his tweet that with the growth spurt on Indian Aviation, there has been a constant stress with regards to the regional air based connectivity creating a need for more airplanes in the recent years. This lays down a great opportunity for the manufacturers of global aircraft. Presently, Airbus has 300+ aircrafts that fly on regular basis above the skies on India. Given this high number, order for another 530 aircrafts have been placed by numerous Indian carriers.

In a conversation with the PTI, Suresh Prabhu mentioned that in the upcoming days, he shall be initiating a meeting with the top officials of Airbus with a motive to request a manufacturing firm at India itself, given the high demand for air transport.

Srinivasan Dwarakanath, Airbus Commercial Aircraft President at India, had stated in the month of March during an event at Hyderabad named Wings India Aviation confirming the requirement for airplanes in the country in future. He commented that over the timeline of the upcoming 10 years, the country would require at least one plane every week to be manufactured for proper connection amidst the local cities.

In a countrywide estimation, it has been confirmed that India would require more than 1,750 new aircrafts to be manufactured within a time span of 20 years, i.e. 2017 to 2036. This shall comprise of 1,320 planes with single-aisle along with 430 that house wide-body structure. The cumulative construction cost for all these planes shall boil down to $255 billion providing Airbus a great chance at profitable business. Following Suresh Prabhu’s visit, the France based Indian Embassy tweeted about his visit stating that Mr. Prabhu visited the manufacturing lot for the Airbus planes at Toulouse and saw the passenger planes that were being built at the moment.

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