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Ansar Ahmad – India’s only Mouth Barber

You might have seen videos going viral on the internet about barbers who use flames or Samurai swords as some very absurd and bizarre hair-styling trends. But, if you have ever been to the city of Varanasi and yet, not heard of the famous, Ansar Ahmad, then think about visiting again. This famous barber, owning a shop in the Jagatganj area of the city is popular for his spectacular skills of cutting people’s hair, holding a scissor in his mouth. The early line up of customers is nothing, but a certificate of Ansar Ahmad’s perfection on his job.

Ansar Ahmad - India's only Mouth Barber
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How did Ansar Ahmad acquire this talent?

Ansar Ahmed, the popular barber of the city of Varanasi, has some fantastic skill to display. But, his talent of using his mouth to cut hair did not arise out of passion. Ansar recalls the time when he met with a severe accident in the year 2001. The injury took a toll on his hand. With only one hand to work with, it became difficult for him and his family to survive. He had to look out for an alternative, as cutting hair was the only job Ansar was doing since his childhood. With utmost dedication of three years, he learned this fabulous skill of cutting hair with a scissors in his mouth.

Doing it over and over for so many years now, Ansar Ahmad takes just 25-30 minutes on a single customer’s hair. His fans believe that no matter if it is his hands or his mouth doing the job, a perfect hair makeover is assured.

Ansar Ahmad for the Guinness

Awed by the attention Ansar is receiving from the media and all the praise from his fans, he held a campaign on May 3, 2016 at his very own, Liberty Salon in Jagatganj, Varanasi. The main aim of this camp was to get registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Ansar planned to set a record of cutting people’s hair for 25 long hours, non-stop, holding scissorsin his mouth. All of the talent, completely free of cost.

Ansar Ahmed Varanasi Barber
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The camp was a huge hit and a lot of people from all over the city and of course, some national and international tourists visited his salon for a makeover.

Ansar’s Next Big Step

Being dependent on the skill of cutting hair since he was young, Ansar Ahmad felt that it was extremely tough to manage life in extremely difficult situations. Since the accident, 16 years ago, Ansar has realized the pain of the impaired people. He now wishes to start up an institute for the physically challenged people.

His list includes a training center for the handicapped and the visually challenged people, where he would train them for unique hair cutting skills. He also aspires to train young disabled children of his village, for the same skill set as his own.

A Lesson to Learn

Ansar Ahmed’s breathtaking skills and a huge fan-following, sets a great example of gearing up in life and struggling against extreme situations. Watching Ansar Ahmad work on his skill, is a sight that touches the heart with all its might.

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