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How to Verify a Site on Google Webmaster & to submit XML Sitemap ?

Know how to Verify a Site on Google Webmaster & to Submit XML Sitemap ?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free Tool from Google to keep a check on your Site. For your site to be Indexed and be Visible in Google Search Engine, you need to Add your Site, Verify It and Submit the Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

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Lets get started with the process of How to Verify a Site on Google Webmaster ?

Step 1 : Sign up for a New Google Account. In case you already have a Google Account, you can login your account to proceed.

Step 2: Now you will have to setup a Webmaster Tools Account

Step 3 : As soon as you login to your Webmaster Tools Account, you will find “Add Property” . You need to add your Website in the box provided and click on Add Property

Google Site Verification add property

Step 4 : Now you need to Verify the Ownership of your Site or Blog. There are several ways by which you can Verify the ownership of your Site.

Method 1 : You can Verify your Site uploading an HTML File on your Site  ( Recommended)

How to Verify a Site on Google Webmaster HTML File

Method 2 : By Adding a Meta Tag to the home page of your Site in <head> Section before the <body> Section

Method 3 : By Confirming your Domain Name Provider

Method 4 : By Using your Google Analytics Account

Method 5 : By Using your Google tag Manager Account

Google Site Verification Alternate Methods

Step 5 : As soon as you verify the ownership of your Site/Property , you will be able to see your Site/Property added to Google Webmaster Tools. You will have to click on your Website Link to see every detail of your Site.

Google Site Verification Property AddedStep 6 : Scroll to bottom of the Menu on the Left Hand Side to find “Sitemaps”Click on Sitemaps and on the next Page you will get “Add/Test Sitemap” at the top right hand side. Click on Add/Test a Sitemap to add your Site’s Sitemap to Google.


Google Site Verification Sitemaps

Add sitemap

Step 7 Now add the URL of your Sitemap in the box provided and click on “Submit Sitemap” . If you don’t have a sitemap, you can create one by installing a XML Sitemap Plugin on your WordPress Site. Else you can build your XML Sitemap here.

Google Site Verification Add or Test a Sitemap

This is the complete procedure of ‘How to Verify a Site on Google Webmaster & to submit XML Sitemap’.

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