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Top 10 Places to Visit near Hyderabad in Monsoon

Hyderabad – the city of Nizams offers staggering tourist destinations to the tourists, the city of pearls is known vividly for its rich culture and heritage. Monsoon season acts as a bliss for the Hyderabadis, the region is blessed with various Monsoon tourist points.

10 Best Places to Visit near Hyderabad in Monsoon

Lets have a look at the best monsoon getaways near Hyderabad.

1) Srisailam

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Situated on the banks of the river Krishna, Srisailam marks as one of the alluring pilgrimage sites in the region. Srisailam is situated in the Kurnool district of the incredible Andhra Pradesh. The place is perfect for your short vacation to enjoy the showers of enigmatic nature, one of the major attraction of the place is the Srisailam Dam and a Lord Shiva temple. Srisailam attracts a decent number of tourist throughout the year.

2) Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar
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If we talk about the Buddhism, Nagarjuna Sagar can be regarded as the one of the most protruding Buddhist influence in the region. The place is situated in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana border, it offers a magnificent view of the forests and in the times of monsoon, the region receives heavy rainfall and offers comfort and engagement to the visitors.

3) Kuntala Falls

Kuntala Falls
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The grand waterfall is located amidst the Sahyadri mountain region of the Ailabad district of the Telangana state of the incredible India. The waterfalls rest at an elevation of 200 feet from the ground level. The place is regarded as one of the exuberant getaways from Hyderabad, especially for monsoon season. The waterfall offers the astonishing view, water of the river Kadam gets divided amidst two big rocks offering a cascading view.

4) Bidar

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If you are looking for the perfect heritage site for your monsoon adventure then Bidar is the name. The place is located in the north end front of the Karnataka state. Situated at an altitude of 2200 feet over the Grand Deccan plateau, Bidar attracts a large chunk of tourists, if you want to fulfill your wanderlust then the place is a must visit.

5) Hampi

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The place is accredited by the UNESCO as the world heritage site, the accreditation speaks for its grandeur. Hampi is one of the most sorted heritage sites near Hyderabad, the region receives a humongous amount of rainfall and is perfect for your monsoon trip. The site offers the leftovers of the grand Vijay Nagar empire, the remains attract a large number of historians. Other major attractions in the vicinity of the Hampi are Royal Centre, Hampi Bazaar etc.

6) Badami

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Badami is yet another beautiful tourist spot, it is a heritage site which is absolutely perfect to visit during monsoon. The place receives showers of rain and offers a magnificient view of the forest region, one cannot just simply ignore the beauty of the Badami. It is located in the Bagalkot district on the outskirts of the Hyderabad. The place was the capital of the great Chaulakyan empire for centuries, even today you can visit here and observe the remains of the magnificent kingdom. Major attractions here are Badami Fort, temples, and various sculptures etc.

7) Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills
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Located in the Vikarabad region of the Ranga Reddy district of the Telangana state, Ananthagiri Hills are the favourite destinations for the Hyderabadis to chill and enjoy amidst their loved ones. The region is surrounded by dense forests and during monsoon, everything just gets alluring and gaudy. The Musi river originates from Ananthagiri Hills, the water supply of the whole Hyderabad depends on this region. When it pours, lush green forests offer a splendid view of the human soul.

8) Eturnagaram

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One of the oldest sanctuaries in the Southern India, Eturnagaram is preserving the wildlife since 1952. The place is located amidst deep jungles in the Warangal district around the bordering areas of the Maharashtra and Telangana respectively. The world famous Sammakka-Sarakka temple is also situated amidst the Eturnagaram. The sanctuary attracts a major chunk of enthusiasts and is famous for preserving Leopards, Tigers, Wild Dogs, Gaur, Wolfs etc.

9) Bhadrachalam & Kinnerasani Dam

Bhadrachalam & Kinnerasani Dam
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The place exhibits a great importance for Hindus in the India, the famous Sri Rama Temple was built here in the mid-17th century. The dam is built on the holy Godavari River and it promotes flora and fauna of the region. Bhadrachalam & Kinnerasani Dam can be regarded as the preferred monsoon travel wanderlust destination.

10) Alampur

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Known for its historical importance, the town is located on the banks of the Tunga river, the magnificent Jogulamba Temple is located here. Alampur has the history as old as dated to the 7th century, the place attracts a huge number of historians and enthusiasts. The region is a prominent spot for tourists as during monsoon, Alampur offers a romantic and appealing climate to the visitors. The region is situated around the grand union of the Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers.

Spare some time from your busy schedules and visit these places for a day or two & record beautiful memories with your loved ones, Monsoon awaits you.

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