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Dinesh Verma – India’s Only Scooter Stuntman

Dinesh Verma, hailing all the way from Punjab in Northern India is known for two things only; his daredevil nature and his super pimped out scooter. Now at 31, Dinesh has been performing deadly stunts on his scooter since he was just a teenager at 16 years of age.

Dinesh Verma – The Only Scooter Stuntman of India

While you will find a number of amazing stunts men performing deadly stunts on their bikes, Dinesh is one is a kind in India as he performs all of these stunts on a scooter. Dinesh boasts that a scooter has a smaller engine, the entire weight of the scooter being misbalanced to one side, and the wheels are smaller than a bikes, making his stunts that much more dangerous and difficult. He is one of his kind who dares to perform these deadly stunts on his unique scooter.

Dinesh’s Early Start

Dinesh owned his own scooter since he was a teenage, and often heard things which suggested that bikes were the only two wheeler appropriate for stunts. However Dinesh brushed off all warnings, considering them only weak excuses. He was set out to show the world that his small scooter could perform even more dangerous and awe striking stunts than a bike.

Dinesh’s Scooter Stunts

Dinesh Verma - India's Only Scooter Stuntman
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Dinesh believes that he can perform each and every stunt that a rider can perform on his bike, and even do more! He is seen to perform stunts such as bar tricks, cliff hanger, doughnut, fire shows, biscuit eater, burnouts, Christ, switchback, stoppie, zero circles, hyper spin, high chair, just to name a few. Some of these stunts are things which ordinary people have never even heard of, but are completely awe struck when they watch his performing them.

Dinesh takes great pride in his little two wheeler, customizing his scooter to make it look as jazzy and attractive as possible. With a body of abstract art and wheels turned green, Dinesh’s scooter turns quite a few heads on the street, even when he is not performing his dangerous stunts on them.

Dinesh Verma Scooter Stuntman
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Dinesh is aware of the risks that come with his profession. Crashing, falling and accidents are a great risk, especially considering the kind of dangerous moves he performs on his scooter. However, he puts his safety first as he is always seen wearing a helmet for protection.

Even though Dinesh might have found the profession of his dreams, he admits that he does not make enough money off of it to maintain his scooter. Some months are better, which other months can be very difficult. When asked about his future plans, Dinesh remarks that he would love to get married, but only to a woman who understands his dreams and passion and allows him to pass down his skills to his children.

Everyone hopes that Dinesh can find the lady of his dreams who is strong enough to support his deadly profession. Till then, we can only hope to see more of Dinesh’s superb stunts on his colourful little scooter and wish him all the best.

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