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Indian Passport for Minor

Indian Passport for Minor

Passport for Minors below 15 Years of Age

Children under the age of eighteen years are considered as minors in India. To get an Indian Passport for Minor has a separate procedure. A Passport for a child below the age of 15 years, with 36 pages shall be valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue or until the child attains the age of 15 years, which ever is earlier.

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Passport for Minors between 15 to 18 Years of Age

Do remember that the Minors between 15 to 18 years of age can apply either for (1) 10-year validity passport or (2) they can apply for a passport, which is valid till they attain the age of 18 years. Also, you need to keep in mind that Fee for a 10-year validity passport is higher than fee for a passport, which is valid till they attain the age of 18 years. We would also like to tell you that a 10-year validity passport cannot be issued to applicants without police verification on submission of parent’s passport. If passport is required on an urgent basis, they can apply under Tatkaal scheme.

For minors there are some additional documents required for Indian Passport.

Additional Documents for Indian Passport for Minor :

  1. Attested Copies of first four and last four pages of valid Passport, if any, of at least one parent in which the other parent’s name is endorsed OR Copies of application fee receipt (In case parents’ passports are under process at Regional Passport Office). Do remember that Parent’s passport should have the same address as that in the minor’s application in the Present Address column.
  2. An affidavit is to be provided by both parents giving their consent to the issue of a passport to their minor child. In case one of the parents of the minor applicant is abroad, an affidavit conveying his/her No Objection to issue of passport to the minor, countersigned by the authorized officer in the Indian Mission abroad should be provided.
  3. If the minor applicant is solely in the care of a single parent an affidavit justifying the same should be submitted.
  4. In case of legally divorced parents, the order from the competent court ordering the custody of the child has to be attached to the application unless the divorce decree itself contains the order pertaining to the custody of the child.
  5. In case the minor has separated but not divorced parents, an affidavit has to be submitted by the parent applying for minor child’s passport.
  6. In case the minor applicant is in care of legal guardian, sworn affidavits should be furnished respectively.
  7. You would also need to provide Birth certificate/School certificate towards proof of date of birth and name of parents.

In Case of Adopted Child

In case of an adopted child, application must be submitted by the adopting parents of the Minor Child along with Adoption Deed registered with the Registrar. Also, remember that A court order in respect of guardianship and permitting the child to be taken out of the country is necessary for issuing the passport. For children adopted from Orphanages / Charitable institutions, the order of the competent Court granting custody of the child to the adopting parents is also required to be furnished along with the application.

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  1. Hello sir

    My adress proof for passport is only adhar card 8 month old..valid..and my bank passbook adress is perfect for me ..but
    Bank branch is other state..
    Please help can i use paasport..and adhar card..for adress proof

    Sir reply fast please

  2. Hi Amresh,

    If the bank account bears the same address by which you have applied then it can be used as an address proof. Adding aadhaar card with it makes your case strong enough. However, 8 months old aadhaar card alone is not not enough.

  3. Hi Anirudh,

    Firstly let me appreciate the great work you are doing by guiding people for where they get lost. Even Im lost. I have my passport on a different address in Bangalore and my wife has a different address in her passport of Bangalore so if I apply for a passport for my daughter who is nine years old, will it be a problem of two different address on our passport – though same city.

  4. Hi Pawan,

    Thanks for the good words. There should not be any problem if you support a documentary proof for the current address as well.

  5. Hello sir
    My date of birth is not found in municiple office and in documents as a marksheet of 10 th class my DOB is 12/06/1998 what i do to make a passport

  6. Hi Anirudh,

    I am single parent, I have sole custody of my child. I want to apply passport without his name on passport. Is it possible to do that? I spoke to helpline too and executive mentioned that father’s name is mandatory. And I read someone challenged this in Mumbai high court too. Are there any outcomes of challenges. Do we need any kind of affidavit to fill in for such exception?

  7. Hi sir,
    I have to renew my passport as older one is from bhar but currently leaving mumbai on rent. Kindly suggest the process. Also suggest new passport for my wife as she stay with me. We both have all proof of bhar.

  8. Hi… My younger brother is a adopted child.. Now we are applying for his passport.. We adopted him from our relatives and we dont want him to know abt his adoption .. So is there any way out that we can get his passport without leaking his adoption details

  9. Hi Annirudh
    I have a strange query.
    I have sister who is staying with my family since she was 16 and she never went to school. She is born 1990 and is semi illeterate. We don’t have any birth certificate or identity proof.
    How to proceed. Please help and guide

  10. I m applying for my son passport who is 5 months old.i have a consent of his father in the form of annexure h but he is not able to b present physically along with me in the passport office as he is in Indian army and posted at loc rite in this case annexure g is required
    And annexure f is also required for minor wen applied under Tatkal scheme

  11. We adopted a female minor child in September 1990 as per Bombay city civil court order dated 10 September 1990.we also registerd an adoption deed and complex all follow up formalities.
    The court order clearly mentions her date of birth as 4 June 1990 and place of birth as Bombay.
    The court order also mentions that the court order will serve as birth certificate for all purposes.
    Unfortunately we did not obtain her birth certicate at that time.
    She is 26 now.can we submit court order in place of birth certificate to get her passport.

  12. My little prince (grand son) have age of 3 months we all are having passports and we require little ones passport whow many time be

  13. Hi Anirudh. Please guide me. I am applying for minor’s passport. Although we reside in Pune our present address is of ghaziabad and I am visiting here for few days. My husband is not coming with me. I have an election card for ghaziabad address. But in my passport address is different although husband’s name is endorsed in my passport.What all will be required for the same?how should i go ahead?

  14. Sir my son have Indian passport but I want to renew it but now my nationality is Portugal and my wife is Philipines how can I apply for renewal of passport

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