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Yuvraj – India’s Super Bull worth Rs.9 Crore!

India is the number one country across the globe in milk production and is ahead of countries like – The United States, China, Brazil, and Germany. It contributes around 10% of the world’s milk production. Around 1, 30,000 dairy cooperatives at village levels collect this milk and then distributes as per the demand. Though India is on the top but this sector is much unorganized. Not all the states in India produce milk, it is only few like – Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Haryana, which contributes to the national production. Even the cattle population is not evenly distributed. What is more important is to maintain a population of a healthy breed and take care of it. We must have cows and buffalos which yield good quality and quantity milk.

Yuvraj – The Super Bull of India

India’s 50% milk comes from buffalos, though they are outnumbered by cows. India has 13 topmost breeds of buffalo and amongst them, the breed –Murrah, mostly found in central and North India, is the best. This breed produces on an average of 8-10 liters of milk per day, some even more.

Yuvraj Bull
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The high-fat content of the milk is used for making sweets and mozzarella cheese. As a result, the semen of the bull is in high demand and fetches a good price. One such Murrah bull is the precious possession of a farmer Mr. Karamvir Singh of Sunaria Village in Didwari, Kurukshetra District, Haryana.

Yuvraj – The Super Bull

The handsome bull stands 5 feet and 9 inches in height and stretches 14 feet in length, weighing near to 1400 kg.  This super bull is very fondly named by its owner as – Yuvraj.  The diet of Yuvraj is simply mind blowing –drinks around 20 liters of milk, eats around 5 kgs of apples, and 15 kgs of super quality cattle feed per day.

Yuvraj Bull Semen
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He even goes for a 5 km walk daily with two servants. Karamvir spends around Rs.3000/- daily, on Yuvraj’s diet. He loves him like his own son and takes care more than any father can do.

Why Rs.9 Crores?

What makes Yuvraj “Super” is the fact that he’s been priced at Rs.9 crores(Around $1.32 Million). His owner, 47 years Karamvir refused to sell him, though. Another fact which is unique about this Murrah breed bull is its ‘Semen’. It generates around 4-6 ml semen every day which is diluted to around 500-600 doses, and is stored under controlled conditions. Now each of this semen dose fetches Rs.300/-(Around $4.4) to Karamvir. The annual income of Karamvir from the semen is around Rs.50 lakhs.

Yuvraj Murrah Bull
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Yuvraj is famous and is in high demand not only in and around the state of Haryana but is also in high demand from countries like Canada, Brazil, and Venezuela.

It is the kindness of Karamvir Singh that needs to be appreciated, as he believes in keeping and taking care of this “in high-demand” bull, who can fetch him crores of money anytime. It is his love and affection towards not only Yuvraj but his entire family that is visible in his popularity.

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