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US has most confirmed coronavirus cases in world

The United States has now reported the highest cases of coronavirus as compared to any other place. This happened after the country reported 16000+ cases of COVID-19 patients in just one day. This took the total cases of coronavirus patients to a mark of 85,600 in just one day as confirmed by the data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

When taking a look at the global count, about 24,057 patients have succumbed to this illness with Italy being the top in terms of death count which is 8215 and counting. This is followed by near-by Spain at 4,365 and then China at 3169.

At present, America is leading in COVID-19 patient count with 85,653 closely followed by 81782 cases in China & 80,589 infections in Italy. According to the Worldometer, a website that keeps track of the confirmed infection cases and death at a global level, the United States reported 85088 cases by Thursday from which 16877 were included just in one day.

About a week prior to this, the total count for confirmed cases in the U.S. was mere 8000. However, it has escalated 10 times within a time frame of just a week. As per reports, a minimum of 1290 patients in America are now dead due to the coronavirus infection.

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