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Top 5 Countries to Visit from India for a Budget Trip

Nowadays most of the nearby countries from India allow Visa on Arrival i.e., you don’t have to issue a Visa beforehand unlike western nations like US and UK. There are about 60 countries to Visit from India without Visa. Out of these countries Thailand is not only one of the most visited Countries by people of India but from all over the World. Now you can also travel to Thailand by road by India-Thailand International Highway.

Today we will tell you about 5 Best Countries to Visit from India for a Budget Trip. The countries mentioned in this post are also quite cheap and nearby countries to visit from India.

Top 5 Countries to Visit from India for a Budget Trip 

1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Bodhanath Stupa Kathmandu : Best Countries to Visit from India
Bodhanath Stupa, Kathmandu – PC : http://www.rdv-voyage.com/

Somerimes, we tend to forget out immediate neighbors. However, Just another side of the border and a 1.5 hour flight away is Kathmandu(in Nepal). Kathmandu is not only popular for its mountains and spirituality, but is also considered to be a gateway to the Himalayas for mountaineering enthusiasts. Kathmandu is also said to be a cusp of Old and the New i.e., the traditional and the modern. The Durbar Square is a popular attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site having a lot of palaces and temples which can be explored in your visit to Kathmandu. Thamel area in Kathmandu is most popular area for shopping where you can find anything from mountaineering gear to souvenirs. Don’t forget to visit the oldest Hindu Temple of Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Temple. Also, Kathmandu has one of the oldest Buddhist Temples in the World known as Bodhnath Stupa.

2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka

As a matter of fact people take a hault at Colombo(in Sri Lanka) before moving to the beautiful beaches on the western coast. However, if you have some free time and you want to travel out of country, do give a chance to Colombo. You can plan a visit to the popular Gangaramaya Temple and other Buddhist temples for a soothing spiritual experience. To explore the rich history of this beautiful city, you may prefer to walk along the Colombo Fort area. For all shopoholics, Pettah Market is the right place as it is a huge open market where you can get anything from fruits to jewellery. When it comes to Sri Lankan food, you just need to try the dellicious Sea Food. There is a lot for vegetarians as well.

3. Singapore


If you have a tight budges and very less time with you, Singapore can also be a perfect destination for you. For all the fashion lovers Orchard Street is the place to be in. Explore the culture of Singapore by a visit to Chintown Heritage Centre, or you can take a cruise on the lovely Singapore River. Don’t forget to visit the Singapore Zoo which is said to be one of the best in Asia. Also, don’t miss out on the very popular Night Safari in Singapore and an evening to remember at the Marina Bay. When it comes to dining options by the river, you can visit Clarke Quay. If you plan your trip a bit early you might save some bucks by getting cheaper flights and hotel rooms.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

I’m sure many of you have already asked your friends to purchase electronic goods or branded accessories from Bangkok ! Now, plan a trip to Bangkok and buy any of those items for yourself. If you plan your trip well in advance you might get really cheap tickets especially if you are in Kolkata, Kochi or Visakhapatnam. You might get a bit expensive tickets than these 3 cities from other Indian Cities like Delhi, Mumbai or any other major city. Do remember that Bangkok is not just a place for getting the best massages and retail-therapy, it also has some really beautiful Buddhist Temples, delicious street food and wonderful floating markets.

5. Male, Maldives

Maldives Island

Maldives has been getting a lot of Indian Tourists in the recent years especially for its turquoise waters, colourful sea life and exotic spas. The capital of Maldives, Male is well connected to all the major Indian Cities. You can get relatively cheaper tickets from Kochi and Chennai. If you love Scuba Diving, Male is the right place to give you a highly memorable experience. After spending a few days in the capital of Maldives, you can move towards another inhabited island to get a true taste of the culture in this beautiful country.

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