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How to Check Passport Status ?

How to Check Passport Status ?

After applying for a Passport in India, there are 2 ways to check the status of the Passport. If you have applied for a fresh/new passport or renewed your current passport, you will receive your passport within 6 weeks from the date of application. If you have applied for a Passport under Tatkal scheme, you should be able to receive your Passport within two weeks from the date of application. If you are willling to know status of your passport, you can follow any one of the following options given below.

(1) Checking Passport Status Online

You can check your Indian passport status online by visiting this link –> http://passport.gov.in/. Once you visit this site, you need to Select your Application Type as Passport/PPC/IC and enter the Reference File no. (which is your Application Number) and select your DOB(Date of Birth) mentioned in your passport application. As soon as you enter the required details and click on Track Status button, the status of your passport will be displayed to you.

(2) Check Passport Status through Phone

You also have the option to check your Indian passport status by calling respective passport office or PSK. The phone numbers of the respective Passport Office or PSK is also available on your application form. Do remember to note down the phone numbers before submitting the application form. You can find the telephone numbers of all the Passport Seva Kendra and Regional Passport Offices Online in India. Once you call the respected passport office give your application number for reference to know your current status of the passport.

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Best practice is to take a photocopy of your passport application form before you finally submit it. You may need the photocopy if your passport is getting delayed or to know your passport status.

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