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India condemns Gurdwara attack, promises all possible help to Sikhs and Hindus of Afghanistan

On Wednesday, a Gurudwara located in the Kabul area of Afghanistan was a victim of terror strike which is now being condemned strongly by the Indian authorities. Further, the authorities have pledged to provide necessary help to the Hindu and Sikh communities living in Afghanistan. This said the attack started in the early morning hours at 7:45 which continued till the arrival of midday. This incident left around 11 dead.

During this attack, the miscreants took 200 devotees as a hostage. As per the Press Release coming from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the government conveyed condolences to the family members as well as the ones that are deceased or injured. The PR further stated that any aid or assistance required will be immediately attended to by the MEA for the Sikh and Hindu community in Afghanistan.

Contrary to the general notion, the Taliban denied having anything to do with this attack. Currently, the Taliban is in a sensitive negotiation with the Afghanistan government with regards to peace. However, the MEA implied that this act could be coming from Pakistan as both India and Afghanistan are tackling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The MEA also pointed out that this act reflects the perpetrators’ diabolical mindset along with that of the ones who back their mission.

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