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Asola-Fatehpuri Beri – The Indian Village of Bouncers

The Christian Bible has 1 Chronicle 26 of the Old Testament, which gives the reference of the “Levitical Temple” having “Gatekeepers”! In addition to protecting the temple from theft, their duties included – stop illegal entry in temple area; and maintain order. This is similar to today’s functions of “Bouncers”.  Today’s “Doorman” or “Cooler” or “Bouncers” is a security guard hired by Bars, nightclubs, pubs, discotheque, concerts and sometimes celebrities as well.

Asola-Fatehpuri Beri - Village of Bouncers
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They in addition to security have to verify the legal age, maintain the compliance of the establishment, and handle crowd or individual who can indulge in a probable fight or arguments.

Asola Fatehpuri Beri – The Indian Village of Bouncers

There is a twin urban village near south of Delhi – Asola-Fatehpuri Beri, with a population of around 5000, 56% males. Around 200 males from the village are “Bouncers” and are working in the pubs or bars in Delhi. All these bouncers with biceps more than the average size of male thighs, square- jawed, tall and sturdy body type have common surname as well- Tanwar.

Asola-Fatehpuri Beri
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It all started when Mr. Vijay Tanwar of the same village, fifteen years ago, did not get selection in the India’s Wrestling Team for Olympics. With nothing else to do, he started working as Bouncer in Delhi. Since then males from the village have started taking this muscle flexing, and body building as the source of livelihood. The villagers basically farmers, slowly left the profession and, took what is popularly known in Asola as, “Bouncery”.  They believed they can earn good, as the Bouncers get from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.50000/- as salary just for standing outside and flexing their muscles.

Asola-Fatehpuri Beri - Bouncer Village of India
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Young boys with an aspiration of earning money get the training at a local wrestling School called “Akhaada”. They also follow a strict diet of eggs, banana, and 10 litres of milk daily. They don’t smoke or drink and practice long hours in the Gym (Akhaada), grunt and grin for that pump. Two hours in morning and two hours in evening workout are compulsory to get the desired body. They must wrestler, do hundreds of sit-ups, pull-ups, and all other exercises to strengthen their muscles and be impressive to be selected and hired at a Pub, Bar or Club.

Though the youngsters take up wrestling as sports and aspire to represent their country in Olympics but sooner or later this fades off and they land up becoming “Bouncers” in some Delhi Pub. This profession has though been taken up by the youngsters has slowly started fizzing out as they feel that this is not a very respectable job.

Asola-Fatehpuri Beri - Bouncer Village
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We have so much of resources and will power within our cities and country but we lack to channelize their energies and make it productive. A proper training and a chance given to the villagers in participating in a wrestling competition, even in local or state level, sponsoring them in big fights and encouraging them might have given us a totally different village. Maybe then we would have called this village – “The Village of Champion Wrestlers”

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