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Top 10 Places to Visit near Delhi in Monsoon

Delhi is one place that experiences a lot of heat waves during summer and the temperatures can go up to as much as 43⁰ C. The summers in Delhi are hot and humid and therefore people keep waiting for the showers of monsoon that help the temperature to dip a little bit. This dipping of temperature the hearts want to get away from the hectic city life to a place where on can relax and spend some time in peace doing what they like the most.

10 Best Places to Visit near Delhi in Monsoon

Here is a list of the 10 best monsoon getaways near Delhi :-

1. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand


This is a hill station that is relatively very close to Dehli is one of the favourite spots for the Delhites. The people of all kinds come here for sight seeing, trekkingand hiking. Youcan hike in places like Nandakot, Rambha and Shilpakot. The coming and going of clouds every minute is a great experience as it helps you relieve you of all the stresses and helps you unwind.

2. Nangal Wetlands, Punjab

Nangal Wetlands

If you love bird watching then this place is ideal for you. Nangal wetlands have been formed due to the construction Bhakra Dam on Sutlej River. This place is not only the favourite of humans but also the migratory birds that have been recorded to come in huge numbers here. As many as 40,000 migratory birds have been seen in this wetland that is surrounded by hills to add to its beauty. Monsoon is the most beautiful season to be here. At this time of the year the lake is full of water and the fall of water is an amazing sight. You could spend a romantic weekend here in Nangal wetland away from Delhi.

3. Fagu, Himachal Pradesh


This small village is just 22 km from Shimla but is a picturesque place. the most amazing thing about this place is it being clad in fog during the monsoon and this gives it a very romantic feel. You can find various fruit gardens here along with the terraced fields that are the characteristic of a hill station. The tall Himalayan Cedar and Spruce add to the grace of this place. You can access this place only by road as the nearest narrow gauge railway station is Shimla.

4. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


The large barren sandy desert takes a very different look during the season of monsoon as there form small lakes similar to oasis and greenery tries to break monotonousness by appearing here and there. Vast areas that have nothing but open spaces and palaces, when washed in the showers of monsoon look amazingly beautiful. You could also get to see the Great Indian Buster if you are lucky enough. This is a species of animal that is endangered and is peculiar to Rajasthan. Jaisalmer has a lot to offer to every visitor and is a must visit place for everyone.

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5. Phalodi, Rajasthan


This small district of Rajasthan can be called the prototype of Rajasthan as you can get here the salt lakes as well as sand dunes, all at the same time. You could watch Kurja- the migratory birds in large numbers here. During monsoons the areas between salt lakes and the sand dunes turn into green patches and that is the most beautiful thing to see. The greens and he browns with hint of sparkling waters make this place look some painting.

6. Almora, Uttarakhand


The beautiful town of the very beautiful Kumaon region has a lot to offer to its visitors in the monsoon season. This hill station is known to be pleasantly green in this season and forms one of the most sought after getaways near Delhi. You can visit this place not only for the view of the Himalayas or for the natural beauty but also for visiting the Binsar temple and the famous Shiva temple located in Almora. When it rains the drenched pines with a misty backdrop create a very mesmerising atmosphere here.

7. Bhimtal, Uttarakhand


Many people collectively call Bhimtal and Nainital as one of the same thing but these two places are different and Bhimtal is a very quiet and serene place as compared to Nainital. Just abt 300 kms of drive from Delhi and you will be next to Bhimtal. The best part is that this Lake has a kind of island. The mystic beauty of this place is revealed only in the monsoon season when the mist envelopes the whole region and the island appears and disappears again and again from the mist. You could enjoy a long drive on the hilly roads of this region as well as go for short hikes in the pine forests here.

8. Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh


This place is one of those that remain cool and peaceful all the year round. This place never experiences temperatures greater than 28 degree Celsius because of the height it is at and because it s surrounded by the snow capped mountain on most of the sides. This pristine hill station is highly unexplored and is a great place to be in during the monsoon season. The rainfall is interrupted and you can have a glimpse of Himalayas during the times when clouds are not there.

9. Peora, Uttarakhand


This is not a very famous hill station of Uttarakhand but is the best destination for the people who want to spend some quiet time in the monsoon rains this untouched and unaltered hill station has thick sprawling forests of pine and oak trees that cover the land densely. You can enjoy the rainfall here with your own peace of mind.

10. Neemrana, Rajasthan

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If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the season of monsoon then you must not ignore the city of Neemrana in Rajasthan. Here you can witness the history in its most rugged form on one hand while on the other hand you can visit the lakes and sanctuaries that will unclutter your mind and help you relax in the lap of Mother Nature. you can stay in the Neemrana fort too.

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