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CBSE forgets to re-evaluate Math Paper of Nagpur Girl, PMO intervened

CBSE forgets to re-evaluate Math Paper of Nagpur Girl, PMO intervened

A Nagpur girl and her parents were in for a real shock when they found that CBSE just forgot to re-evaluate the girl’s Std XII paper in 2017. It could be done only after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) got things moving and made amendments, but not to their satisfaction.

A parent A Chatterjee had applied for his daughter’s math paper re-evaluation through the board’s portal in the month of June 2017. He deposited the prescribed amount and got an acknowledgement, but months after months, it was a full year which passed without any clue to the evaluation.

Though km Onjula, the daughter who had scored a 92% in XII, had already moved on with her academic pursuits, Chatterjee was keen on taking the matter to its logical end, and so he pursued it with dedication.

Chatterjee has claimed that CBSE has sent his query to Chennai regional office under whose jurisdiction Nagpur schools is. Last month a reply was received from them pointing out no change in marks. They claimed it was also displayed on the website but to his utter surprise, there was no such intimation. The aggrieved father did all kind of follow-ups but in vain.

He says that CBSE had just forgotten to re-evaluate her copy. He complained to the PMO. This looks like just a cover-up to protect the inaction, lethargy and indifferent attitude of the board. Ever since the application for revaluation, there was no communication by the CBSE and when the PMO came in the picture, they come up with a stock reply, it is alleged by the father of the girl.

Chatterjee says that revaluation records have not been provided by CBSE. The future of students is not safe at the hands of such irresponsible officials. He has demanded a disciplinary action, appropriate and stern punishment along with major penalties under the relevant rules, said Chatterjee.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national board of intermediate level education in the country for a large number of schools, controlled as well as managed by the Government of India. There are approximately 20,000 schools in India and more than 200 schools in 25 foreign countries, which are known to be affiliated to the CBSE board.

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