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Dawki River – A Hidden Paradise in Meghalaya

There is a traveler in all of us and we somewhere sometime lover to move around and explore places. We are all born tourists and love to travel and visit places. Indians are fond of traveling abroad and spent their vacations in out of country locations. We all get amazed by the beauty of other nations. It’s quite shocking sometimes that we as true citizens of the country don’t even know that there are far better places to visit within the country. It is more so amazing to find, that the north eastern states of Assam, Tripura, and Meghalaya are our neglected states, in terms of tourism.

Dawki River – Meghalaya’s Hidden Paradise

The state of Meghalaya- the state of pristine Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai Falls, Elephant Falls, Shillong View Point and Dawki River.

Dawki – Umngot River

One must make a trip to Mawlynnong and just 2 kms from the borders of Bangladesh, Dawki is a small village famous for its green scenic landscape, the strategic location and the crystal clear water river. Though it seems to be a very remote location but the approaching roads are in great shape and condition. It also has limestone and coal mines. The main attraction of the village – the Dawki River flows slowly between the Khasi and the Jaintia Hills.

Dawki River
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The lush green area around the river with hills on the both sides, cool breeze flowing on your skin, and the boats rowing on the river presents a picturesque view. The greenish- bluish water of the river is so crystal clear that one can actually see the bottom of the river even standing on the suspension bridge which joins the two sides of the river. The view of the river is so amazing that it seems that the boats are actually floating on air and there is no water beneath. The fishermen on the boat, floating on the river seems like live dolls enjoying the ride and fishing.

On Air Boats

Just imagine you yourself on that boat enjoying the orange juice which you can avail from the village which is famous for its juicy orange markets. It is advised that if you want to cherish these moments then take pictures standing on the suspension bridge so that you get the perfect effect of the view. It’s quite surprising that the moment the river enters the Bangladesh border its course is filled with rocks and boulders and the color also changes. This is no doubt the best serene and tranquil place to spend your vacation away from the hustle bustle of a hectic lifestyle.

Dawki River Shillong
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Adventurous travelers and explorer and the media have been constantly chasing people for the awareness of this part of the country and till now has been successful which is quite evident from the rise in the tourist count in the state. Lot has been published on the states of the north east for the betterment of the people here who can exhibit a unique bouquet of traditional and natural kaleidoscope.

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