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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Varanasi

In recent times, Shopping is a fantastic experience in Varanasi. The bustling markets in Varanasi have tonnes of traditional fabric, ornaments and authentic trinkets etc to offer. If you are here, you cannot leave without witnessing the Varanasi silk weaving tradition. Banarasi sarees are a classic that every woman desires to adorn at least once in her lifetime and Varanasi is famous for that (hence the name Banarasi). There are various other things this place is famous for such as the hand hitched rugs of Mirzapur, musical instruments such as the Khatta-meet and the world famous “Betel leaf”.

10 Best Shopping Markets in Varanasi

Let’s check out the top 10 markets in Varanasi.

1) Thatheri Bazaar

Thatheri Bazaar, Varanasi
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One of the best markets in Varanasi, Thatheri is famous for its religious artifacts made in cooper and metal. It is highly famous for silk and brocades. It is here that you can find different antiquities decorated with stone trim work. You must have obviously heard of the famous ‘Banarasi Saree’. A  speciality of Varanasi, silk weaving and treasure sarees are the spotlight of this city in terms of shopping and markets of varanasi. The other famous thing this place is famous for apart from sarees and copperware are dirt toys, assembled rugs  and uncommon Banaras ka paan (betel leaf) which is used to welcome guests in Varanasi Culture.

2) Vishwanath Lane

Vishwanath Lane, Varanasi
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This is another busy shopping lane in Varanasi that is flanked with shopping markets on both sides of the lane. It is considered among the most famous markets in Varanasi. It is very famous for religious things. Filled with colourful bangles, banarasi sarees and printed textured dupattas, small scale wooden toys by local artisans, this shopping lane is one of the best street markets in Varanasi and has a lot to offer.

3) Godowlia Market

Godowlia Market, Varanasi
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Not long from Kashi Sanctuary is the Godowlia Market. It has a wide array of things to offer from the nitty gritty of daily routine stuff to wedding outfits, adornments, fine silk shawls, equipments, brocade textures, zari work and readymade clothings.

4) Chowk and Urban Hatt

Chowk and Urban Hatt, Varanasi
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Urban Haat is believed to be a mecca for folks that are passionate about handicrafts and handlooms. This amongst those shopping markets in Varanasi that is set up periodically. UP Tourism department in accordance with the department of Culture are deciding to brighten up the haat by organising a weekly cultural programme in it starting from October to November.


5) Golghar

Golghar, Varanasi
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The name Golghar has taken after the granary monument of the same name which means “Round house”. Golghar Maidagin in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is considered as one of the main markets in Varanasi that offers tonnes of things to satiate the shopper in you. Whether you are hunting for daily needs or looking for gifts, dress costumes or footwear, this place can help you to shop from head to toe.


6) Mesars Flower house

Varanasi is the hub for religious offerings and serenity. Therefore, it has many flower markets. The wholesale market of flowers is highly famous in Varanasi and Mesars Flower house is the queen of flower shopping markets. Diwali and Dhanteras festivals lead to a boost of their sale.

7) Rajan Silk Market

Banarasi sarees are available all over Varanasi but this particular place in Varanasi weaves it as per your taste. It is a must visit place when in Varanasi and has finest woven silk sarees that are one of a kind to flaunt.

8) Dal Mandi Market

Deceptively named this market has many shopping items to offer, starting from silk outfits, embroidered fabrics to footwear, accessories and food items as well. The handicrafts of Varanasi that are available are also famous here and makes your shopping experience wonderful.

9) Gyanvapi

This place is a famous heritage mosque. It is famous for its bustling shopping areas nearby. It has tonnes of silk sarees and brocade fabrics to offer. You can also buy shawls, bangles, glass beads and masks of various Hindu and Buddhist deities along with lampshades.

10) Lahurabir

Shopping is a activity that no one ever says no to and this place in Varanasi proves why. It is one of the best markets in Varanasi. Here a customer can browse through a host of available goods and services. Many retailers have their shops here. The shops range from clothes, jewellery, home appliances, accessories to shoes.  You can buy the suitable thing that you desire from a selection of many items. Many would consider them a leisure activity or an economic one even because you could bag the best deal here. Here you can get all the stuff from clothes, furniture, to jewellery etc.

From wholesale markets in Varanasi to the local markets in varanasi, there’s no end to the variety here. Temple Bazaar situated in Vishwanath Gali is filled with various silk shops too. Silk weaving to jewellery shops this place has a lot to offer. It gives you a feeling that is exhilarating.

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