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How to Transfer Money from SBI to SBI Online ?

State Bank of India(SBI) is undoubtedly the largest Bank in India with 16333 Branches including 191 foreign offices in 36 Countries. You must already be having a bank account in SBI and you must have also activated SBI Net Banking Service. Now, in order to transfer funds to any SBI Account first of all you need to add beneficiary in SBI Online. Only after you add a Beneficiary, you can transfer money online from SBI to SBI Online. Today, we will tell you the complete procedure to transfer money from SBI to SBI Online.

How to Transfer Money from SBI to SBI Online ?

Let’s now know the step by step process to transfer funds from SBI to SBI by Internet Banking.

1) Opening the Online SBI Website and Signing into Internet Banking Account

First of all you need to Open the SBI Online Website –> https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm

Click on Continue to Login to reach the SBI Online Login Page.

SBI Online Continue to Login

Please enter your Username and Password and click on Login to Login to your Online SBI Account.

Login to SBI Net Banking with Username and Password

2) Payments/Transfers Tab for Funds Transfer within SBI

Now, at the top of the Screen you will find a tab named Payments/Transfers. Please click on Payments/Transfers and you will be redirected to another screen.Selecting the Payments or Transfers Option in SBI OnlineNow, within Funds Transfer –> Within SBI you need to click on Accounts of Others to transfer funds to any SBI Account.

Transfer Money Within SBI

3) Selecting a Beneficiary, Entering the Amount, Scheduling & Confirming Funds Transfer from SBI to SBI Online

Now you need to Select a Beneficiary to which you want to Transfer Funds. Also, enter the amount which you want to transfer to this beneficiary. Purpose of Transfer can also be mentioned. Now, just scroll down to proceed with the process.

Select Beneficiary to Transfer Funds from SBI to SBI Online

If you want to Transfer the Funds instantly, then you need to select Pay Now option corresponding to Payment Option. However, if you want to Schedule your Transfer for a future date, then you need to select Schedule Later option and fill in the date on which you want to transfer the funds.

Click Submit.

Confirm to Transfer Funds by NEFT from SBI Online

Now you will see all the details of the Transaction to be made. You can re-check the Transfer to be made. If everything is in place, click on Confirm. As soon as you click on Confirm, you will receive a One Time Password on your registered Mobile Number.

4) Entering the One Time Password and Completing the Funds Transfer Process

Now enter the One Time Password which you have received on your registered Mobile Number in the box corresponding to ‘Enter High Security Password’. Click on Confirm after entering the OTP.

Note : If you did not get the OTP on your Mobile Number, click on the red box which says ‘Click here to resend the SMS’.

Enter the High Security Password to Transfer funds by NEFT

As soon as you click on Confirm, you will get your transaction number for future reference. This transaction number is an electronic proof of funds transfer. You can also take a Print of this Page by clicking on the Print button.Inter Bank Transaction Receipt in SBI Online

This is the Complete Procedure to Transfer Money from SBI to SBI Online by Internet Banking. If you have any queries or doubts, you can leave your comments below.

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