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India’s First Floating Elementary School at Loktak Lake, Manipur!

Loktak lake also known as the largest fresh water lake of Northeast India is truly paradigmatic. It is house for those who depend on this lake for endurance. This lake is famous for floating heterogeneous mass of soil, vegetation that decomposes multiple times and forms a solid mass of land commonly known as Phumdis or Phunshongs . They are circular floating swamps that happens to be shelter for many. Loktak lake is also a great source of hydropower generation, irrigation and a useful source of drinking water.

The First Floating Elementary School of India

Government and Association planned to add a new school in Loktak lake. This was India’s first floating elementary school. This school was inaugurated at Langolsabi Leikai of Champu Khangpok village (50 kms from Imphal) in early February this year. It was a joint initiative of All Loktak Lake Fisherman’s Union with an NGO named People Resources Development Association(PRDA).

India's FIrst Floating School
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People living in this region work really hard to earn their daily wage.The main or the only source of Income in this area for residents is fishing, so people cannot afford to send their children in far off schools. This school proved to be a boon for them, as now they can provide education to their children and the dropout who became homeless during recent evacuation of Phunshongs.

This school is a Meisterstuck. It will educate both children and illiterate adults at the same time. There will be twenty five students and two teachers in the beginning. Slowly the association will evaluate the progress and will plan to upgrade the school to eighth standard. This move will attract a lot of dropout adults join this elementary school. So far this school has been well received by the people.

India's FIrst Elementary Floating School
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Stipend or fee of the volunteers will be sanctioned by PRDA which usually gets fund related help from AAI(Action Aid India). This school is build on the lifeline of Manipur(Loktak lake) and it will cater to people, specially those in need of literacy proficiency.

This lake is of great importance to the people of Northeast India but sadly it is becoming an endangered freshwater lake. Recently, LDA(Loktak Development Authority) has removed 700 floating huts as a part of clearing the lake. Infact an investigative documentary was also made by Hao Bam Pabankumar. This short film was based on the concerns faced by the Loktak lake and won award for best documentary in Mumbai International film festival. This lake is home for various animals and people.. Government is taking steps to protect it and is working for the betterment of the society.

This school is a great step in the world of education. It is a unique one!

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