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The Mysterious Hide-and-Seek Beach of Chandipur, Orissa

Mother Nature’s sorcery is unmatchable, and her spell cannot be copied irrespective of the scientific developments done by mankind. That’s not a thought rather that’s a challenge she throws at you whenever you try to interfere in her boundaries. But at the same, she is compassionate and leaves amazing and astonishing things, and occurrence that is truly spellbound, and that’s her beauty. One such place in the Indian state of Orissa where she plays a game of hide-and-seek with you daily is Chandipur. It is another coincidence that Chandipur is also the DRDO Integrated Test Range where latest missile technologies are tested. Which means both Nature and Technology exists here at the same place.

Camouflaging by Nature – Chandipur Beach

Chandipur is around 200 kms from Bhubaneswar and just 10 kms from the city of Balasore. The beach here is awesome and sensational, with its distinctive feature of receding and moving back to the level of up to 5 kms. This phenomenon happens every day at least twice a day.

Hide-and-Seek Beach of Chandipur, Orissa
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Mother Nature plays with you and during the “EBB” tides the sea retreats back and you can actually walk on the sea when this happens. One gets the opportunity of watching the sea moving back. When the “High tides” comes, the sea returns and fills the empty beach once again with sea water. This way you watch a beach disappear and reappear during the day.

The Tides

The specific timings of the tides, which actually depend on the movement of the moon, allow you to enjoy the moment with more intimacy. You can actually walk with the sea when it retreats back slowly and enters the seabed, up to a distance of 5 kms. And then you can come back with the gentle sea waves when it returns. You can feel the soft sand of the seabed with your feet and be that close to Mother Nature.

Hide and Seek Beach Chandipur
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Due to this natural phenomenon, the biodiversity has been enriched and a lot of sea animals thrive here. It is quite common to get the glimpses of the horseshoe crab, or a red crab crawling openly on the beach. Though tourists are not very acquainted with the beach but locals visit this place quite often. If you are a tourist then the best place to visit the beach is between November and March. And don’t get shocked to find any beach when you reach the spot, just get in the Seabed immediately, because the sea might come back very soon. You will love the Seafood here, especially if you are a fish lover.

hide and seek beach chandipur odisha
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It is quite remarkable that at one side due to natural tides the beach automatically disappears and reappears at Chandipur and at the same time Chandipur is the place where disaster creating weapons get tested by mankind. This is high time mankind must introspect and should focus more on natural things and Mother Nature’s creations and stop creating, weird, catastrophic and harmful things and equipment of its own.

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