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Now Indian Railways Safety will be improved by ISRO

After Indian Airports, Now Railways Safety will be improved by ISRO

The safety aspects of Indian Railways have always been a topic of concern for everyone. The obsolete traffic, signaling and communication system of yet to be modernized Indian Railways is set to be given impetus by joining hands with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

An announcement of the effect by the Government is being welcomed widely. The ISRO teams have already proved their efficiency and capabilities in providing their expertise in the field of Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographical Information System (GIS), and Remote Sensing (RS) in space launcher programmes and other organizations, with the help of GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN), to Indian Airports Authority (IAA) and other organizations.

The ISRO and AAI have gone into big way with the GPS Aided GAGAN project as a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the Indian Airspace. The objective of GAGAN to establish, deploy and certify satellite based augmentation system for safety-of-life civil aviation applications in India has been successfully completed. The system is inter-operable with other international SBAS systems like US-WAAS, European EGNOS, and Japanese MSAS etc. GAGAN GEO footprint extends from Africa to Australia and has expansion capability for seamless navigation services across the region. GAGAN provides the additional accuracy, availability, and integrity necessary for all phases of flight, from en route through approach airports within the GAGAN service ambit.

The GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system of ISRO is capable of providing geospatial services to the authorities, which will help the Railways to combat rail safety aspects very effectively. The satellite images procured from the ISRO will help to create a GIS platform. It means the railways will be able to get area specific images and communications in real time. This system will help the organization in mapping the area. On the other hand the instant access to communications through the satellite will boost the expansion plan of wi-fi services on Railway’s network.

The Railways will also be able to pinpoint the exact area, location of any mishap and topography of the place in real time. Remote sensing applications will come handy in developing solutions and ascertaining safety issues at unattended railway crossings. Use of some sirens or hooters can be made at unmanned railway crossings whenever a train approaches towards it.

The Indian Railways plans of going paperless ticketing system will also be given boost by the ISRO venture, which will provide foolproof geo-fencing and effective solutions to the organization. This will help Railways to go in paperless ticketing mode in a big way.

The tracking system of train will also be improved tremendously, once the safety roadmap of ISRO is implemented by the Indian Railways. Since the system is based on satellite mapping, a rate of zero error could easily be achieved in the matter of dissemination of information regarding movement of trains. It will also streamline signaling and traffic system over the network.

The ISRO claims that GAGAN though primarily meant for aviation, will be able to provide benefits beyond aviation to many other user segments such as intelligent transportation, maritime, highways, railways, surveying, geodesy, security agencies, telecom industry, personal users of position location applications etc.

The Area of Improvement in Rail Safety by ISRO Assistance

  • Railways will get area specific information, images and exact location in real time in case of any mishap.
  • Instant communication at desired place is possible, irrespective of network failures.
  • Reliable and fast Wi-fi services at all railway networks are possible.
  • Unattended railways crossings could be manned by remote locations.
  • Hooters and sirens at desired times could be programmed to activate in these unmanned crossing lines.
  • Geo-fencing for paperless system will be augmented in a big manner through the use of ISRO technology.

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