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Kautilya – India’s ‘Google Boy’ from Karnal

Intelligence is in head not in age. This old saying is a perfect one for this wonder kid who is just eight years now and can memorize things instantly. This little kid, Kautilya was just like any other kid but at the age of 5 the parents noticed this kid’s extraordinary grasping power when he was introduced to atlas. He was able to memorize every country’s name, its capital and its currency. He could answer all the questions in a matter of fraction of seconds. This amazed the parents and thus the journey of fame and name for this little kid from Haryana began.

Kautilya – The Genius Indian Boy from Haryana

Kautilya was born n 12 Dec 2007 in Kohnad village of Karnal in Haryana. He is highly inspired by the ancient Indian teacher, economist and more so a diplomat who has laid down the philosophy known as Chanakya Neeti.  He is known for his intelligence and the power with which he overturned the rule of the majestic Nanda dynasty. Kautilya has even kept his own name on the name of Chanakya who is also known by the name of Kautilya. This wonder kid also wants to keep a pigtail like Chanakya.

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit
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Kautilya- the wonder kid is known for having a great grasp on geography of the world, knowledge about the per capita income of various countries of the world, their GDP, the politics and economy etc. at the age when kids learn alphabets and numerals this kid is able to clearly speak out the names of different countries as well as give detailed account of their economic and political makeup.

Many psychologists have expressed their keen interest in doing a research on this great memory power of the kid. It is said that the IQ of this kid at the age of 5 was 130. His IQ as he grows up may become close to that of Einstein which is believed to be 160 an unusual number for the human race.

Kautilya Google Boy
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This little prodigy has been called to many TV shows and News channels to display to the world his amazing quality of memorizing whatever he reads. He has been asked many questions related to different fields and he gave answers to all of them in just a fraction of second.

He was called at ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ to sit in front of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan to answer the questions thrown at him. He was able to do well there too.

Kautilya Pandit with Amitabh Bachchan
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The boy at the age of two showed interest i dancing but lost interest after a certain period of time. he then developed this interest of reading and learning about various countries and their geographical qualities.

The government of Haryana has awarded Kautilya Pandit with Rs. 10 lakh and has also extended help for the proper schooling and fulfilling other needs of the kid. At this award ceremony the kid pointed out to the mistake in the certificate to the Chief Minister of Haryana which led to a lot of embarrassment to the government.

The Kashi vidwan parishat of Varanasi has also recognized him as “Bal Manishi” or Child Prodigy.

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