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Ayappa Nagubandi’s Broadcast Wearables – India’s first touch Enabled T-Shirt

You must have seen a lot of trending innovations in the fashion industry. But, have you ever seen a Broadcasting T-shirt? Yes, you heard it right. Ayappa Nagubandi’s jaw-dropping digital wearables are all that you desire in this new tech world. This new brand manufactures some very cool touch-enabled clothing like T-shirts, which can be programmed by the wearer for displaying something different everytime they wear it.

Ayappa Naguband’s Vision

Ayappa Nagubandi's Broadcast Wearables
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The Hyderabad-based company called Broadcast Wearables was co-founded by Ayappa Naguband. Ayappa believes that, clothes are an amazing way of expressing one’s feeling. At Broadcast Wearables, they feel that, innovation in fashion is necessary. Nothing is better than your daily clothes becoming more funkier if it changes its design as you wish. Ayappa says that their main aim was to integrate the LEDs into the garments and still keep them as comfortable for the buyers, as a normal garment. Being paired to any smartphone, the slogan and logo on the T-shirt can be changed anywhere, anytime.

How does the Broadcast T-shirt work?

The Broadcast T-shirt consists of a circuit connected to an LED display panel connected to a touch sensor system, a Bluetooth SoC and a battery.

The arrays of tiny 792 LED lights work in synchronization with the Broadcast app, for the user to have total control over the designed to be displayed. Some default designs are available on the app. The customers can also customize their display according to their own needs. The user can type or draws what he wants to see, displayed by the LEDs, on the T-shirt.

How to set up the Broadcast T-shirt?

Here are some very simple steps on how to set up the Broadcast T-shirt according to your choice.

  1. The Broadcast Wear App is downloaded.
  2. The app recognizes the nearby Broadcast T-shirt and sets up a Bluetooth pairing with it.
  3. Any selected design is sent to the T-shirt.

Get To Know The Key Features Of The Broadcast T-shirt

Features of Broadcast Wearables
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The attractive new concept started by Ayappa Nagubandi through Broadcast Wearables, is the hottest trend-setter as it is the first touch-enabled T-shirt ever to be made. Get to know some of its uber cool features here:

  1. The Surface Mounted Device LED (SMD-LED) is fitted with a Printed Circuit Board. Its display and design can be changed as frequently as desired. The app-enabled broadcasting lets you decide your slogan, according to your mood on that day.
  2. Users can create a broadcast community of their own, along with their contacts and share their designs through the Broadcast Wear App.
  3. The touch-enabled feature works by touching the “Broadcast” lable to switch the display on and off, just by dragging a finger across.
  4. The Broadcast T-shirt is completely waterproof and washable. So, experience the magic of technology anytime you want.
  5. The T-shirt is made of 100% cotton fabric and can be worn comfortably, like any other T-shirt.
  6. This Broadcast T-shirt is programmable and chargeable integrated with a 1500mAh battery.

How does it make a difference?

Though, one of the latest smart devices falling under the wearable category are the smart watches and e-jackets, these smart Broadcast T-shirts hope to capture the attention of a big crowd with this revolutionary invention.

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