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Shani Shingnapur – A Unique Village without Doors

There is no place so safe in the world that can promise you the safety of your belongings even if you leave them without any safety. But, in India there is a place where there are no doors in front of the homes. This is not about one or two homes; it is about all of them including a bank. This is the tale of a village known as Shani Shingnapur. This village has a statue of Shani, a Hindu deity, who is believed to be protecting the village from the thieves and robbers.

Shani Shingnapur – A Village without Doors & Locks ! 

The story behind this belief is very interesting. One day a slab of wood and stone came floating in the river that flows nearby. Some villagers out of curiosity poked sticks in to it and surprisingly the stone and wood slab started bleeding. On the same night one of the villager had a dream that Shani himself announced that he will protect the people of the village from the robbers and thieves and that there is no need for the villagers to get doors installed in their homes.

Shani Shingnapur - Village with No Doors
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Since then the slab that came floating was erected as the deity himself and the people stopped constructing doors in front of their homes. Also the shrine devoted to Shani Dev cannot be kept under any type of shelter because of the might it has. This incedent happened almost 300 years ago but since then the people have full faith in the deity and they believe that Lord Shani wil protect them from any incidence of theft and robbery.

It is believed that if someone steels something he cannot leave the village. He may think that he is going away at night but he will find himself in the village at the break of the day.

There are men who like to put panels of wood against the entrance of their door but just so that the animals like stray dogs and cats cannot enter their homes.

Doorless UCO Bank, Shani Shingnapur
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The place was unknown to the people outside the village until there was a movie made on the subject. The people started pouring in to see such a miracle happening in this greedy world. Many people who claim it to be just a superstition say that it was a bluff spread by few that worked very well. But, the believers do not listen to such claims and flock to worship their deity in the land of dreams where everyone and everything was safe.

Also, there were instances when there were reports of theft in this village but none of it could erase the faith from the hearts and minds of the people.

A Home in Shani Shingnapur
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It is also said that those who indulge in wrong activities such as robbery, theft, crime of other kinds, eating no-vegetarian food, having alcohol do not come to Shingnapur and even if they come to this pious place they behave like gentlemen.

The devotees from all parts of the world come here to get their wishes fulfilled. They have full faith in the strength of mighty Lord Shani and no claims of superstition can sway them from the path of faith.

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