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Unpopular courses to be axed from IITs due to increasing seat vacancy

The IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) has finally started considering the requirement to remove the unpopular courses from the list given the decreasing interest amidst students in the past few years. The seats have been seen vacant with increasing numbers for courses such as agricultural engineering, pharma engineering, and biochemical engineering.

As reported by the authorities, an official decision with regards to this change shall be finalized during the council meeting by IIT to be held on Tuesday. A senior HRD Ministry official commented that branches like agricultural engineering, pharma engineering, biochemical engineering, etc are not receiving enough admissions which is most probably due the lack of better career prospects along with the fact that other institutes have been offering a better structure for the courses.

He added to his statement that the council shall discuss more about the changes at the meeting to be held on Tuesday. The council shall finalize the list of courses that generate minimal interest among students so that they can be removed from the upcoming academic session. Held on an annual basis, IIT Council brings together IIT directors for discussion of issues and formulation of plans for the IITs.

This year a total of 118 seats were left vacant while the number for the previous year was 121 seats. Being a premier institute with reputed authority in the education sector this is a matter of concern and the officials feel that not a single space should lie vacant when it has a chance to educate the Indian youth.

In the parliament session that was recently concluded, Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister stated that around 11,961 seats for the BTech degree were actually filled in the year 2018 for 23 IITs located all over India leaving 118 seats empty. The number of seats was recently increased to 12,709 by 1000 in number. In order to increase the admission numbers around 800 new seats were brought along for the women in 2018 which introduced an increase in the enrollment percentage taking it straight up from 9 percent to 15 percent for the female candidates. To top it all, IIT Delhi took special efforts to conduct special programs that were meant to encourage the female enrollees to opt for the options that weren’t as popular amidst the students by revealing the possible career prospects in future.

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