Tips for selecting the perfect office space

There is no rule as to what makes an ideal workspace for you or your team. All of the businesses operate differently, what may look suitable for one company could be unrealistic for other.

A workspace depends entirely on the kind of operations your business performs. Nonetheless, there are specific guidelines all firms can follow to help choose the best and most cost-effective office solution possible.

Let’s agree to this, it is easier to run a business from home, but if you are hiring employees and meeting clients on a regular basis, it is imperative to invest in space.

Choosing a workplace is a massive commitment that you’ll be making, whether you are renting or buying a new workspace.

We’ve listed a few tips that will help you select the best or maybe the perfect office space for rent in Bangalore.

Finding a Broker

At times it does make some sense, having a broker in the right scenario can surely assist in finding the best possible lease for your company.

A commercial real estate broker may come in handy and will help you find the best office space in the area you are looking for. Ask people from your business industry for a few referrals to a broker. Choose a broker that is trustworthy and with whom you can work for long enough, provided they’ll be a reliable source of advice.

When you consider leasing a place, it is essential for you to contemplate both your present and future needs. It is necessary for you to look at your needs, as you may be having four or five employees, but if you plan on hiring more than 20 employees, you’ll have to plan accordingly.

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Look for minimum office space

It is okay to spend a hefty amount on office space that will persuade both your clients and employees, but way before you do this, make sure that this will guarantee the success of your business and space is affordable even if your sales start to decelerate.

Except if you are working in the field of financial services, where it is important for you to have a luxurious touch to your space.

Investing in a space that is not-so-fancy, clean and comfortable workspace, you can save some cash which you can invest in different areas of the business.

You can save some of the office space by working in a co-working space or a business incubator. Although these co-working spaces were hard to find before in cities and towns but are now easily found in smaller cities and sub-urbans too.

There are quite a few advantages while you choose to work in a co-working space — easy to rent out the exact amount of place you want, the desks you require; this way you can also increase the number of your team.

Often in these spaces, you get to share services such as the conference rooms, cafeteria, etc. Another great benefit of working in a shared area is that you’ll be working closely with small business owners. This will let you create new business connections, enabling your business to grow.

Consider Opinions

Always ask your staff for your opinions before signing in for a new space. It is essential to take in their suggestions as they’ll be spending in a lot of time in the office.

Selecting a space that is hard for your team to commute can get them late to work, so it’s better off to discuss these issues early.

You might also consider that the employees at your office have seamless access to lunch options.

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Buying or renting a new place for office can be a complicated process. There are only a few businesses that stay in the same office forever; many small businesses enjoy rapid growth and development. So as an owner of the business, you need to ensure that your office is flexible enough for this growth.

You can go out shop around and take some time to compare the services and cost of office providers.

Make sure you find the best and the most secure office space for your company.

If you have a few questions and suggestions you’d like to share, write to us in the comments section below.

Angriya Cruise: Mumbai-Goa luxury cruise with Capacity of 400 passengers

On October 12, India’s first domestic luxury cruise shipAngriya, successfully completed the maiden voyage of the new Mumbai to Goa route, sailing smoothly across the beautiful Indian Ocean. The purpose of this new route is to hopefully extend and boost the cruise industry in India.

The refurbished liner has seven decks and can carry as many as 400 passengers. The entire journey takes around 14 hours. Departing from the Mumbai port at 4pm, it arrives in Goa at 9am the following morning. The reverse route is the same: the cruise ship leaves Goa at 4pm and docks in Mumbai at 9am the next day.

What’s it like?

The Angriya boasts three open decks, an infinity pool, two fine-dining restaurants, and six different bars. Get pampered at the on-board spa during the evening before dancing the night away at the Fathom Lounge. There’s also a reading and recreation room with activities for children. As of now, there is no Wi-Fi offered on board.

Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Luxury Cruise

The two restaurants, the ‘Ancora’ and the ‘Coral Reef’, offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options. The ‘Ancora’ also has a 24/7 coffee shop. Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool or in the rooms. Any outside food and drink is forbidden from being brought on board.


*On top of the room cost, there is a flat rate of Rs 2000 per person for meals (Rs 1000 for children). This fee includes a dinner buffet, breakfast, and a tea/juice and snack upon boarding. It doesn’t include any additional drinks or snacks you might take at the two ship restaurants or any of the six bars.

Traditional Rooms: Prices per person start from Rs 5,300 for a twin bed and no windows in a shared ‘Buddy Room’. Including the meal fees, a couple might pay anywhere from Rs 12,600 for the windowless ‘Buddy Room’ to Rs 19,300 for a spacious room with a double bed and a view of the sparkling ocean.

Angriya Cruise - Mumbai to Goa Rooms

A family of four could pay a minimum of Rs 31,000 (including meals) for a room with a double bed, a kids’ bunk, and no windows. The price raises to Rs 34,800 for a room with a large window.

Dorms: Probably the best and most affordable option on board for large groups are the dorms, which can hold 14, 16, or 18 people depending on the room. They have a hostel-like setup, with single bunk beds and a common washroom. Prices start at Rs 4,300 per bed, or Rs 6,300 with the meal fee.

Angriya Cruise Inside View

Luxury Pods: Perfect for single travelers or couples on a budget, the pods come in single or double bed options and share a common washroom. The pods are in two rows on either side of an isle, while a sliding screen door and curtains provide privacy. Including the meal fee, prices start at Rs 6,650 per person.

The first of its kind in India, the Angriya cruise liner offers luxury at a bargain. Spots are filling up fast, so go ahead and book your room of choice here.

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Why to take online doctor consultation? Top benefits associated with it

Why to take online doctor consultation, Top benefits associated with it

Do you suffer from any of the medical ailments or diseases? If that is the case, you will definitely think of scheduling an appointment with the doctor. But, Hold on! There is no need to visit the doctor’s clinic located at a distance from your place. If you suffer from an illness, you may take online doctor consultation. It saves time, energy and effort. What you need is internet connection to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The doctor will attend to your needs personally and it will be one-to-one conversation. In this digital era, there isn’t any need to visit the doctor personally or leave your home to reach out to his place. A lot many licensed and highly qualified medical professionals are available online. So, there is no need to wait in the queue for your turn to come. If you download the specific application of the doctor and his services, you will stay in touch with the doctor for all 24 hours.

It is easy to resolve medical issues with comfort 

If you are suffering from any basic medical issue like bronchitis, athlete’s foot or sinusitis or any of the illnesses, you may take online consultation to treat the issue. Using online service will prove energy saving and a time-saving affair. Even the acute medical issue may be addressed with ease. Get in touch with an online doctor to ask your query and get them resolved. The doctor can answer to any of the questions whatsoever. A doctor attending the patients online is usually friendly, polite and courteous. Your doubts will be clarified in the best possible manner. You don’t have to make repeated trips to the doctor to resolve the issue. It is best for those who suffer from simple and usual medical problems. The doctor online will offer you health consultation in a detailed manner. He will explain various steps to maintaining good health or improving the health.

Perks associated with online medical consultation

Healthcare at home is the most convenient and effective way to ensure comfort while take care of health at the same time. If you have an issue which can’t be discussed out in front of others, you may take online consultation. When you are alone with the doctor online, you may talk to him without any hesitation. Indeed, it offers more privacy. Online medical checkup is also addressed as ‘telemedicine service’ and serves as great resource for the ones who can’t leave the comfort of their home. It may be that the patient is too sick to leave the house. The doctor may also prescribe the tests online and you may take them.

It is easy to fix appointment for online physician consultation than an offline one. All patients get the same level of care service as expected. Just like one goes to the clinic for treatment and tests, now it is possible to get that in the home.  There will be the team of reliable and dedicated professionals to give you treatment services at home. They use state-of-the-art treatment techniques and procedures to treat you. High level of online medical care is assured with medical professionals online.

So, whenever you can access the internet, you receive the valuable care service. Medical prescriptions are also available. It is also possible to take typhoid test at home. Just you need to book the test online.

South India Travel Highlights

Taking a tour to South India region could be the best decision of your life! It’s true! Imagine you are taking a walk amidst the beautiful mountains and rainforests or exploring the colonial setting of South India. Enjoy your time in the culture-clad cities of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and the Andaman Islands that are blessed with beautiful coasts and dense green fields. Get amazed by the interesting amalgamation of different cultures that you will experience here. Visit beautiful temples of Madurai, spend time at tranquil beaches or go hiking in the Western Ghats. South India has so much to offer that you won’t ever forget this time of your life.   

South India Travel Highlights

When planning vacations to South India, don’t forget to book train tickets online beforehand for a comfortable and exciting journey across the region. Also, you can check train running live status in online apps to plan the day accordingly. Now don’t wait and get ready to embark on an exciting journey to beautiful South Indian regions.

Western Ghats of Kerala

If you have known Kerala for its big beautiful beaches and tea gardens, you are now going to see its new thrilling side. The Western Ghats of Kerala offer an adventurous experience to mountain bikers and hikers on their way to exotic hill stations. Kickstart your journey by exploring the highest peak of Kerala, Anamudi, which is 2,695m high. Moreover, you can also visit the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu and Raj town of Munnar which are some of the best regions in the Western Ghat range. Take a tour of these beautiful locations to have the best adventures with nature in Kerala.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Madurai, a city in Tamil Nadu is famous for the Meenakshi Temple. This highly impressive pilgrimage site covers beautiful icons and nine Gopuram towers. The city is over 4,000 years old city and this is why considered as a must-visit Tamil cultural hub that showcases the intricate architecture of ancient Vijayanagar. Aside from this, other reasons for visiting Madurai include Thirumalai Nayak Palace and silk and cotton markets. It is recommended to explore the old traditional part of this city on foot. To energize yourself, you should definitely visit ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ which means ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Chennai Coast

Earlier known as ‘Madras’, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It has one of the longest urban beaches. Chennai beholds the existence of a cultural mix of archaic Tamil, modern colonial setting, and active coastal life. The coasts of the place let you explore the southernmost regions of India like Mahabalipuram and Kanyakumari. Interestingly, these are the points where three oceans – Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal meet. Visit Chennai and get lucky witnessing such amazing spots in South India.  

Puducherry or Pondicherry

Brace yourself for the gorgeous heritage of Pondicherry. In order to reach here, take a train from Chennai. This separate union territory in South India was the largest French colony in India. This is why you will notice a mix of contemporary, colonial and traditional architecture there. Make the most of your trip by riding a hired bike from a French-inspired colony to the distinguished Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Enjoy being at delicious restaurants there. Besides, you will love the amazing and serene vibes of Pondicherry. Not to miss out on the opportunity to interact with the wonderful locals you’ll meet there.


This city belonging to Karnataka is well-known for amazing monuments and architecture inspired by the ruling time of Adil Shahi dynasty. The second largest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, measuring up to a height of 85 feet, is located here. One of the lesser known gems, local Basalt of Bijapur was used in many of the Islamic architectures like mausoleums and mosques.

Do you know that world’s second largest dome, Gol Gumbaz (a circular dome tomb of Shia Sultan) is situated in Bijapur? Isn’t it amazing?


Goa may not be a complete part of South India but it can be explored while travelling to cities down south. Feel the bliss at the tranquil beaches of Goa including Anjun, Ashwem, and Kerim. Undoubtedly, Goa is amongst the first choices of many youngsters when it comes to travelling across India. Sit back and relax viewing the scenic beauty of Olaulim or cycle down to Konkan coast. Anyways, who needs really solid reasons to be in Goa. It’s just a place to relax and rejuvenate, isn’t it?


Who hasn’t heard about Vijayanagar? It was one of the greatest empires of India which included Hampi village. Hampi in Karnataka is amongst the most visited historical destinations of the nation. Here, all you can see is captivating ruins highlighting the intricate architecture from the 14th century. Covering nearly 25 km area, these captivating ruins have over 500 monuments. That’s a pretty big number! The best way to reach Hampi is from Goa as there are many transport options making the trip convenient for you. Visit this ancient place and experience the enormous energy like never before. It’s really captivating there!


Varkala beach is no doubt one of the best beaches in India. The immense and captivating setting of the beach in Kerala will awestruck you. All the credit goes to the massive cliff spread till a very long distance. Interestingly, there are two sides of the cliff. Its upper part is covered with coconut palms, guest houses, and beach shacks. On the other side, the beautiful massive beach that lets you see the Arabian Sea. One of the most happening times to visit there is between March and April when you can witness a temple festival at Varkala beach.  


Rameshwaram is a famous and serene pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu. Pious people across the nation come here for worship and bathe in the holy water purifying their karma. When there, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Ramanathaswamy Temple. The place including the temple is associated with the Ramayana, the Hindu epic. According to it, this is the place where Lord Hanuman created a bridge across the ocean for Lord Rama. Visit this ancient place to experience religious colors closely.


Witness the nature at its best in Coorg. Coorg is famous for its lush green areas which produce amazing coffee. Located in Karnataka, Coorg is the English name for Kodugo region. Visit the captivating place covered with the fresh aroma of coffee along with picturesque mountain in the background. Not to mention, the magnificent Golden Temple which is a Buddhist monastery located in South Karnataka. One of the best places for the nature-lovers!

Kerala Backwaters

What can be better than cruising in Kerala canals surrounded by dense palms? Imagine you are in the middle of still waters in a boat, relaxing and having amazing delicacies made by a chef on board. Yes, we are talking real! Live all this in Kerala backwaters. You are going to love the peaceful surroundings if you stay there at a homestay or resort. The major perks that cannot be missed include freshly prepared seafood, local traditional dishes paired up with chilled beer. Time seems to be arrested when in the middle of Kerala backwaters. Go, get this amazing feeling in Kerala during your next vacation.      

South India is what it looks. It’s nature-oriented, peaceful, loving, and full of soothing vibes. The places mentioned above have beauty beyond your expectations. Take a tour to South India and experience more adventures in the best naturally rooted regions. Other important attractions include the ancient temples exhibiting cultural values of South India. A person must visit South India once in a lifetime to shed their physical as well as mental stress and embrace nature’s real charm. Also, using technology facilities like the train running live status, one can plan the journey well. Be ready with your backpacks to visit these blissful South Indian cities and return home with rejuvenated powers.  

The Indian Rupee Tumbles as Rates Remain Stable

The Indian Rupee hit a fresh all-time low nearing 75-Rupee to the US dollar following a move from the Reserve Bank of India that generated volatility.  The RBI left interest rates unchanged instead of attempting to calm trader anxiety by raising rates (which could have made the Rupee more attractive). In the first week of October, the live rate of the currency tumbled against the dollar rising by nearly two figures following the central bank’s actions.

The RBI Leaves Rates Unchanged

The Reserve Bank of India kept interest rates unchanged at 6.5% but changed its policy to tightening from its prior neutral stance. This means that the central bank stands ready to raise rates to defend its currency which has lost more than 16% so far in 2018 against the US dollar.  Expectations were that the RBI would raise rates. Higher rates make selling the Rupee less attractive as it becomes more expensive to borrow the currency which is part of the shorting process.

The Indian Rupee Tumbles as Rates Remain Stable

The central bank is now behind the curve and could continue to see the value of the Rupee decline. While this is better for exports, it makes importing commodities like oil more expensive since oil is priced in US dollars.  Oil prices, which have increased above $73 per barrel have increased more for Indian customers given the decline in the value of the Rupee.  India imports approximately 80% of its energy needs. The decline in the Rupee, in conjunction with the rally in global oil prices, should increase inflation expectations. This should be cause for alarm for the central bank whose mandate is to control inflation expectations.India’s gasoline prices at the pump recently hit an all-time high which forced the government to roll back its fuel taxes.

The RBI Sticks to Its Mandate

The RBI said it was sticking to its mandate to fend off inflation and not to defend its currency. The surprise decision by the central bank was followed by a press conference where the Reserve Banks’ governor Urjit Patel said that “flexible inflation targeting” was their mandate.  The RBI is now in wait and see mode after raising rates in the 2-prior central bank meetings this year. The RBI is also comparing the decline in the Rupee with other EM currencies which have dropped significantly in 2018. The dollar has also gained traction against most major currencies. The central bank has been taking some harsh criticism from the Prime Minister of India who is concerned above the recent increase in inflation. The sharp depreciation of the Rupee and increasing tariffs on a wide range of goods such as jet fuel is creating concerns.

The Rupee is Oversold

While the upward momentum in the Rupee is significant, the exchange rate (the US dollar versus the Indian Rupee) is clearly overbought and should experience a technical correction. The fast stochastic, which measures investor sentiment is printing a reading of 84, which is above the overbought trigger level of 80 and could foreshadow a correction in the value of the exchange rate.

Top 5 Travel Companies in India

Planning a trip to an unknown location isn’t similar to visiting your local park or adjoining recreational locale. Doing it all by yourself can be a hectic task with filtered information that might hamper the way you plan to enjoy your MakeMyTrip coupons . Travel companies can be your guide to a well-planned vacation scenario when visiting a place far away from India or even within the country.

Here is a segregated list of popular travel companies serving travelers in India.

1. offers discounted and pocket friendly offers for the Indian travelers. They cater offers for both domestic as well as international packages. The company caters amazing packaged for the families that have been looking for a trip to foreign destinations or the popular ones inside the country. Additionally, the company offers information with regards to availability, bookings, pricing details, etc for international or domestic hotels, trains, combo-packages, flights, car rentals and so on for 336 cities. is the go to company for all products and services related to the travel industry.

2. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is one among the popular travel companies in India with a dominant hold over the travel industry with its feature-packed services that come with credibility and largely positive reviews for the services. The company also allows the travelers to list out their experiences and travel stories to provide a more hands-on review for each holiday site listed by the company. With amazing discounts, MakeMyTrip bags a major faction of travelers when it comes to business. Additionally, travelers can make use of the MakeMyTrip coupons for extra discount and freebies for any bookings or travel packages. The company caters affordable deals for flights (domestic and international), train, bus, hotel reservations, holiday packages, and similar services from the travel industry.

3. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is a website that offers credible information acquired from various resources with carefully planned discounted packages for famous travel destinations. The company started under the guidance of Stuart Crighton with continuous updates to the information or listings provided by the company. It houses one among the well-spread network when it comes to customized packages for tours for corporate clients as well as personal trips. The website is very user-friendly with ease of access to popular search scenario such as hotels, flights, trains, etc.

4. Goibibo

This particular travel organization came into existence over the online platform in 2007 with proceedings that helped it rank among the top travel companies in India. Goibibo offers economical packages for tours along with eye-catching offers and discounts that are catered to your all through the year. Not just that, the website allows you to pick from a collection of best travelling plans available for international as well as local areas.

5. Cox and Kings

Reigning over the travel domain for more than 250 years, the company was founded back in 1758. Cox and Kings flaunt a particularly strong drip over the travel industry of India. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the company also houses its reach over famous countries at various corners of the globe. The company offers tour packages that have been segregated in sections such as wildlife, pilgrim, cruise, and romance.

Best 6 Trending Mutual Funds with Returns upto 28%

Mutual Fund investments can give the best returns when you choose them carefully. The best thing you can do is to follow the top trending mutual funds that have delivered good growth in recent years. You should also consider the returns it has given since inception and this will indicate its overall track record. Finally, when you compare the performance of any fund with its sector average and market average, you will get complete understanding about the performance of the fund. Most people choose mutual fund investments as they can get to participate in the financial market without bothering about market movements and other technical details.

As the mutual funds investment in India are managed by professionals, you need not worry about picking individual stocks and all you need to do is to pick the right funds that will meet your expectations in future. The basic thing you need to understand is that each type of fund is meant to perform in a certain manner and when you are looking forward to get maximum returns, you need to take some risk. Choosing the small or medium cap funds or a pure equity fund will give you the best returns when compared to debt funds.

Research before buying mutual funds

You should always research properly before going forward withmutual funds. Make sure to track the previous performance of the funds so that you will have some idea about how much returns you can expect from them in future. Apart from that, you can also diversify your risk by investing in mixed funds that will offer growth as well as security in the long run. Remember that what is suited for one person may not be the ideal choice for another person when it comes to investing in mutual funds. For this reason, you should always get in touch with an expert and discuss your requirements with them. This will help you to select the best funds for your investment.

How much can mutual funds earn on an annual basis?

  • Typically mutual funds can earn the best returns when compared to any other traditional form of investment.
  • However, you should consider the returns for the long term and not worry too much about short term returns as it can vary due to volatile market conditions.
  • When you consider the traditional forms of investment, you can expect fixed returns with bank deposits or post office schemes. However, you will have better growth in mutual funds in the long run as our economy is still growing and this growth is likely to continue for many years till the markets get saturated.
  • Considering the past average performance of mutual funds and other traditional investments, you can easily come to the conclusion that mutual funds can deliver more than the bank deposits in most cases.
  • You also have the option of investing your money regularly through SIPs and this can help you to save money on monthly basis. If you are a salaried individual, you should rely on this option to grow your money in the financial market.
  • In the same manner, if you are a business person with lump sum money, you can split your investment in the mutual funds or you can even invest in multiple funds at a time. This will diversify your portfolio and you will have lesser risk when compared to other investors.
  • You can take a look at some of the top funds given in this article and split your investment equally among them. This can give you good returns in future and it will also diversify your risk. However, you should understand that investing in mutual funds means that you are exposed to market risks and you need to consult your financial advisor before venturing into such schemes.

Top mutual funds that have delivered excellent returns in recent years

HDFC Small Cap Fund 

The fund primarily invests in small and mid-cap stocks of the equity market and handles assets worth more than 4000 crores. It comes with a moderately high risk factor and you can expect decent returns from this fund in future. The current NAV of the fund is around 44 and you can check the latest rates by using the services of online business portals. It has delivered close to 20% returns in the last one year and this is very good performance compared to various other funds in the market.

Reliance Small Cap Fund

This is an open ended fund that primarily invests in the small cap companies of the equity market. It handles assets worth more than 6000 crores and the current NAV is around 42 in the market. The fund has delivered returns of close to 18% in the last one year and it is likely to offer good returns in future considering its previous track record. However, you need to understand that such funds come with moderate to high risk profile and you should enter them only when you have the suitable risk appetite.

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund

This fund has good reputation in the market and it handles assets close to 5000 crores. It has an NAV of close to 26 in the market and it has delivered good returns in the past. The previous year return comes close to 21% and this is very good performance considering the overall movement of the market.

IDFC Tax Advantage ELSS Fund

This fund comes with a moderate to high risk profile and the current NAV is trading at 57 in the market. It handles assets worth 1500 crores and you can expect decent returns from the fund. It has delivered a returns of close to 18% in the previous year and this trend is likely to continue for the next year.

HDFC Index Fund Nifty Plan

This fund comes close to tracking the Index and it has delivered good returns on par with the index. In the last one year, it has delivered close to 16% returns. The fund is of moderate risk profile and it handles assets close to 400 crores in the market.

IDBI Nifty Index Fund

The current NAV of the fund is around 20 and it handles assets worth close to 200 crores in the market. It has delivered a performance of close to 17% in the last one year and this is on par with the movement of the Index in the market.

Tips to choose the right mutual funds

You need to be careful while investing your money in mutual funds. Note that they are usually subject to market risks and you need to select the funds carefully after understanding your requirements. Make sure that you have set the right priority for risk appetite and choose the funds according to this factor.

Choose debt funds for safety

There are many people who look for safe options when it comes to investing in mutual funds and choosing the debt funds will be the best option in this situation. These funds will usually offer less returns and the risk factor will also be very less in such funds. You can even get tax benefits in many cases when you choose such funds but the condition is that you will have to stay invested for many years in the fund. Most people choose such funds when they are close to retirement age as they do not want to risk their hard earned money at this stage with the equity market. This can provide consistent returns when compared to other funds in the market.

Choose equity funds for growth

If your intention is to get good growth for your money in the financial market, you can consider the equity funds. This is considered the best alternative to investing directly in the stock market. Many people do not have enough knowledge about equity market and they struggle to find the right stocks. This becomes a huge gamble and they may end up losing their investment itself if the right stocks are not picked at the right time. In this regard, choosing equity funds that offer decent growth is the best alternative. The equity mutual funds are managed by professionals and they have good experience in this sector. In this way, you can reduce your risk exposure by a huge margin and you need not worry about everyday fluctuations of the market.

Choose mixed funds for growth and safety

While the equity funds can offer good growth, the risk exposure can become high when you put all your money in equity funds. For this reason, you should prefer mixed funds that will invest some part of the funds in equity and some part in debt and other safe assets. This will offer the best combination of growth and safety in one fund. You will be glad to know that you can even switch between funds that offer different percentage of allocation towards equity and debt. This is the best option for common investors and you can switch to the fund that invests more in equity when the markets are growing and when you notice any volatility or uncertainty in the market, you can switch to a higher debt allocation. In this manner, you can manage the risk in an effective way.

Long term and short term investment in mutual funds

You have flexibility with regards to choosing the time frame of your investment with mutual funds. If you are in need of money in the near future, you can choose to invest in funds that do not have lock-in period. These are called open ended funds and you can get out of the funds at any time of your choice without any hassles. On the other hand, when you are planning for your long term goals, you should stay invested in long term funds that will give you good growth in future. The advantage of such funds is that you can even get tax benefits as the long term capital gains will not be taxed when you stay invested for many years.

Tax saving mutual funds

There are many funds that will allow you to save taxes and this is the most preferred option of working professionals. They usually invest in such funds and save money on the investment. However, you need to understand that the funds can get locked in this situation for a duration of at least 3 years. If you are willing to wait for such a long duration, you will get additional tax benefits apart from the returns offered by such mutual funds.

Mutual funds with insurance cover

If you are thinking that mutual funds are only there to grow money, you are completely wrong. They can even provide you with insurance. When you invest in such ULIPs, you will get life cover as well as investment option in a single fund. In this way, some part of the investment will be dedicated for providing insurance cover and the remaining will be invested in the mutual fund market. This is the best option to increase your life insurance cover and you can also get good growth for your investment in the long run.

Large cap, small cap and Sector Specific funds

There are many mutual funds in the market and you can choose anything that meets your individual requirements. When you want security and good growth, you can choose the large cap funds that will primarily invest in the top rates stocks of the market. On the other hand, investing in small cap funds can give you excellent returns in future. However, they have a higher risk profile and you should choose them after careful analysis. In the same manner, you can even get to invest in specific sector related funds and this will give you options to target your investment.

When you carefully follow these simple guidelines, you will get good returns from mutual funds in the long run. The best thing you can do if you are new to the market is to invest your money on different funds. You can later switch to funds that are performing well and get out of the remaining funds. This will diversify your risk and provide better returns in the long run.

Types of Life Insurance Policies in India

There are various types of insurance on the life offered by 19 different life insurance companies in India. Life Insurance Corporation of India is the only public sector insurance company in India. The remaining life insurance companies are under the private sector and most of the private insurance companies are the joint ventures between Indian companies and foreign companies. You can choose a life insurance policy as per your budget, current earnings, sum assured, life goals and risk coverage. It is possible to customize an insurance policy as per your requirements.

Types of insurance policies

The following types of life insurance plans in India are available:

  • Term plan
  • Whole life plan
  • Endowment plan
  • Money back plan
  • Child’s plan
  • Retirement plan
  • ULIP

Term life insurance plan

A term life insurance plan as the name indicates will cover the life for a specific period only. It is the purest form of insurance plan ever launched in the insurance history.

  • Simple – The terms and conditions of the plan are very simple and they can be understood by a layman also very easily.
  • Low premium – The premium payable for a term insurance plan is very low.
  • Very high coverage – You can get the highest coverage by buying a term insurance plan. The term plan can be considered as the cost-efficient plan.
  • Death benefit – The policy offers death benefit in the event of the death of the policyholder. The beneficiary or nominee will get the financial benefit.
  • Survival benefit – The term plan will not offer a survival benefit. If the policyholder is alive after the tenure, there will not be any financial benefit.

Term Plan with Return of Premiums (TROPS)

Term Plan with Return of Premiums

  • Survival benefit – The terms and conditions of TROPS will be similar to the term plan. The only difference is that it will offer the survival benefit. If the policyholder outlives the policy term, the premiums paid by the policyholder will be returned.
  • Expensive plan – The TROPS is an expensive plan. The insurance premium paid for TROPS is higher than a pure term insurance plan.

Whole life plan

  • Covers whole life – The whole life insurance policy can be purchased to cover the whole life. There are plans to cover up to 100 years.
  • Death benefit – The ‘sum assured’ which was agreed by the insurance company at the initial subscription will be paid to the beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder.
  • Bonus facility – The death benefit will be paid to the nominee along with the accrued bonuses as well.
  • Partial withdrawals – The whole life insurance policy facilitates partial withdrawal option after the completion of the policy premium payment term.
  • Higher premiums – The premium charged for whole life insurance policy is higher than the term insurance plan.
  • Financial benefit to legal heirs – Along with the lifelong coverage, the insurance plan offers a financial benefit to legal heirs.

Endowment plan

The insurance and savings are mixed with the endowment plan.

  • Investment portion – A certain amount of the premium will be allocated towards the investment.
  • Maturity benefit – If the policyholder is alive after the policy term, the insurance company will make payment
  • Bonus – The insurance policy comes with a profit-sharing option. The bonuses declared by the insurance company will be paid on annual basis or they will be accumulated and paid with the maturity amount.
  • Death benefit – The main purchase of the life insurance policy is the protection of the policyholder. It will be fulfilled by offering the death benefit. If the policyholder dies during the policy term, the nominee will get the death benefit.
  • Low risk – Even though endowment plans have the investment component, there is low risk with the investment.
  • Long-term savings – The plan is ideal to fulfill your long-term savings options.
  • Lump sum payout – Unlike money back insurance policy, the payout will be made lump sum at the end of the term. The payout will help in fulfilling your life goals such as children’s education and retirement, etc.

Money back life insurance plan

  • The similarity with endowment – The money back life insurance product is similar to the endowment plan. With a money back policy, the payouts will be done at regular intervals. On the other hand, the payout will be done at the end of the term with an endowment plan.
  • Bonus eligibility – The bonus declared by the insurance company will be paid for money back policyholders.
  • Fulfills short-term needs – If there is a requirement to fulfill short-term financial needs, you will want to choose the money back life insurance product.
  • Maturity benefit – There will be higher returns at the maturity date as various kinds of bonuses will be paid by the insurance company. Some of the bonuses include a terminal bonus and loyalty bonus.

Child plan

The ‘Child Plan’will help you build the corpus for the child’s future. The plan can fulfill the expenditure on children’s education or marriage.

  • Payouts – The plans are designed to deliver annual payouts or onetime payout after the child reaches 18 years of age.
  • Death benefit – If the policyholder dies during the policy term, the immediate payout will be made to the beneficiary. As per the conditions of the policy, the payout will be distributed on annual basis as well.
  • Future premiums waived off – Some insurance plans will waive off the future premiums in case of sudden demise of the parent or guardian. The policy will continue until the end of the term and it will deliver returns until the maturity date.
  • Fulfillment of a child’s dream – You should buy a child plan to fulfill the dreams of your child.

Retirement plan

The corpus for your retirement will be built with the help of the retirement plan offered by an insurance company.

  • Financial independence – The retirement life insurance policy will give the financial independence.
  • Annual or onetime payout – While subscribing to the insurance plan, you can opt for either annual payout or onetime payout after reaching 60 years.
  • Death benefit – If there is an unfortunate death of the policyholder, the death benefit will be passed on to the nominee or beneficiary. The death benefit will be higher of the ‘sum assured’ or fund value or 105% of total premium paid.
  • Long-term savings – The retirement plan will fulfill your long-term savings requirement in the best possible way.
  • Vesting bonus – If the life assured survives the policy term, vesting bonus will be paid at the end of the term.
  • Funding annuity – The final payout made after the maturity date will help in funding the annuity policy. You can buy a deferred annuity or immediate annuity as per your financial resources after the retirement.


The insurance, investment and income tax exemption are combined in a single product. ULIP (Unit-Linked Insurance Policy) will deliver market-linked returns so that there will be capital appreciation on a long-term basis.

  • Premium – A part of the premium will be invested in various kinds of funds as per the risk appetite of the policyholder.
  • Fund choice – The policyholder can exercise an option in the selection of the fund. There are equity funds, debt funds, liquid funds and hybrid funds offered by most of the insurance companies.
  • Switching of funds – You can switch over from one fund to another fund in an effortless manner. The fund switching option will help you minimize the risk and maximize the returns.
  • Flexible investment option – There is flexibility in investing in the ULIP. You can increase the premium as per the rise in salary and it can be reduced before reaching the retirement age.
  • Income tax benefits – There will be income tax benefits on the premium, annual returns and the maturity payouts.
  • Payouts – You can opt for regular payouts or a lump sum payout at the end of the term. All the payouts are tax-free in the hands of the investor.
  • Death benefit – The nominee will get the highest payout as per the terms of the policy. The payout will be within the ‘sum assured’ or ‘fund value’ or ‘105% of all the premiums paid by the policyholder’.
  • Premium payment waived off – If the policyholder dies during the term, the immediate payout will be made to the beneficiary. The policy will continue as the future premiums will be waived off by the insurance company. In addition to regular payouts, the final payout will be made at the end of the maturity date.

Womens plans

Women’s life insurance policies are specially designed to fulfill the needs of women at various life stages in a very efficient manner. Women running their own business and those who need a break from work due to various reasons (health issues) should be covered by a comprehensive life insurance product.

  • Protection of life – The spouse’s premature death will be covered by the plan.
  • Health – There are various kinds of women-specific health risks which are covered by the policy.
  • Retirement – There will be great financial security after the retirement
  • Child’s education – Some plans will take care of the future of children in paying the tuition fee and marriage expenses.
  • Long-term savings & investment – The long-term savings and investment needs are fulfilled by the women’s policy.
  • Pursue a career of her choice – If the sudden demise of the husband will lead to financial stress, it can be overcome by pursuing a career of her choice. The financial benefit awarded after the death of the husband will help her fulfill the family obligations in the best possible way.

Group insurance policies

There are group health insurance policies which can be subscribed to by employers on behalf of their employees. Employers will not take care of the welfare of their employees but will be able to fulfill a social obligation as well.

  • Lowest premium – The premium paid for a group life insurance policy is very low
  • No medical tests – The group members are not required to undergo the medical examination to subscribe to the plan
  • Covers existing ailments – The group insurance policy covers existing health issues
  • Term policy – The group term policy will deliver higher ‘sum assured’
  • Cashless hospitalization – The policy allows cashless hospitalization at network hospitals
  • Coverage of disability – There will be coverage of disability. If the employee fails to attend the work due to health issues, the insurance company will pay compensation as per the limits of the contract.

Selection of a life insurance policy

The selection of a life insurance policy will be done based on the requirements of the policyholder. The insurance policy should fulfill the financial goals (short-term and long-term) in a very efficient manner.

  • Premium payment – The insurance premium should be paid on monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annually as per the mode selected by the policyholder. If the payment is done on annual basis, there will be a discount on the insurance premium.
  • Mode of payment – The insurance premium can be made in various ways. The salary deduction (applicable for employees), cheque, DD and online payment can be done as per your convenience.
  • Renewal of the policy – There are insurance policies which are issued based on the onetime payment of premium. For other types of policies, the policy should be renewed before the due date. A grace period of 15 to 30 days is allowed as per the payment mode of the policy. The insurance contract will be null and void if the premium is not paid within the grace period.
  • Revival of the policy – The insurance policy can be revived after paying the dues along with interest (if any) as per the terms and conditions of the policy. After the revival of the policy, full benefits will be restored to the policyholder.


There are varied types of life insurance policies offered by many insurance companies in India. You can settle for the best policy as per your short-term and long-term financial goals. The dependents’needs, as well as the policyholder’s needs, are fulfilled with the life insurance policy.

Ill on Vacation/Holiday? What to do?

When we talk about holidays or vacations, its all about beautiful places, having fun, and sharing some amazing pictures after getting back home. The mere thought of getting ill during the much longed vacations can be your worst nightmare come true. Regardless of how prepared you are, things are beyond control when it comes to health. Major triggers when it comes to getting sick while travelling could be food allergy, underlying issues, or maybe even a sudden accident could easily distort the whole planning.

Ill on Vacation,Holiday, What to do

Here is what you can do when you get sick during holidays or vacations.

1. Prepare before you leave

Now, before you leave for your holiday destination, you usually plan your clothing items, accessories, hotels to stay, cash to carry, and so on. However, what we all forget is preparing for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or illness. Make sure you take all your pills before leaving if you suffer from any terminal illness such as heart issues, thyroid, diabetes, etc. Carry extra supply of medications for cold and fever, gas, pain killers, and so on. Oh, and most important, get yourself a travel insurance for medical issues.

2. Medical Repatriation

Despite the precautions you take, you can fall sick. Now is the time to opt for the benefit out of your insurance service provider. Once you fall ill, make sure you call the insurance provider and  inform him of your issue. If you are unable to fly back for the treatment, you can opt for medical repatriation option that can provide you the necessary coverage for flights that are medically equipped to take you to a suitable hospital or home if necessary.

3. Get your Pending Vacations

Before you hop on to your flight or maybe car if you are planning a road trip to the destination, make sure you are done with your vaccinations or maybe the pending shots your children need to get. This is especially true when you are planning on visiting countries that are known for communicable diseases. There are several vaccinations that will surely protect you from diseases that are prevalent in these countries. Even you are updated with the shots, make sure you opt for packaged water that is clean as opposed to drinking unfiltered ones. Also, look for places that are hygienic to eat.

4. Keep your Prescriptions with you

In case you are out of your medicines when visiting a different city, country or even continent, you need to have your prescriptions with you to ensure that you can refill the medications you need in time. Additionally, you need to check for the cost of the medications as they can vary from one place to another. So ensure that your insurance provider covers the cost of the medications when you are on a foreign land.

5. Get to a Certified Doctor

Do not settle for any doctor when travelling. Ask for the certified ones with experience so that you get the best treatment without hampering your health. Ask around for the popular medical facilities in the area or search for them online. Always have someone close to take care of you just in case the illness or injury is too bad.

5 Luxury Experiences in India

India, being the country of numerous diversities, has a lot to offer. There are options for budget tours, luxury and ultra-luxury tours and many more options for you. If you have the time and money, you can get as much pampering and comfort as you want! The problem is knowing how much to spend for getting the true ‘luxurious’ experience.

The definition for luxury can be different for each person. For those staying in posh city apartments, luxury can mean being in the lap of nature or some adventurous activities or visiting an old village. For a person staying in a faraway countryside, however luxury can mean a posh big room with all in-house facilities like a bathtub with hot water, extra-large beds and so on. In this article we list out a few tips for you to choose the right luxury experience that can make your trip special for years to come.

Luxury Hotels

Choosing the hotel that suits your needs is important. You can choose to stay in a resort, homestay, heritage palace, theme hotels and many others, based on what kind of experience and memories you want to collect. If your intention is to see maximum number of places of the city, a hotel with all the facilities like room service, shower, private balcony, hairdryer, refrigerator, minibar, a desk and a comfortable bed is all you will need to spend the night and get ready for the next day. Additionally, services like Breakfast and dinner will ease your worries of searching good food elsewhere.

Luxury Hotels

If you want to have a relaxed vacation with only one or two places covered in a day and spend the rest of your time at the accommodation itself, a homestay or resort with spa, swimming pool, fitness centre, badminton/tennis court, golf, camping and other entertainment facilities will give a more enriching overall experience to your trip.

When choosing the hotel, always look for the additional services and how many of them you would actually want to use!

Luxury Cruise

The luxury cruise liners are always bustling with activities and will give a wholesome experience to your trip. Don’t get confused with the word ‘luxury’, it actually only means that the services are lavish, but the prices are still affordable! There are plenty of cruises available which have all modern amenities for the guest and in-house entertainment like dance performances, live music and other activities that highlight the heritage and culture of India.

The cruises have suites which are fully air-conditioned, have large beds and bathrooms equipped with shower. There is also TV and you can have picturesque sea views from the windows.

Luxury Cruise

Some cruise liners give an option of small kitchenettes so guests can also engage in some experimental cooking. The cruise has restaurants and bars that serve traditional cuisine and have many options for beverages too.

Choose from a range of cruise liners – cruise on backwaters, cruise along the Sunderbans, the Heritage cruise on the waters of Ganges and many others depending on your choice of a rare vacation experience.

Luxury Train Tour India

If you don’t want to miss even a minute to pamper and comfort yourself, choose a luxury train tour in India.

The Maharajas’ Express train offers range of destinations which are unique and depict the rich cultural heritage and history of India. The train itself has all possible amenities to indulge oneself and have the best time in their life.

5 Luxury Experiences in India

The Maharajas’ Express train covers different routes – The Heritage of India, Treasures of India, Gems of India, The Indian Panorama and The Indian Splendor. The train uncovers the most beautiful places of India with the best of activities like bathing at the holy ganges, watching or participating in the Elephant polo match, having dinner overlooking the best monuments and palaces, enjoying cultural performances in the midst of sand dunes and many more.

Luxury Beaches

The exotic beaches of India are to die for. With cool and crystal-clear waters and a range of activities to do in and around the beach, beaches are a must-visit place for a complete vacation.

Taj Fort

There are many excellent beach resorts that offer all luxuries for the entire duration of a traveller’s stay other than the beach-view deluxe rooms. Few popular beach resorts that provide the best amenities are Park Hyatt, Taj Fort, The Lalit and The Leela.

Luxury Spa

Most of the 5- and 7-star hotels and resorts in India have in-house spa facilities. Experience a relaxed vacation and rejuvenate your body and soul with a variety of packages in the spa and indulge yourself in some massages and body treatments. Steam it up with a hot jacuzzi or sauna to complete the experience.

The Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur SPa

The Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur offers great services and boasts itself as one of the best spas in India. The grand spa is skilfully decorated with chandeliers instantly giving a royal vibe to visitors.

There are many more like the Radisson Blue, Choki Dhani Resort, Pushkar Bagh and so on.

With so many distinct activities to do and places to visit, India sure gives the best of historic and naturald estinations coupled with modern resources for the most memorable and significant vacation of your life.