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Abid Surti – The Man who teaches Mumbai to Save Water

The world is always in the need of the people who work selflessly for the cause of the people. Such people are less in number but they are the biggest asset of the society. Abid Surti is one such person who has been working for the cause of water in India.

Abid Surti – Writer, Artist and Cartoonist who fixes leaking taps in Mumbai Free of Cost

Abid Surti was born in Guajrat at Vavera near the city of rajula. His family sifted to Mumbai later and he attained his education there. The financial condition of the family of Abid Surti was not that good but that did not deter him from obtaining education. Abid Surti is a multifaceted person and is a renowned writer, painter, Cartoonist and environmentalist. He has also written plays and is a screenwriter.

Abid Surti
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The list of his ventures does not end here because in 2007 he started a single member NGO named ‘Drop Dead’. This NGO was a result of his observation of a leaky tap in a friend’s home. He saw that a lot of water was being wasted. He had seen in his childhood how his mother had to struggle so hard to get a bucket of water. He thought that if in a house this much f water was being wasted then in so many other houses of the country there must be immeasurable amounts that must be wasted. So, he decided to start an NGO named drop dead hat is aimed at saving water that is being wasted due to leaky faucets and other fittings.

On every Sunday he goes out with a plumber and knocks on every door to ask if their tap is leaking. If the home owners allow he gets the minor plumbing issues such as leaky taps repaired for free.

This way he has been able to save lakhs of litres of water and was therefore awarded the save the sparrow award. He is a simple and dedicated man who believes that you have to take initiative to bring about change.

Abid Surti Drop Dead
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His NGO has been working constantly to reduce water wastage. There are hundreds of volunteers associated with this NGO as well as the movement. Most of these volunteers are children who make their neighbourhood aware by talking and putting posters regarding the same.

Since the start of this campaign from February 2007 to 2008 around 4.14 lakh litres of water was saved by Abid Surti visiting almost 1,666 houses and fixing 414 taps that were faulty and leaking.

The initiative of Abid Surti was started in the year 2007 which also, was the international year of water. Hi initiative has won accolades from the foreign media and a TV channel from Berlin even gave a full 10 minutes slot for the promotion of drop dead. This helped the people of Europe realise the importance of saving water.

According to Abid Surti the main problem of the households is that they think that just for a minor tap repair the plumber will charge a big amount of visiting fees so they do not get it repaired. This is why Mr. Surti has started the work of providing free minor plumbing services to the residents of Mumbai so that precious water can be saved for all.

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