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Gladson Peter – One man Band

Looking at Peter Gladson perform on stage is literally hard to fathom because he is a lean 24-year-old who artfully balances 13 instruments on his back that weighs around 20 kg and masters the art of playing them all in an extremely synchronised manner. Gladson is known to be India’s first and Mumbai’s only ‘one-man band’, who has the ability to play over 45 musical instruments with ease. He is also a singer and songwriter who is versatile and at ease with several genres of music.

Gladson Peter - One man Band
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Gladson Peter – One man Band who plays 45 Instruments

His songs resolve on positivity, thankfulness, love and worship. He has been greatly influenced by bands like Switchfoot and Sounds of the Nation. Till date Gladson has performed 40 shows or more in Maharashtra and also in various other parts of the country. His first corporate show was in the year 2016.

Musical Journey

In Spite of playing many instruments since the age of three years, he was just a regular guy in school. He has given greater emphasis to various physical activities along with participating in many state-level competitions. When he began facing physical problems in Class XI, he underwent a year of treatment and attempted to appear for his Class XII examination all over again but failed in his endeavour.‘Never give up’ is a motto firmly imprinted in his mind, which helped him to clear the class 12th gradually.

Though being warned by the doctors against strenuous exercise and carrying heavy musical instruments, Gladson was determined. In Spite of being a good drummer, he decided to play the ukulele, a Hawaiian instrument because drum kits were expensive. It is his natural talent to learn any instrument just within an hour and that has led him to be successful in music irrespective of the challenges. He started off with NSPA (Natural Streets for Performing Arts), and performed publicly on the ukulele and was soon playing the bass drum, snare drum, acoustic guitar,  harmonica, kazoo, slide whistle, tambourine, ghungroos along with participating in TV shows.

Source of Inspiration

On February 22, 2016, Gladson started his ‘One Man Band’ and began with 11 instruments initially. His greatest source of inspiration is his Dad from whom he has inherited the attitude of ‘never give up’. His father has worked hard to earn for his family. He  inspires Gladson a lot. He has motivated Gladson to follow his passion, no matter the hardships.


Gladson Peter - One man Band who plays 45 Instruments
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In no time, ‘One Man Band’ received appreciation from various sources and youngsters look up to his performance as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Acclaims for his performances have come from all over the world when Mark Di Giuseppe, the Legendary Straniero and Trashman Blues, another One Man Band from Italy, appreciated and recognised his natural affinity towards music and recognised his work as tough yet effortless, especially the use of the melodica attached to the guitar. It is not just the accolades, but this exceptional talent has fueled Gladson’s passion for music, giving him a purpose to life.

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