Cretterati, Gurgaon – India’s first and Only Dog Hotel

Cretterati is India’s first luxury hotel for pets in Gurgaon. It’s a kind of dog hotel with five star luxury facilities for your pets. This amazing hotel aims to be your pet’s favorite destination with a team of world’s best pet-care experts providing incredible nurturing and caring service.

Cretteratil has all premium amenities for your pets that helps them to relax and enjoy. This hotel has caring and affectionate staff and the environment is such that the pets would not like to go back from this lovely place.

Cretterati – India’s first Dog Hotel

Critterati was opened in May 2017 by Mr.Deepak Chawla and Mrs.Janvi Chawla. They made an  extensive research on pet hospitality in the US and Europe for 3 years and came up with this unique idea in India. Cretterati has all the amenities just like the premium luxury hotel. This hotel boasts of having 5 massive air conditioned floors. It is designed to suit the taste of the pet. The floor is made of special material that gives comfort to the pets.

Cretterati - India's first Dog Hotel
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It has family rooms, single rooms, balcony- view rooms and every room has a TV and world-class facilities. The beds in the rooms are made of pet friendly materials and attractive colours are used. It also has a bathing station, a clinic, and a shopping area. A cafe and other facilities that the dog can make use of is on the ground level. To relax in hot weather, there is boarding centre for all shapes and sizes of the dog, a huge playing area and a swimming pool. There is also an area with fake grass for all the pets to play and run around.

Benefits of Keeping your Pets at Cretterati

Cretterati provides ultramodern 5 star facilities for your pets. There is a live camera in each room, so that the owners can keep a check on their pets. There is a play area in this hotel with trained staff, toys and games that helps the pets to socialize. Regular swimming sessions keeps them active. There is a bathing area to keep them fresh and clean. For pets with special needs  care chambers with trained staffs are provided.

Benefits of Keeping your Pets at Cretterati, Gurgaon
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The spa offers ‘pawdicure’, massage, hair-colouring and complete makeover services to the pets. The health and wellness of the pets is of utmost importance so a dedicated, well qualified veterinary staff is employed in the clinic to facilitate the same.  There is a shopping area where dog food, toys, games and other things essential for the dog is available.

Why you should not skip Cretterati ?

Everything is planned and designed as per the comfort and suitability of the pets. Cretterati provides premium facilities like boarding, grooming,spa, café, clinic and shopping that helps the pet to play, enjoy and relax. Trained and qualified staff is employed round the clock to take care of the pets.

Cretterati, Gurgaon - India's first and Only Dog Hotel
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The hotel is kept under surveillance to ensure safety and security of the pets. Cretterati provides luxury accommodation and a very healthy atmosphere for the pet throughout the stay. For luxury, comfort, safety and security of your loving pets Cretterati is the best place you can rely upon.

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Balasinor Fossil Park, Gujarat – World’s largest Dinosaur Fossil Park

Balasinor in Gujarat has a nesting ground of fossilised dinosaur and a prehistoric burial ground. Not many know about it because only few talk regarding it. Moreover, no one has thought till date that this could be further developed as a tourist site or a UNESCO Geopark.

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park – World’s largest Dinosaur Fossil Park

The Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is in Ahmedabad city and hosts the fossilized remains along with the petrified eggs of the prehistoric dinosaurs. The actual nesting ground and eggs, fossils on display here are sourced from the world’s 3rd largest dinosaur fossil excavation site located at Raiyoli, Balasinor in Gujarat. It is also the 2nd largest hatchery in the world. The Park is the only dinosaur museum in the country and was set up by the Geological Survey of India.

What will you find?

This park is known as India’s Jurassic Park though the fossils are from the later Cretaceous period and not exactly from the Jurassic era. The fossils that were found in Upper Cretaceous formations date back to 66 million years ago. The eggs are of various different sizes and some are also sized like cannon balls. The Fossil trackway of the gargantuan animals are also put on display in the park.

Balasinor Fossil Park, Gujarat - World's largest Dinosaur Fossil Park
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The Dinosaurs that are on display here are Tyrannosaurus rex, Megalosaurus and Titanosaurus to name a few. As a matter of fact, new species belonging to the family of Tyrannosaurus Rex was found in Balasinor and named Rajasaurus narmadensis that means Narmad’s princely reptile. Barapasaurus, Brachiosaurus and Antarctosaurus are amongst the other few species. As per Paleontologists seven species of dinosaurs were known to live here and about 10,000 dinosaur eggs were also found. Stegosaurus and Iguanodon are other species on display. The park also displays actual life-size models of the dinosaurs with the details of every period where they existed along with the characteristics of these animals.

How was it discovered?

Dinosaur Fossil Park Balasinor
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This site was discovered accidentally in the year 1981. It happened when the geologists were conducting a mineral survey of this particular area. Since then, this place is known to attract scientists and tourists globally from around the world. The fossils were discovered in the Songhir Bagh Basin and the Himatnagar basin of Balasinor. Places like the south-eastern parts of Kheda, Panchmahal and Vadodara also contributed to the discovery.

What makes this place unique?

Balasinor Dinosaur Fossil Park
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This place is the only site in all of the world where tourists could both touch the dinosaurs remains and also hold a 65 million year old egg fossil in their hands. Also, thankfully there’s one person who actually sees potential in this place and that is Aaliya Sultana Babi who is the former princess of Balasinor. She is considered as  the promoter and protector of the dinosaur legacy and as a matter of fact she’s often called the Dinosaur Princess. She is known to conduct tours to the site and is the only English speaking guide well versed about these fossils. At Balasinor, you could spot a part of a limb that is embedded in a rock and also an alleged fossil remains of skin along with other rare and unique prehistoric bones and egg rings.

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Hikkim Post Office – World’s Highest Post Office

India boasts of having the largest postal network in the world with about 1,55,618 post offices and over 5,66,000 employees. From among these, the world’s highest post office, Hikkim (pin code 172114) is astonishingly located at 15,500 feet, above the sea Level and is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti district in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact, the world’s first official airmail flight spanning a journey of 18 kilometres and 27 minutes also happened right here in India on 18th of February in the year 1911. It was a French pilot by the name Henri Pequet, who ferried around 15 kilos of mail (about 6,000 letters and cards) from Allahabad to Naini, across the river Ganga.

Hikkim Post Office - World's Highest Post Office
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Hikkim Post Office – The Highest Post Office in the World

The intensity of excitement as one climbs to the world’s highest post office perched at 15,500 ft above the sea level is truly amazing. It is aptly located in India that is home to the world’s most extensive postal system. Hikkim, the Indian village which is home to the world’s highest post office  is situated about 23 kms from Kaza, that is the main town in Himachal Pradesh’s barren Spiti Valley.

The Inception

Rinchen Chhering Hikkim Post Master
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The Hikkim post office was started on November 5th, 1983, and  since its inception, Rinchen Chhering has been the branch postmaster here for 29 years. Rinchen was barely 22 years old when he took charge of this post office. Today, stamping letters and postcards is a task that is simply at the back of his hand. This small Spitian office doubles up as Chhering’s home and is the world for Hikkim’s 165 or so residents. This is because there is no cell phone reception or internet access in this village. The post office is also shut down for about half a year because of snow just like the rest of the valley.


Hikkim Post Office Functionality
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It is in this post office that the monks from the Komik monastery in the vicinity receive their passports to embark on an overseas pilgrimage or where the local farmers can make a savings accounts. They have employed two runners in this post office who take turns to deliver the mail on foot journeying from Hikkim to Kaza daily in the morning. From Kaza it is carried by bus to Reckong Peo to Shimla and further by train to Kalka. In Kalka it is loaded on a bus again and taken to Delhi. From Delhi it is distributed by rail or air as per the destination.

How to Reach

How to Reach Hikkim
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In order to reach Hikkim, one has to take a motorable road. Tourists can hire a cab in Kaza or alternatively they can also go on a uphill hike of about a couple of hours from Kaza. The bus frequency is very less, that is one per day at about 2 p.m. that alights the passengers above the village. Hikkim has no guesthouse and only one homestay in the village of Langza nearby. However, Kaza has the best alternatives for restaurants and hotels for accommodation purpose.

If you are looking for assistance with your PAN card application, please visit

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Longwa Village, Nagaland – One Village, Two Nations

One can never figure out whether they are in India or in Myanmar when in Longwa village. According to the people here, the boundary line does not matter at all. Villagers can simply move around freely and Visa to Myanmar is not required. SCENIC BEAUTY literally gets redefined here and the border lines are seen on the way to Longwa village. It is situated 42 kilometres from the main Mon town in Nagaland.

Longwa Village, Nagaland - One Village, Two Nations
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For years, this Konyak village bordering Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh is the centre of attraction for many tourists. The international boundary line passes through the village . As a matter of fact it passes straight through the house of the Longwa village Angh (chief) dividing the village between two countries by land but not by heart.Longwa is a very quaint village and the people like every other Naga person is very hospitable.

Life at Longwa Village

Life is traditional here with a rustic and beautiful vibe. Children happily greet the visitors and hospitable seniors make visitors feel at home. However, what catches the eye of visitors is the international boundary line which runs between India and Myanmar passing through the village. It is a village with two schools and two councils, and the land has been bifurcated according to the “watershed”. The ‘watershed’ here signifies a place where a river flows towards Myanmar, therefore belonging to Myanmar. The place where the river flows towards the Indian terrain belongs to India.

Cultural amalgamation

Villagers can move around freely in Myanmar without Visa even the son of a village council member has entered the Myanmarese army. The Angh of Longwa are respected by people from both sides of the village. Villagers from the Myanmarese area help when there is work on the Angh’s field. But a portion of what the boundary line could do is visible.

Longwa Village
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Amenities like electricity and water which the villagers in India enjoy, cannot be enjoyed by those on the Myanmarese side even though they reside just a few meters away. This is because if the Myanmarese army come to know about it, there will be issues.

Some Differentiations

The Konyak Union is the apex body of the Konyak tribe which downplays the existence of the international boundary line. This line not only bifurcates the Longwa village but also the Konyak tribe. There are twenty seven Konyak villages in total on the Myanmar side. Boundary line does create some issues in terms of currency and others. The Naga villages on the Myanmar side have to rely on India for most of their basic needs – right from salt.

Longwa Village, Nagaland
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Till now, the emotional bond remains very strong and intact among the Konyak brethren living on both sides of the India-Myanmar boundary line that passes through the Longwa village. However, it is unknown what would happen in the future if a fence is erected by either of the countries along the border or if the Visa regulations are made more strict.

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Madhavaram – India’s Military Village 

A country’s soldiers are their biggest sense of pride and asset. The people belonging to the birthplace of these soldiers are especially proud of a member of their community serving their country. One such place can be found in India, known as Madhavaram.

Where is Madhavaram located?

The small village of Madhavaram is located in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district, about 150 km away from Amravati. This tiny village has a rich history of 300 years, nurturing and sending off young men to serve in the Indian Army.

Madhavaram - India's Military Village 

Presently, there are about 109 young men who are serving in the army, belonging from this humble village in Andhra Pradesh. Out of them, 65 are serving on the field, while the rest serve in administrative posts.

How does Madhavaram churn out soldiers from every family?

The rich history of the village of Madhavaram runs around local tales and folk lore of war, valour and pride in their men. The culture of the residents of this village revolve around their servicemen.

Madhavaram Military Village 

Ex-servicemen from the village still prefer to be called by their names only if they are preceded by the ranks they gained at retirement. The women of the village take great pride in marrying military men. Even the young children of the village are given generic names such as Major, Colonel, and Captain! This instils a deep rooted love and pride for their nation and their military men into the children from a very young age.

Military Madhavaram

For generations, Madhavaram has been churning out young military men to serve their nation. More commonly known as Military Madhavaram now, this name holds a great sense of pride, culture and a sentiment that drives the rest of Madhavaram to action.

It is estimated that almost every household in the tiny village have at least one army men in their family, where some families have up to four men serving in the army!

The village’s unique culture and strong men have not gone unnoticed by authorities. There are talks about officially changing the name of the village to Military Madhavaram, which brings about a great sense of pride to the residents of this small, humble village.

Military Madhavaram

The defence minister Manohar Parrikar has plans of setting up a strong defence training academy in the village. This is a source of great happiness to the young boys in the village who consider is the greatest pride and honour to be a part of the military, following the footsteps of their elders from the village.

Soldier’s from the village of Madhavaram have proudly served in every war of independent India. The take great pride in this fact and strive to continue this for the coming centuries. The locals of Military Madhavaram believe that it is in their blood to serve their country, and that is something no one can ever take out from the soul of a Madhavaram soldier.

After hearing the recent news about the Indian Air Forces not recruiting women to fly their fighter planes has created a deep sense of passion and ambition in the hearts of the young girls of Madhavaram. Soon enough, we will see the young, strong willed girls of Madhavaram serving for their nation as well.

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Cat Café Studio, Mumbai – A Café for Stray Cats

A one of a kind venture, Mumbai’s very first Cat Café Studio was opened up for all the cat lovers in the city. If you simply cant get enough of these furry felines and would love to cuddle up to them while sipping on a fresh cup of hot coffee, head on over to Cat Café Studio in Mumbai to enter a cat paradise! If you want to know what are some of the things you can enjoy in Mumbai’s Cat Café Studio, read on to find out!

Cat Café Studio – A Cafe for Stray Cats in Mumbai

Order a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee while you cuddle up to some of the sweetest stray cats of the city. You can enjoy the free wifi facility to take loads of selfies with your new friends and instantly upload them over your social media accounts.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai
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If you prefer to sit with a good book as you eat your yummy slice of cake with some tea, you can do that too here! Enjoy from a wide collection of free books at the Cat Café Studio at Mumbai.

On an outing with a bored group of friends and want to play some fun board games while you wait for your tasty food at Cat Café Studio, not to worry! There are many board games offered by the café for all their customers. Of course, board games will be the last thing on your mind as you enjoy your furry cuddles by your favourite four legged friends.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai - A Cafe for Stray Cats
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One of the best parts about Cat Café Studio? You don’t need to pay any entry fees or hourly charges to visit your favourite friends! Simply walk into Cat Café Studio in Mumbai and have a seat as the group of 30 to 40 cats come purring up to your legs to welcome you. Don’t worry about the little scratches and bites your little friends give you, all of the cats are vaccinated, fed, nurtured and well taken care of before they join Cat café Studio. What’s more, all the cats are up for adoption! If you fall in love with any of the furry little members of Cat Café Studio, you can adopt them immediately and take them home to love and keep.

Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is completely kid friendly as well. You can bring your little kids to the café without fear, as they have the best time of their lives playing with their new furry best friends. Enjoy a variety of food and beverages, from coffees and teas, to sandwiches, bagels, milkshakes, cheesecakes, brownies, fries and much more!

Cat Cafe in Mumbai
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One if its kind in India, Cat Café Studio was a great initiate taken by a group of young entrepreneurs. Head on over to the café anytime to enjoy an amazing meal with an even more amazing pet friendly experience. Take loads of selfies and upload pictures of your new friends! Who knows, you might just fall in love with one of the little members and take them home to love them forever.

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Tangra, Kolkata – India’s China Town

A small, hustling bustling place in Kolkata, Tangra; is popularity known as India’s China Town. The area in Kolkata homes the largest community of Chinese people in India. As soon as you enter Tangra, Kolkata, you will feel as if you have been transported to the busy little streets of China itself.

Tangra, Kolkata - India's China Town
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The best place in Kolkata for authentic Chinese cuisine, there are over 100 small restaurants in Tangra which are run by the Chinese families themselves. These restaurants have been running for generations by the families, and they offer good quality, affordably priced Chinese cuisine.

Why should you visit Tangra?

This is the perfect place to visit for those who have a keen interest in Chinese food, culture and traditions. No other place in India has such a large, strong community of east Asians, with their culture and traditions so beautifully preserved. At Tangra, Kolkata, you can see each and every old, Chinese tradition and festival being celebrated with the same uproar as you would find in china itself. The narrow lanes, the inviting shops and the delicious aroma of authentic Chinese meals being cooked right under your noses are enough to lure locals as well as tourists from far and wide to India’s china town. One of the most popular and areas of pride of Kolkata, Tangra is a must visit when you are in Kolkata.

Tangra is a very popular hangout spot for teens and adults alike. Not only is the place filled with little restaurants offering you great quality food at reasonable prices, but you will also find the lanes spotted with little retail shops, temples, street vendors and many more. The reason that Tangra is so famously known as India’s china town is due to the rich, exotic feel that you get as soon as you enter the area. For as far as you can look, you will find Tangra filled with the Chinese residents, alongside many other faces of locals and tourists visiting the area for its rich foods and shopping experience.

What kind of cuisine will you find in Tangra today?

However, over the years, the authentic cuisine of Tangra has slowly adapted itself to the Indian and mostly the Bengali palette. Using a lot of Indian spices in their Chinese cooking, the Chinese food of Tangra has slowly become even more popular than before, as most Indians prefer to have their spicy taste buds tingled.

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Tangra is known as Territi bazaar. This bazaar is hustling and bustling with locals, tourists, street vendors, fish sellers, and just plain and simply chaotic; but only till 7 in the morning. After that, the bazaar shuts off till the next day. This is the perfect spot for those looking for an early morning breakfast after a whole night out. You will find the area filled with vegetable sellers, fish and meat sellers and various other vendors trying to do their business for the day. However, all the hustle and bustle is over after a few hours.

Tangra, India’s China Town is welcome to locals and tourists, and will continue preserving their rich Chinese heritage for generations to come.

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Munch Murugan – A Temple in Kerala Where God is Fond of Nestle Munch 

Hindu gods and goddesses are glorified by serving them the food they are said to like. You can often find laddus served to a Ganesh idol, bowls full of butter served to the deity in a Krishna temple and the love of ghee for which Ayyappa is famous. But, have you ever heard of a baby god who seems to be in love with chocolates, like any kid would be?

The Bala Murugan Temple

The baby Murugan deity, known by the name of Bala Murugan is known to be so fond of Nestle’s Munch chocolates, that he is known as Munch Murugan. Bala Murugan is the Lord of the Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Shrine, a temple in Alappuzha.

Any temple often receives flowers, fruits or sandal paste as an offering for their deity. But, the temple of Thekkan Palani Balasubramania often finds loads of chocolate bars offered by children and students to the baby god.

Munch Murugan - A Temple in Kerala Where God is Fond of Nestle Munch 
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The Balasubramania temple at Subramaniapuram is located few minutes away from the main town of Alappuzha. It is famously known as Palani of the South temple, as the deity and the lamp were brought her from Palani Murugan Temple, Dindigul.

During the exam days, the temple is flooded with students who offer chocolates to “Munch Murugan” and seek his blessings. Not only them, the tradition is now followed by the elderly as well.

How did the tradition begin?

The temple authorities say that, the reason this tradition began is still not completely known. They say that the ritual began six years back when a small boy insisted on offering his favorite chocolates to Lord Bala Murugan. Ever since his wishes were granted, the other children began to follow suit. They offer chocolate bars to the deity, especially during the months of exams.

Munch Murugan

Like any other temple, garlands of flowers or lemons were offered to Bala Murugan, before the tradition began. Now, Nestle Munch chocolate garlands have replaced them, for the love of Munch Murugan towards chocolates.

Some devotees also offer “Munch Para”, which is a chocolate offering filled in a traditional vessel that can carry upto 8 kgs of rice. Other devotees are even seen offering chocolates equal to the body weight of the deity. This is traditionally known as “Munch Thulabharam”.

What does the temple do with so many chocolates?

The Munch Murugan or Bala Murugan has become a popular pilgrim destination which attracts many devotees from all over the world.Pilgrims, who come from far-off states and other countries, offer cartons full of chocolates to the baby deity. The temple authorities soon faced the problem of too many chocolates getting accumulated in the temple. This issue was soon resolved when the authorities decided to give away the chocolates as “prasadam”, once the “pushpanjali” and “aarti” ceremonies were conducted.

what does munch murugun temple do with so many chocolates
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The shrine was built by a devotee of Lord Murugan, decades ago. It is said that the Lord himself came into his dreams and instructed the devotee to build the temple. The temple of Murugan (also known as Kartikeyan or Subramanya), the son of Lord Shiva, was recently renovated, keeping in mind, the increase in rush.

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Punsari, Gujarat – India’s Smart Village

The sketch that is created in our minds, when we talk about Indian villages, is full of dusty, rough roads, shortage of water and electricity and dysfunctional schools.

However, the Punsari village, located 90 km away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will change your idea of how a modern Indian village would look like.

The Urbanized Punsari Village of Gujarat

Situated in the Sabarkantha district in the state of Gujarat, the Punsari village leaves no stone unturned when it comes to “Empowering Rural India”. The village has a lot of modern facilities, some of which are only present in metro cities. Some of them are:

  • Concrete roads
  • Solar powered street lamps
  • RO water purification unit
  • Primary health center
  • Completely managed drainage and sanitary system
  • Banking facility and
  • A toilet in every house
Punsari, Gujarat - India's Smart Village
PC :

Punsari is also a proud owner of a fully air conditioned primary school premises. It is equipped with smart education technology, whiteboards, CCTVs and WiFi connectivity. The school has its own bus service which is run by the village Panchayat.

Punsari: The Smart Village Model

The Sarpanch of Punsari, Himanshu Patel, elected in the year 2006, took the responsibility of transforming the small village of Punsari into a Village Empowerment Model.

Mr. Patel mentions that the village had no amenities and just looked like any other village, when he was appointed Sarpanch. The Panchayat of the village was dependent on grants that it used to get from rural schemes offered by the state. Also, there was no NRI finance flowing in. Hence, his team of 11 Panchayat members decided to use the funds offered by the state government in the right direction. They started generating revenue from the land they had at their disposal.

PC :

Mr. Patel and his team have managed to upgrade Punsari village over eight long years with a total expenditure of 16 crores. They have managed to inculcate some state as well as national leveldevelopment programmes, to create a village with strong infrastructure.

Breaking The Records

For all the effort Mr. Himanshu Patel, put in to urbanize his village was, no doubt, inspirational and needed recognition. The third National Panchayat Raj Day held on November, 2011 was a memorable event. Mr. Patel received the award for Best Gram Sabha from the former Chief Minister and current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Towards Using The Punsari Model

The way Mr. Patel and his team had put the fund and schemes of the state and national government, into use, was worth taking note of. For this purpose, the Secretary of the Rural Development Ministry, paid a detailed visit to the Punsari village. He studied and understood the layout and usage of the latest technologies. This was much needed as the Punsari Village would now behave as a model for other villages across 640 districts, all over the nation.

Punsari Village RO Plant
PC :

The visits were insisted by PM Mr. Narendra Modi and more than 300 officials have studied the village maintenance and management in detail, ever since.

Mr. Patel adds that with proper planning and smart use of resources, his model for an ideal upgraded smart village can easily be replicated. With the help of smart people, appropriate planning and a corruption-free system, every village can become a smart village.

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Sai Sanctuary – India’s only 300 Acres Private Wild Life Sanctuary

Once in a million, you will find those few individuals who are ready to dedicate their entire lives to the preservation of nature. Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Malhotra are two such individuals.

With joint efforts, these two have successfully built India’s first and only 300 acre private wild life sanctuary in the Western Ghats of southern India; known as SAI Sanctuary Trust; or Save Animals Initiative.

Sai Sanctuary - India's only 300 Acres Private Wild Life Sanctuary
PC :

Sai Sanctuary – India’s only Private Wild Life Sanctuary

The couple got married and settled in Hawaii around the 1960’s. However, when they returned to India for Anil’s father’s funeral, they were simply shocked by the amount of pollution and deforestation in Haridwar, India.

This is when the couple decided to make a change, seeing the complete lack of interest shown by the locals towards these atrocities. They sold their land in Hawaii and decided to move to South Kodagu District,
Karnataka, Southern India, having failed to find a suitable place in Northern India for carrying out their venture.

Sai Sanctuary in India
PC :

A friend of Anil Malhotra offered his 55 acres of wasteland to him, as it was rendered useless to the person. Anil and Pamela took this as a gift from God. Slowly but surely, they turned this 55 acre wasteland into a 300 acre wild life sanctuary. The couple faces a lot of resistance and harassment, however, they did not give up. Slowly, the built up trust amongst the locals who now helped them with their venture.

The SAI Sanctuary trust now homes about 300 different species of birds and endangered animals. Often dubbed as Noah’s Ark, the SAI Sanctuary Trust was built by the couple as a goal to turn this wasteland into a bio diverse rainforest for all kinds of animals, such as tigers, leopards, elephants, birds, snakes, deers and many more.

Located in Kodagu district in the Western Ghats of Southern India, SAI Sanctuary is now a well known spot for research. It has also been designated as one of the ‘hot spots’ of bio diversity by the United Nations.

Sai Sanctuary Review
PC :

Intense love for nature, wild life and forests is what drove this loving couple to building their SAI wild life sanctuary from scratch. They have dedicated their lives to making it a better place for animals to live and nature to grow freely. Their main goal is to ensure that they are able to play a small role in returning the balance to mankind and nature; by taking this very small initiative.

Presently, the couple receives immense help and assistance from trustees who help to keep the sanctuary running. As part of their social corporate responsibility, the couple attempt to rope in larger companies into their initiative.

Sai Sanctuary
PC :

Anil and Pamela Malhotra have spent the last 25 years working on saving them environment and the natural habitat around them. The SAI sanctuary is as successful as the couples never ending love and dedication towards their project. The only private wild life sanctuary in India, the SAI Sanctuary attempts to do its best to save the endangered species of animals, acting like a very personal version of Noah’s Ark.

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