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Infolinks Review : Best Adsense Alternative with Instant Approval

Infolinks Review : Best Adsense Alternative 

Double your Infolinks Income

Blogging has become a good source or income for many bloggers. However, some newbie bloggers have a dream to get their blog approved by Adsense. From some time, Google Adsense does not approve account so easily. For a matter of fact only 30% of the applications are approved by Adsense. I would agree that Adsense is still the best Ad-Network. However, due to their strict Approval Process and Guidelines we also should know about Alternative to Adsense.

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If you do not get approved by Adsense or for some reason you are being banned by Adsense, the best alternative is Infolinks. Many bloggers are making more income from Infolinks than they make with Adsense. The best thing is that you can use it with Adsense as well as it is fully compatible with Adsense. Now lets get started with the Infolinks Review.

What is Infolinks ?

Infolinks Review Increase your Revenues

Infolinks is an In-Text Advertising Network which provides a wide variety of Advertising Products for Publishers, Advertisers and some Companies. Infolinks offers a number of Advertising Products to choose from, like inframe, intext, intag, inscreen and inframe. You can monetize your blog and earn by using any of these Advertising Products to reach your Target Audience. Blogs with a good organic traffic specially from US and UK are likely to get a higher CPM.

Infolinks was established in 2007 and since then it has been a Top Advertising Network. It helps you maximize your Revenues and reach the best of your Target Audience with a good Click Through Rate(CTR).

Does Infolinks works with Adsense ?

Many of the Bloggers may already be using Adsense on their Blog. However, they are concerned about whether Infolinks is compatible with Adsense or not. The answer is Yes, you can use Infolinks with Adsense on your Blog without affecting any of your accounts. So don’t think much, go ahead and Sign Up for Infolinks.

Why should you Sign Up for Infolinks ?

Whenever we go ahead and try any new thing, the first question in our mind is “Why should I try it?”. We have a number of answers to this Question when we talk about Signing Up with Infolinks

1. Easy Approval Process

Infolinks Ad Network is open to any online publisher. So, whether you are a newbie Blogger or big time blogger, Infolinks Wecomes you! Infolinks does not have any setup fees or minimum requirements for your blog traffic.

2. Maximize your Revenue

Normally people do not like to click on still Ads like offered by Adsense. So the CTR of Infolinks is generally on the higher side. There are a number of products offered by Infolinks which helps overcome banner blindness and providing more user engagement. This in turn gives more information to the user related to his search keywords and maximizes your revenues.

3. Withdraw your Funds with Ease (Payment Methods)

List of payment options offered by Infolinks with Minum Payout:

  • Bank Wire Transfers – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment in your local currency
  • PayPal – U.S. residents $1, Non-US Residents 2% up to $10
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
  • Western Union – $15 minimum
  • ACH and Payoneer – No fees

Types of Ads offered by Infolinks 

Infolinks offers 5 types of Ads : –

1. In-Fold

In-Fold Ads are the ads which pops up according to the keywords used in your post and the search query made by the user. Some may feel that this type of Ad creates an obstruction in the screen. But as these type of Ads are in accordance with the search terms used by the user, the conversion rate for these Ad units is highest.

2. In-Text Ad

In-text ads are one of the most common Ads these days. Infolinks makes hyperlinks on some of the keywords on your blog post. When a users hovers his mouse over these keywords, he will see ads displayed above it. You can change colours of the links according to your wish.

3. In-Tag

In-Tag ads checks for the top keywords on your post and display suitable ads in the desired location in the form of enticing tag cloud.

4. In-Frame

There are some unused margins and space on your page. Infolinks uses those space to put Display Banner Ads. These Ad units are the most engaging Ad unit of all.

5. In-Screen

These type of Ad units covers almost complete screen to show ads even before a user reaches your page. Enabling this Ad might cause an Obstruction to the user. Think twice before enabling this Ad unit.

Watch this demo video of Infolinks, which will give you an idea of how this advertising network works and the type of ads which are to be displayed on your blog:

Infolinks also has Android app and iOS Mobile App to keep track of your Infolinks Account and Earnings.

We highly recommend you to use Infolinks Ad Network. So if you are a new blogger or an old one, take a step ahead and sign up for Infolinks now !

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Hope you liked to Read the complete Infolinks Review. In case you have any queries or feedback, feel free to leave your comments below.

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