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Akodara Village – India’s First Digital Village

Akodara Village - India's First Digital Village

From been known as the “Land of Snake charmers” to the modern “Digitalized” India, phenomenal occurrence has happened. From writing a manuscript on “Palm Leaves” to saving data on “Micro Chips”, from sending messages through “Pigeons” to instant “Chatting” on social media and applications, a drastic change has happened. This …

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Kalayur – The Village of Cooks

Kalayur - The Village of Cooks

Strange but true, the control on “Fire” was a turning point in human evolution. Not only did he got light, warmth, and protection but also got the method of “Cooking”. With this, the human geographic dispersion, cultural innovation and changes in behavior and “Diet” advancement took place. Cooking for pleasure …

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Marottichal – The Chess Village of India

Marottichal - The Chess Village of India

The game of Chess was known as “Chaturanga” in Sanskrit, meaning four divisions, in the 6th century and believed to have originated in Eastern India. The game highlights the intelligence and mental training of the players and has been scientifically proved that champions in the game have above average IQs. …

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