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Get Passport in 3 Days by Aadhaar Card

To make use of the new procedure the applicant needs to provide Voter ID Card and PAN Card along with Annexure I. (Get Annexure-I in Pdf Format).

Currently, the applicants are given a window of just 1 day for scheduling an appointment. With the new procedure, the applicant will be able to book/schedule an appointment within 5 days from the PSK.

mPassport Police App

This is not all. Ministry of External Affairs will also deploy mPassport Police App which can be used for quickly submitting the verification report. This step will further reduce the time take for police verification.

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  1. Hi ,
    Just a concern , I have applied passport for my elder Sister , she is widow and stays with us since her husband has passed , post her marriage documents were amended but again since she is staying with us having Aadhar card , ID & PAN card but on pan card her surname is mentioned which actually got changed post marriage but that document we have not amended or re applied , Also her educational certificates names are not correct which is concern and it’s almost 18Yrs Old certificates , Residence proof documents will work but concern about her name which is different , she did not had Birth certificate either , pls suggest what can be done now , Appointment have been taken ?

  2. Kiren ramachandran

    i have no birth certificate and also my birth state and current living state is different but my all studies are done in my present state . my family has no touch in my birth place and
    am born after 1989 how can i get a new pass port.

  3. You must get a new Birth Certificate by visiting your local municipal office.

  4. radhika chaudhary

    Hi how can i apply by submitiing my adhar card only, can you give me a link of it?

  5. Hi Anirudh

    I wanted to just clear some some doubts, if I am on the right track i.e.,

    So I have my Aadhaar Card, Pan Card and Voter ID (more than 2 years old) which sounds great but the only set back is recently I have shifted my house and the address has not been updated in any of these. Now I have gone through the posts by you regarding updating addresses as well which I am planning to do for sure. So After I get my updated cards is there anything else that I will require to submit? Also the place I have been living now, its not been more than a year so will that create any issue?

    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi how should we submit the Annexure,
    should we convert into an Affidafite in a stamp paper and get it notary or just fill and submit
    I have a old birth certificate in which my name is not mentioned please let me know how to proceed further

  7. Is it mandatry to submit date of birth certificate i do not have the same so i can apply or not

  8. Hi Nikhil,

    If you are born on or after 26.01.1989, it is mandatory to submit Birth Certificate.


  10. My Parents are born before 1970 ( Mother in 1967 – Housewife , Father in 1958 – Banker) . People from government offices says , the birth certificate is not required for them to apply for passport . Can you please list down the documents require for them to apply a normal passport ?

  11. my sister is 11 years old..I want to know about all the documents required to make passport. Also for my parents too..my father age is 45 years and of my mom is 40 years old..

  12. hi, my name is kushi. in my 10th marks sheet, birth date is different 1984. but in aadhar card, dl, voter id it is 86. will it create any problem during passport apply. what to give as date of birth proof. kindly help me.

  13. Hi sir,
    i am sahil sachdeva i was apply passport last week and i submitted all my valid documents but when police officer is coming for verification then he said he need one more address proof which your permanent address. last 4 years i live my same address which i am applying passport but this house is on rent so then officer said he need permanent address also and i need to give in passport form. but the issue is i do not have permanent address proof because of my father have no own house ever then kya mera passport kabhi nahi ban payega please guide me jab main humesha se rent pe raha hun to permant address kaha se launga addar card haan sab documents haan but rent house ke haan

  14. hii is it neccesory to give 10 th certificate for passport isshue

  15. I applied for father’s passport Application File No: BN1060485232517. He is a senior citizen, dependent and staying with me. As a current address proof he has Aadhar Card and Gas passbook which was updated 6 moths back after a stay of more than 6 months in the current address.

    After stating in current address for more than 6 months we updated the Aadhaar, so will than previous stay before update will not be considered?

    We are staying in this current address from July 12th 2016, which is more than a year. I have my Aadhar,Bike RC, company letter and rental agreement for the current address in my name. I said the same to police officer who came for the verification.

    Will my documents will not support in this case as he is senior and dependent citizen?

    But he was demanding 1 year document in my father’s name. I asked what else document would required to support in my case. I asked him if certificate of residence or Affidavit will work in this case. He said he will not accept this document.

    For each and every case there will be some alternative, If there is any another alternative which could support in this case, please let me know what other document can be produced?

    My family Aadhar was made in Andhra Pradesh initially. So after staying more than 3 years in Bangalore with my current proof I changed my family Aadhaar card address to the current Bangalore address where we staying here for more than a year now. After seeing the updated Aadhaar document with current address, he was asking why the regional language is in Telugu. We change the address here in Bangalore One nearest to our address. As the initial origin of Aadhaar was from A.P again the updated address regional language was in Telugu.This is the Goverment ID valid through the nation. Again it is software that does the job of address change after I submit the application for address change.I applied for Ration Card for my family, again the application pulls the data from Aadhaar server. I have the acknowledgement for the same, again he was pointing why the address is in Telugu. It is server link up online service which has been designed in that manner. Again I was trolled based on the regional language?

    How does it matter language here regional language as you have the address in English present?

    I request you please look into this issue because it is the second police verification for this application. Initial police verification resulted in Show cause notice, for which I visited RPO office gave my explanation and re-initiated the PVR. RPO found it satisfactory and again the application went to the same hands. I visited the RPO thinking it will be sorted out there.

    Please let me know what else document I need to submit for it to be cleared.

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