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Sindhutai Sapkal – Maharashtra’s ‘Mother of Orphans’ who has adopted 1000 Children

Sindhutai Sapkal

It is said that the adversities have two types of effects on people. They can either turn you into a hostile and angry person or they could turn you into someone like Sindhutai Sapkal. Sindhutai Sapkal is not a name that is known in every house hold but it ought …

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‘Bhule Bhatke Tiwari’ – The Indian Spartan who Reunites Lost Kumbh Mela Pilgrims

Bhule Bhatke Tiwari

When it comes to people of great persona mostly the famous leaders of the country come to our minds but there are many in this country that have led a silent life but not for themselves. Their lives are desiccated for others and that to without expecting anything in return. …

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Jyothi Raj : The Real Life Spiderman of India

Jyothi Raj - The Indian Spiderman

A lot of us like to do various adventures. Rock climbing is one of the most performed adventure activity throughout the world. You might have heard and seen about a lot of well known climbers. Have you ever heard of a person who scales rocks like a monkey ! Yes, you read …

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