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How to add Bank Account to Adsense for Wire Transfer ?

You may already be having an approved Google Adsense account but you don’t know how to add bank account details to Adsense for Wire Transfer . Don’t worry our tutorial will help you to add your bank account  details to your existing Adsense Account. All you need to do is to follow the step by step procedure of linking your Bank Account to Adsense. Do remember that without adding your Bank Account to your Adsense Account you cannot receive funds in your account. So, do not delay and link adsense account with your bank account now !

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How to add Bank Account to Adsense for Wire Transfer ?

As soon as the total earnings in your Adsense Account reach $10, you can add your Bank Account details in it. To do this, you need to follow the step by step instructions given below.

Step 1 : Signing in to Adsense Account

First of all you need to Sign in your Adsense account.

Step 2 : Selecting the Payments Option

Once you have logged in to your Adsense Account, Click on the Gear Icon and Select the 3rd option Payments.

Payments Option in Adsense

Step 3 : Selecting the Payment Settings

In Payments, in the sidebar on left hand side please click the 3rd option i.e., Payment Settings.

Payment Settings Option in Adsense

Step 4 : Adding a New Payment Method (Bank Account)

If you are adding a Payment Method for the first time, you will find ‘Add a new Payment method’ button just besides the Payment Method Section. For all other Adsense users, you will see ‘Add a new Payment Method’ button below your already linked primary Bank Account.

Click on ‘Add a new Payment method‘.

Note : Please note that the changes to Payment Method must be made before the 21st of the month to affect the current month’s payment cycle. Otherwise, the payment might go on hold and will be added to next month’s payment.

Step 5 : Entering your Bank Account Details

Enter the following bank details carefully :

  • Account Holder’s Name : Your name as on Bank records.
  • Bank Name : Name of the Bank in which you have your Account.
  • IFSC Code : You can get IFSC Code from your Bank. If you are in India, you can get IFSC Codes here : Know your IFSC Code.
  • Swift Code : You can get Swift Code from your Bank. If you are in India, you can get Swift Codes here : Know your Swift Code.
  • Account Number : Type you Bank Account Number.
  • Re-type Account Number : Re-type your Bank Account Number.

Bank Details in Adsense Account

Step 6 : Submitting the Bank Details to Adsense

Once you have filled up your Bank Account Details, you need to set your payment method as primary by clicking on a check box. When you have more than 1 account to associated with you Adsense account, you can choose any one Bank Account as a primary payment method.

Click on Save to finally submit your Bank Details to Adsense.

Important Note : Do remember to double check the Bank Account details before submitting to Adsense. Entering wrong details may put your payment on hold or they me get transferred to a wrong bank account. Google Adsense will not be responsible in such a case.

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