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Abhishek Thaware – India’s Only Teeth Archer

Your thoughts are bigger than any other thing in this world and this has been proven by many in this world. Thinking gives you a direction and the direction chosen decides the result of the work. The more you think towards a positive way the results will definitely be positive. This is the law of nature as well. Positive thinking does not come just like that, it needs a lot other qualities as well. One need to believe in him/her for the same, need that conviction and determination. Once you have that belief and you start working hard on it a success is a sure shot.

Abhishek Thaware – India’s Only Teeth Archer

It is said that – “Your body can achieve what the mind believes”. True in all senses and has been proved by “Abhishek Thaware” of Nagpur. His physical disability could not stop him win a silver medal at the “All India Archery” meet for the disabled, held in Baroda, at a tender age of 24 years.

Abhishek Thaware Teeth Archer
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What is astonishing is he cannot pull the bow string with one of his hands. Abhishek holds the bow with his left hand and pulls the arrow with his “Teeth”, and mind it hits “Bulls-eye”! For India’s first Teeth Archer the journey has not been easy, it all started when his father – Mr. Sunil Thaware took one-year-old Abhishek to Hospital for a medical check. The doctor gave him an injection on his right hand which got infected after two days with polio.

Para Athlete – Abhishek

But for the appreciation and encouragement given by his parents, Abhishek excelled in sports and participated in state and National level long distance running. He won several medals when he was in his 8th standard. He competed in the normal category and his favorite was 1500 m and 5000 m. His damaged right arm could not deter his determination and for nine years he was a para-athlete.

Abhishek - India's Teeth Archer
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In 2010 during a practice session, he hurt his knee and was operated. Doctors advised him to stop playing, but even that could not stop him. He won a bronze medal in a state level relay race after that. That was perhaps the last he ran and was unable to run again.

The Teeth Archer – Abhishek

Sandeep Gawai, an archer, and cousin to Abhishek motivated him for archery and that’s how the story of an archer began. Abhishek unable to pull the bow arrow with his weak right hand started pulling it with his teeth. But for the financial conditions of his family he couldn’t buy a professional bow and arrow, and that was a hindrance in his participation in the sporting competition.

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Seeing his dedication, Mr. Chandrakant Ilag, a constable with Maharashtra Police, agreed to coach him. Today he is excelling ahead and in October 2015, he finished 27th at the state Archery meet, in January 2016 he stood 1st in the Nagpur varsity’s Inter-college meet. It is clear that even after so many problems and obstruction in his life which came one after the other, by just his willpower and determination Abhishek could overcome his physical disability.

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