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The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple

India has diverse culture, rich traditions, vast history and elaborate architecture. It also has varied religion which spread the message of brotherhood, equality, and spirituality. Indian history and religion have evidences of co-relation in its temple, forts and pre-historic colonies. The Indian epics can be traced in the form of remains in such places and the stories seem to be true and Godly. One of the very famous Hindu epics – Ramayana, have its footprints down south in the district of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, known as – Lepakshi.

Lepakshi Temple – Origin from Ramayana

The Epic of Ramayana describes Sita, wife of Rama, being abducted by the king of Lanka- Ravana and being taken away by the aerial route. Bird – Jatayu comes to rescue Sita but gets wounded by the sword of Ravana and falls on a hill. Rama, in search of Sita, meets Jatayu and speaks to Jatayu with first words “Le Pakshi” meaning “Arise Bird”. Since then this place is named as “Lepakshi”. Lepakshi is around 120 kms from Bangalore and just 15 kms from Hindupur. It’s a small village with both historical and architectural importance.

Lepakshi Temple
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During the Vijayanagara King’s rule between 1336- 1646, a temple dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra was constructed here, designed by two brothers- Viranna and Virupanna. This temple was known as the “Veerabhadra Temple” now also known as the “Lepakshi Temple”. The temple is constructed in a Vijayanagara architectural style and has many astonishing features in it.

The Hanging Pillar

One of the halls of the temple known as the “Dance Hall” has 70 pillars on which the total weight of the temple is kept. All the pillars have been erected from bottom to top except one which is been constructed from top to bottom and is not complete also. This pillar does not touch the floor of the temple and hangs just few centimeters above the ground. Indian scientist researched on it and declared that this marvel did not happen by mistake, it is the proof of the architectural marvel of those times which is matchless even today.

Lepakshi Temple Hanging Pillar
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A British engineer tried his level best to uncover the mystery of the pillar but could not do so as moving that pillar disturbed the alignment of all other pillars in the temple. That also proves that this pillar, though hanging, is the main pillar of the temple. Such is the brilliance of the architectures of those times, which even today’s so called technologically sound engineers cannot design such a spectacle.

Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple
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Everyday thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit this temple to witness the phenomenon of passing thin sheet of paper or garment under this hanging pillar. When they do it themselves, the glow of surprise in their eyes and the shocking expression on the face itself prove that this is the masterpiece of Indian Architecture.  It is your duty to preserve the heritage and culture of our country and you must pass on this information to the next generation in the form of visit, books, or any other medium.

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