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 ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ – This Hyderabad Restaurant serves meals in Complete Darkness!

Whenever you come across a person with some disability you term him/her as disabled or may be differently abled. It is just a terminology for some, just another column to be filled with a “not applicable” answer. Ever thought or even felt what and how they are “abled”? A lot of you must have, while watching a movie or a video clip involving these differently abled individuals or may be read a soul touching the story. If you really want to feel how and what are the abilities these special individuals carry you must visit the – 5th Floor, of the Inorbit Mall, Madhapur, Hyderabad. The ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited has all of them stored at the – “Dialogue in the Dark”!

Dialogue in the Dark, Hyderabad
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Dialogue in the Dark – A restaurant that serves meals in pitch Darkness

This unique eating joint is conceptualized not just to have a theme based restaurant but also to make you realize about your inner potentials. You get the experience of eating your meal in complete darkness. You have to place your choice of food before enter the main seating area. Once you have done that you are asked to deposit all electric or non-electric gadgets or things which probably can emit any kind of light. Then you enter the seating area, not alone, with the help of a guide. The same is required as the inside is completely dark, absolute pitch dark.

Your assistance, to your surprise, is people who are blind and have never seen light in their life. They will not only guide you to your seat but will also stay with you throughout instructing and helping you while you dine. You have to eat your meal in complete dark, depending only on the touch and feel by your fingers and hand. You will not even listen to any noise, except for a light music from the background. To give you company the guide will keep chatting with you.

Educating the Society

With more than twenty years of corporate experience under his belt, SV Krishnan and Sudha Krishnan (founder and co-founder) founded ACE Experience Pvt.Ltd with the vision to bring awareness, make the society sensitive towards the potential, flair, and talent of disabled individuals. They also had conceptualized themes and entertainment medium where they can hire disabled and bring them into the mainstream.

Dialogue in the Dark, Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad
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The mission was to use Art (A), Culture (C), and Entertainment (E) to educate people on the differently-abled so that it brings a positive impact on the society. The concept of “Taste of Darkness” is one of the three different experiences conceptualized. The other two, which are equally powerful and exhilarating experiences, are – “Exhibition Tour” and “Dialogue Business Workshops”.

Salute the Capacity

The experience of “Dialogue in Dark” has been experienced by more than 3 lakh visitors in Hyderabad and counting. This distinctive encounter will help you understand your own self, it brings out your hidden talents and how you can cope up with the challenges of life if thrown at you. You come out of the restaurant after completing your meal and that is the answer, what all concealed potential you have inside. It also brings in that feeling in you for the differently abled where you don’t pity them but respect and salute them!

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