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Sai Sanctuary – India’s only 300 Acres Private Wild Life Sanctuary

Once in a million, you will find those few individuals who are ready to dedicate their entire lives to the preservation of nature. Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Malhotra are two such individuals.

With joint efforts, these two have successfully built India’s first and only 300 acre private wild life sanctuary in the Western Ghats of southern India; known as SAI Sanctuary Trust; or Save Animals Initiative.

Sai Sanctuary - India's only 300 Acres Private Wild Life Sanctuary
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Sai Sanctuary – India’s only Private Wild Life Sanctuary

The couple got married and settled in Hawaii around the 1960’s. However, when they returned to India for Anil’s father’s funeral, they were simply shocked by the amount of pollution and deforestation in Haridwar, India.

This is when the couple decided to make a change, seeing the complete lack of interest shown by the locals towards these atrocities. They sold their land in Hawaii and decided to move to South Kodagu District,
Karnataka, Southern India, having failed to find a suitable place in Northern India for carrying out their venture.

Sai Sanctuary in India
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A friend of Anil Malhotra offered his 55 acres of wasteland to him, as it was rendered useless to the person. Anil and Pamela took this as a gift from God. Slowly but surely, they turned this 55 acre wasteland into a 300 acre wild life sanctuary. The couple faces a lot of resistance and harassment, however, they did not give up. Slowly, the built up trust amongst the locals who now helped them with their venture.

The SAI Sanctuary trust now homes about 300 different species of birds and endangered animals. Often dubbed as Noah’s Ark, the SAI Sanctuary Trust was built by the couple as a goal to turn this wasteland into a bio diverse rainforest for all kinds of animals, such as tigers, leopards, elephants, birds, snakes, deers and many more.

Located in Kodagu district in the Western Ghats of Southern India, SAI Sanctuary is now a well known spot for research. It has also been designated as one of the ‘hot spots’ of bio diversity by the United Nations.

Sai Sanctuary Review
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Intense love for nature, wild life and forests is what drove this loving couple to building their SAI wild life sanctuary from scratch. They have dedicated their lives to making it a better place for animals to live and nature to grow freely. Their main goal is to ensure that they are able to play a small role in returning the balance to mankind and nature; by taking this very small initiative.

Presently, the couple receives immense help and assistance from trustees who help to keep the sanctuary running. As part of their social corporate responsibility, the couple attempt to rope in larger companies into their initiative.

Sai Sanctuary
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Anil and Pamela Malhotra have spent the last 25 years working on saving them environment and the natural habitat around them. The SAI sanctuary is as successful as the couples never ending love and dedication towards their project. The only private wild life sanctuary in India, the SAI Sanctuary attempts to do its best to save the endangered species of animals, acting like a very personal version of Noah’s Ark.

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