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Poonam Singh – India’s first ITI Certified Lady Mechanic

In the era of women empowerment, women have made a landmark move and achieved a place in various fields of science, politics, education and much more. Be it engineering, doctorate or even artist’s women have constantly fought for their rights and stood up for themselves breaking the typical stereotypes of the Indian society. One such empowering story is a 24-year old Poonam Singh. Coming from a small village in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Poonam is India’s first ITI certified automobile mechanic at Maruti Suzuki. At this stage, where there are a large number of career options available, car garage is the least chosen one, actually, can say 1 out of 10 women choose it as their career. In the year 2014, a total of 60 women enrolled for the course in motor mechanics and in the year 2015, the figure of 60 increased to 70 and in 2016 the number has reached to a 200.

Poonam Singh – India’s first ITI Certified Lady Car Mechanic

Poonam wakes up as proud women every day and with her head, high goes to work at a dealership store of Maruti Suzuki. Doing the job that only men do, typically in India, she is the first women in India to complete a course as an automobile mechanic and also an apprenticeship from ITI (Industrial Training Institute) a government run organization. ITI basically proves training on cars, provides practical experience, industry visits, and interaction with the top engineers and managers from the industry. She is the first from her family to have a company job and won a National award by the President of India for the same.

Poonam Singh - India's first ITI Certified Car Mechanic
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Coming from an area where company jobs are hard to get, Poonam earns about INR 12,000 per month plus various incentives based on her performance. She works as a supervisor in Maruti Suzuki and the job profile includes supervising every car that enters the dealership premises and making sure that the cars are serviced well and delivered on time to the respective clients. With achievements comes struggle, when Poonam initially started her career and started working at the service center she felt awkward and different among all the boys and men working there and remained absent from work for about 2 weeks. Realizing this the manager advised, got her back to work and also helped her overcome this problem. Poonam put’s in a lot of hard work and is very fortunate that she was a part of the second Maruti Suzuki batch that has benefited from up gradation of technology and encourages much more students to do the same.

In Meerut, the supervisor at Mann service center, Poonam says that she never expected that she would end up making a career in a male-oriented industry and that machines, auto parts, and cars really interest her. She not only performed exceptionally during the ITI training but also got promoted twice and now works with one of the most reputed brands in the automobile industry in India. Unlike other women in their 20s, Poonam stands out from the rest. Not just because of her achievements, but also a girl coming from a small village and traveling to work daily wearing shirt and trousers!

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