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Anand Arnold – India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

You must have heard about heroic tales of the past about iconic figures battling for life and surviving critical conditions. But, we fail to realize that an indestructible soul and a never-dying spirit can be a subject in the present world. Here is a story of a young man from Ludhiana, Punjab, who is a living legend,for he is India’s only wheelchair-bound bodybuilder. Here is his inspiring story.

Meet Anand Arnold – The First Wheelchair Bodybuilder of India

Anand Arnold, a young and dynamic 28 year old man from Ludhiana, battled his way through adverse diseases like a paralytic attack and cancer. At a delicate age of 15 years, his will power made the phoenix rise from the ashes and he became the first ever wheelchair bodybuilder, India ever had.

A True Story

All that Anand Arnold could dream about, as a small boy, was to become a bodybuilder. He started hardcore training when he was as young as 13 years old. He was so good at it, that he was awarded the same year. But, unfortunately the young fitness pro was struck with a sudden tragedy. At the age of 15, doctors declared that Anand Arnold was suffering from cancer of the lower spinal cord. He was soon operated, but sadly the surgery lead to paralysis.

Anand Arnold - India's First Wheelchair Bodybuilder
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Being bedridden for almost three years, Anand decided to be strong and stand against all odds. He fought back and came over the horrible incident. He had only one thing in mind, which was to become the best bodybuilder in India. Bound on a wheelchair, he began an intensive workout and training despite of his disabilities.

How Illness Took a Toll

Anand says that he was overwhelmed when he first won the Mr. Gold Ludhiana award at the age of 13. All was going well until there began an extremely sharp and unbearable pain in his lower back. When he could not take it anymore, Anand Arnold was taken to the hospital immediately.

After lots of tests and diagnosis the doctors came to the conclusion that Anand was suffering from last stage lower spinal cord cancer. The immediate thing the doctors could do was to operate him. But the operation was not very successful as it paralyzed Ananad’s lower body.

Inspiration to Stay Head Fast

Anand continue that he was on the bed for three years and felt helpless. His near and dear ones would worry for him, but nevertheless, Anand did not lose hope.  With a positive attitude, he focused on getting back what was lost.

Anand Arnold Wheelchair Bodybuilder
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One fine day, he asked some students, who used to get trained under Anand, to carry him to the gym, where he started with basic shoulder exercises.It was that very moment that made Anand Arnold realized his true destiny in life. His coach and mentor for life, Mr. Ravi Parashar guided Anand towards an intensive fitness schedule and diet planand would boost his morale.

Anand Arnold’s Advice

Anand Arnold wants the world to understand his simple motto that you have to convert your weaknesses into your most useful strengths, for a successful life. Anand Arnold’s struggle story is truly inspiring for many.

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