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How to Verify Google Adsense Address without PIN ?

Adsense is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and high paying Ad Network. There are lot of Publishers using Adsense these days. Some of them have their own blogs and some of them have monetized their videos on YouTube.

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Most of you reading this article may already have made more than $10 by their Adsense Account. You must be knowing that you need more than $10 on your Adsense Account to verify your Adsense Account Address.

Google sends a Postcard with PIN at your Postal Address and it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the Postcard to reach your Address. You can re-apply for another PIN if you do not get your 1st PIN. You can re-apply for a maximum of 3 times. Note that all the times you will get the same PIN from Google Adsense. Within 6 months from the time you applied for your 1st PIN, you will have to verify your Address. Unable to do so, your Adsense Account will stop showing Ads.

In some cases, you may not receive even a single PIN in 6 months due to several reasons. You do not have worry about it as there are alternatives to everything in life, so there are alternatives to this situation as well.

Important Note : Only after applying for PIN for 3 times and not receiving it any of them within 4 weeks of your last PIN Request, you can use an Alternative Method to Verify your Address in your Google Adsense Account

So let us know about the other Google Address Verification alternatives.

How to Verify Google Adsense Address without Pin ? 

You have a few $$ in your Adsense Account and you have not been able to verify the Address in your Adsense Account.

Don’t get worried,

As you can also Verify your Adsense Address by Uploading a scanned copy of an ID Card issued by Government. Note that your ID card should have the same address as in your Adsense Payee Account.

Driving License is the most common ID Card uploaded by most of the people.

People from India can Upload a scanned Copy of : 

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License Or,
  • Any other Govt. Issued ID Card stating your Address

If your ID Card does not have the same Address as on your Adsense Account or your ID Card does not have an Address, you can use any one of them to verify your Address :

  • Bank Statement
  • Telephone Bill
  • Rent Receipt

Procedure (With Images)

When you have applied for 3 PINs and have not received any one of them within 4 weeks of the last PIN Request , you can login to your Adsense Account. Open the Address Verification Page.

On this Page, you will need to click on the link ‘this form’ 

how to verify Google Adsense Address This Link

As soon as you click on the above link , you will need to fill a form where you need to enter the following details :

  • Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Adsense Publisher ID
  • Upload the Scanned copy of your Document

Re-check the details filled by you and click on ‘Submit’.

how to verify Google Adsense Address Form Upload

Finally after Submitting the Form, you will receive a mail from Google Adsense within few hours as shown below.



This mail from Google Adsense will give you all your happiness back !

Be Happy and Continue Earning from Adsense 🙂

Hope that you have understood the procedure of how to verify Google Adsense Address. If you have any queries or feedback, you can leave your comments below.

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  1. Yes International Passport having your Address similar to the Address mentioned in Adsense Payee Profile will be accepted as an Address Proof Document. You can upload it and your Account will be verified within few hours.

  2. link ‘this form’ > not show on my account page (this line not show “If you don’t…………this form…………….pin verification status.”
    and I have sent two time New Pin request to my address.
    Pleas help me.

  3. Hello Nagendra,

    As soon as you request for the 3rd pin after that only this link will show. Just wait for 30 days from the date when you can see ‘this form ‘link. After 30 days, you can upload the document and within some hours your account will be verified. Don’t worry !

  4. How much old your blog must be and how many should be there to apply for Adsense? And also please if you could write more about the Viglink in your further posts. I have installed that plugin after reading one of your posts about it but it hasn’t asked about any account details or anything how will it make the payment ? And what are the other specifications for making the full use of this plugin.I would appreciate if you could answer my queries regarding Viglink plugin.

  5. Hi Utpal,

    According to me more than the age of the blog the quality of the posts matter. A blog with even 15-20 blog posts can get approved. I will surely write about viglink in future.

  6. great post dear
    but i want to know can i verify address with eadhaar card that is downloaded from internet.

  7. Hi Prakas,

    Yes, you can do so. Even one of my friend verified it with e-aadhaar card only. So, that is not a problem.

  8. Sir agar PAN card se apply karenge toh verify hoga kya kyunki Pan card pe address nahi hota.Or bank statement or bank passbook me kya difference hai,bank passbook ke front page ko scan karke upload kar sakte hai jaha address hota hai.Mere pas driving licence v hai toh kya mai 3rd pin ke baad apna address driving license ki tarah set karke driving licences ko scan karke upload kar sakta hu.Plz help me

  9. Hi Vikash,

    Pan Card will not be accepted as it does not have your address. Change your address in Adsense Account as in your Driving License and Upload the copy of driving license when you don’t receive the 3rd pin.

    Don’t worry brother. If your address in adsense account is exactly the same as in your ID, your address will be verified successfully.

  10. brother tell me that i have to enter which name while i am doing verification via id proof… payee name Or google account holder name?? I mean in my adsence account both are different because google account of mine and payee name is of my father… so i have upload my id or my father’s id?

  11. Hi Aman,

    The Name and Address mentioned in your Payee Profile has to be verified. Upload your Father’s ID, not yours.

  12. sir thank you very much….one more question is popping up in my mind that every ID Card is having two sides…on the one side it is containing Name & Photo and on the other side address…so which side of the ID i have upload to get verified my adsense account?

  13. Hi Aman,

    Align both the sides of the ID on one page i.e, side by side or up and down. They need both your Name and Address so they will have a look at both the sides.

  14. hi bro,
    I have a small question. Currently, I am living in a city, but my govt. ids have my home town address which is an village. And my adsense acc. has my current City Address. If I didn’t get the PIN code even after 3rd time then, can I change my adsense address according to my Govt. id (village address) after 3rd fail, to get verified.

    Answers will be appreciated 🙂

  15. Hi Amritesh,

    Yes you can change your address even after you don’t receive your 3rd pin.

  16. Hello sir,I dont have any proper documents as i live in different city beside I have my bank account here.And i have tried 3 pins to my friends address but i didnt received any pin My question is can I verify my adsense pin using my friends documents , secondly ,can I later change the payee name and bank details in order to get paid ?

    Please help me

  17. Hi Ejaz,

    You can use your friend’s document for verification. You can change the payee name later on. Do remember that in order to receive Payments, the Account Address should match with the Bank Details. Banks usually put such payments on Hold in which the address do not match.

  18. Thanks alot sir this site is so helpful

  19. You are welcome Ejaz & Thanks that you found my site helpful ! 🙂

  20. Hello Sir i have 1-2 doubts first is I have my adsense address and aadhar card address same but just a bit difference of street no. i mean in my adsense st.no. is 1 and in my aadhar card its st.no.2…so will it make any kind of trouble?? or should i precise my adsense address??

    2nd doubt is “Is it necessary that, while filling the payment form in adsense (after reaching 10$) your residential address in passbook and in adsense should be same??”

    So for first doubt can i change my adsense address especially precise the St.no. as in aadhar card to be exact same?? coz my pin is already generated and on the way…so it okay to correct that adsense address right now??

  21. Hi Karan,

    Answer to your 1st Doubt : See, if you receive your PIN well and good. If you do not receive your PIN, then it is advised to have exactly the same address in your Adsense Account as on your Aadhaar Card.

    Answer to your 2nd Doubt : When your Address is verified, update it exactly as on your Bank Passbook/Records. If there is a mismatch in the Address on your Payment Receipt & Bank Account records, the Bank can keep your Payment on hold. Unfortunately, you will need to wait for 1 more month if that happens. It has happened once with me while I was transferring my account. Whatever changes you make to your address, make sure you do it before the 20th of the month. So, whatever address is reflected on your Adsense Account on 20th of the Month, the same will be mentioned on the Payment Receipt of Google Adsense.

    Hope this has answered your query. Do let me know if you have any more doubts.

  22. Okay thanks it means if my address is verified somehow (get adsense pin) then as soon as possible i should change my adsense address as it is exactly on Passbook?? and today is 20th so if i change my address to match it exactly as on passbook ,will it cause any trouble because my pin is already generated on this 12th of may and on its way to my home or shall i let it be as it is going??

  23. And also, please help me with SWIFT code my PNB Branch hasn’t got any kind of SWIFT code but have only IFSC code…now what i put in my swift code section of adsense? My PNB branch is in Sant Nirankari Colony,Delhi…I googled it but there isn’t my Branch ,so now what will i put my SWIFT code??

  24. Hi Karan,

    No need to do it now. What I mean to say is, if your address change takes place at this time and you have some balance(more than $100) it may go on hold and you may not be paid for the current month if your correct address is not updated (As on your bank records).

  25. Hi Karan,

    As far as Swift Code is concerned. You can either get in touch with your Branch to get the Swift Code, Or Put the Swift Code of any Branch Near to your Branch. There is also a default Swift Code of each Bank, you can also put that in. For PNB PUNBINBBISB is the default Swift Code.

    I would also like to tell you that PNB is one of the worst banks for receiving your Adsense Payments. They will deduct $12 each time you get a payment. SBI, HDFC & ICICI are far better which do not deduct more than Rs.56 per transaction.

  26. holy cow!!! 12$/Transaction is really too much….btw thank you so much for helping…but r u sure that this Default code will work?? Coz i don’t know which is the nearest branch to Nirankari colony…so, will this default code goin’ to work well? Or if u can please help me to find the nearest branch to nirankari which has swift code by using google?? i’ll be very thankful to u…

  27. Hi Karan,

    You’re welcome. As far as I know default code works fine. Still you can confirm the same from by Calling PNB Customer Care or by Visiting your Home Branch.

  28. And Another question in mind is that my first pin is generated on 12th of this may…but still not reached my home…what date will u suggest me to request for another PIN? or shall i wait more (but upto which date i’m have to wait to request for 2nd PIN)???

    Sorry for asking too much Question as only u r the ONE whom i find trustworthy and intelligence capable & Potential Man, who really concerned about his Subscribers and Viewers…Thank you so much for having an amazingindiablog.in (the best problem solving Site i’ve ever seen and visited) and thank god i find u atlast…
    Thank you so much for being So Nice to everyone…i would recommend this site to my every reachable friends as they always looking for best sites that helps people….and your personal contact no./ID/Whatsapp?

  29. hello sir my adsense address first pin is generated on 10th may 2016 …so far it hasn’t reached my home….how many more days i have to wait? or should i request for new one? please help me

  30. Hi Karan,

    Earlier the PIN used to come from US. Now it is generated in India only, most probably from Mumbai. So, the PIN usually arrives within 7-10 days. You will not be able to request your 2nd PIN till you get an option to do so in your account. Keep a track on your Account and Request for another PIN when you get the option to do so in your account. One more thing, all the PIN Mailers have the same PIN, so you don’t need to worry about which one comes first.

    I really appreciate your kind words Karan :). You can also get any information related to any Government Document like PAN Car, Aadhaar Card, Passport etc. at Amazing India Blog. I am glad that I could be of any help to you. My personal email address is [email protected]. I’m sorry I do not share my mobile number online.

  31. Thank you sir so much for clearing my freaking doubts…they really pissed my mind and status too…but fin ally a stress free and calm happiness stuck after talking to u….all credit goes to you …thnxx so much…and sir please stay in touch…as if my all 3 pin request fails then i’m gonna come to u for more info on eaadhar card verification…thank u again…

  32. Hi Sonu,

    Don’t panic, wait for a week or so you will get the PIN. Even if you don’t you can request 2 more PINs. If you dont get even a single PIN Mailed, you can easily verify your Address by following the method given in this article.

  33. hello sir i found this article very helpful but i have some trouble regarding address verification….first in adsense i have address like 20/1 a-2 block kamal pur west burari …but in my aadhar card address…its like 20/1 8 foot gali a-2 block opposite radha krishn mandir west kamal pur burari,delhi….so now please tell me that will this work well for address verification…as my 3rd pin attempt is also failed..now aadhar card time….so what u think….i mean the address in aahar card is full but in adsense as u can see its only 80%…so will it gonna work or google will find some doubts in my address?? please sir help me i’m in trouble…are these two address equals from google’s perspective?

  34. Hi Priya,

    Just Update your Address in your Adsense Account exactly as that on your Aadhaar Card and then upload your Aadhaar Card.

  35. okay thank you but if i update my adsense address to aadhar card…and verified it then there is another problem that my passbook has exact address as of adsense (before updating to aadhar card)…now if i update my adsense address to aadhar card then can i change it back again to previous one so that adsense and passbook address comes same again??? in short, i mean first update accor to aadhar card then change it back accor to passbook??

  36. Hi Priya,

    Yes please change first as per your aadhaar card, so that you can successfully verify it. Once verified you can change it as on your Bank Passbook.

  37. Hello sir, i loved your whole article specially when it involves adsense but i have a problem ,actually i have two youtube channels and their adsense accounts are different too …i has 1151$ and other just started a month ago and has 178$…but i want whole money in one account only i.e, 1151+178 in only 1 account…so my question is can i leave 2nd account adsense and join the first one?? is it possible to leave and then rejoin other’s account? please help me…

  38. Hi Sneha,

    As it was a long answer, I have mailed you the complete answer. Do check your mail [email protected].

  39. hello sir my brother has joined the account 1 adsense but he is saying account 2nd’s earnings ins’t showing in account 1st…y is this happening??

  40. Hi Sneha,

    Ask him to wait till 12th of June. The Youtube earnings are ususally updated on 11th or 12th of the Month.

  41. i cant found fill this form there is no option of that what i do now please help me

  42. Hi Aqib,

    You will get this form link approx. 3-4 weeks after requesting for your 3rd pin.

  43. i have waited 4 weeks after requesting the 3rd PIN code and when i click the (this form) link it redirects me to pin troubleshooter and ask me three questions and i answered them but there is no form to fill.
    i searched for this problem and found some comments have the same problem and they say this method stopped working.
    if it’s true is there any other method that solve this problem.
    and thanks for the article

  44. Hi Tito,

    Looks like a temporary issue from Google’s side. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  45. Hello Sir,
    I loved ur all articles.but i have some other doubts regarding website earning.
    On which date will google adsense pay for my website earning.(Only Website Earning not Youtube).
    Actually i haven’t crossed my 100$ Threashhold
    But my this month earning is about 150$ so when will it add and pay on My Account.

  46. Hi Naveen,

    Thanks that you liked my articles!
    If your Finalized Earnings are above $100 and your Most Recent Payment is shown as the same in your Adsense Dashboard, you may have already been paid by Google on 21/07/2016. The amount will reflect in your Bank Account within 3-4 days after the payment is been made.

  47. it’s solved and i had submitted the application and they will verify my account soon. Thanks

  48. Great ! Happy Blogging & Happy Earning 🙂

  49. Hello Sir, Naveen Here
    I just wanted to ask u On Which Date Google Adsense Pay for Our Website every month
    Actually till i haven’t recieved any payment from adsense as this is my First earning in my account.
    Website Earning is always come on 21st of everymonth…????
    and what about the youtube account sir.when it will pay out..???

  50. Hi Naveen,

    Whether you are using Adsense on Youtube or Website, you will get they payment by 21st of every month. You earnings might not have finalized till now, thats why you have not got the payment.

  51. I have two questions that can I upload a image jpg of my adhaar card to verify my AdSense account???

    What if my account is verified and my bank address and adhar card address is different?

  52. Hi Neeraj,

    1. Yes, you can upload both sides of your Aadhaar Card to verify you Adsense Account.
    2. Your Address in Bank Records and Aadhar Card should be same. So, first make the Address on your Adsense Account exactly as on your Aadhaar Card and then verify it.

    Do remember that if the bank may hold your payment if there is a difference in your Adsense Receipt Address and Address in your Bank Account.

  53. Hi Anirudh Bro
    How much time will it take to arrive at my doorstep…Its First time for me (Code) 🙂 Too Much Excited

  54. Hi Aman,

    I can understand your excitement. It will reach within 7-10 days, it may also reach as early as 5 days.

  55. can i know that if i will just use the phone verification option to verify my adsense account so it will work

  56. Hi Srp,

    If you are from India, you would not get that option.

  57. Hi,

    My balance is well over $200, I entered my bank information and I don’t have any holds.Still, I don’t see the notification where I’m being asked to verify my address with the PIN that I should normally receive.

    When will I see that notification or i will directly get paid without address verification?

  58. Hi Sandeep,

    You will not get your payment without verifying your address. Please check in Settings > Account Information you will be getting an option to verify your address.

  59. I am not 18+,but I am create adsense account, I put my aadhar card in adsense??(not 18+) plzzz help sir

  60. Hi sir, as you said we can change or edit our address to match passbook after successful pin verification. So is this still the same as of now Dec 2017 ?

  61. Hi Darius,

    Yes, it is still the same.

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