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Khivraj Gurjar – India’s BMX Yogi

Daredevil Grandad as he is famously called, Khivraj Gurjar performs yoga on a bike just on an edge of 300 ft-high cliff. His breath-taking extreme yoga moves are totally unbelievable. This timeless Daredevil actually risks his life by walking over a ledge with a 100 metre drop that too without any safety equipment. He is a 68-year-old man who performs yoga poses on a BMX bike as he is suspended over a deadly 300 ft drop.

Khivraj Gurjar - India's BMX Yogi
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Khivraj Gurjar – BMX Yogi of India

Khiv Raj Gurjar, from Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan in India, is the world’s finest result of the phenomenon called ‘extreme yoga’. This pension-age daredevil spends at least an hour every day running up to 45 individual yoga poses on his bike and is an inspiring example for his age. He does this while being perched on the edge of a 300 ft cliff. Gurjar balances and performs yoga postures that are very complex on high cliffs without any fear or the thought of falling from the mountain. He has reached the epitome of self control and can literally do anything on the mountain without any sort of panic.

How did it Start?

Khivraj Gurjar - BMX Yogi of India
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Khivraj Gurjar has been performing extreme yoga for the past 20 years and he attributes it the credit of helping him to cope up to a personal intense tragedy. On the 4 November 2014, Khivraj unfortunately lost his son, grandson and wife in a terrible road accident. It was a heart wrenching. accident that shattered him and has taken time to heal. He used this energy and pain into yoga. Khivraj had already began practicing yoga at the age of 12. He used to visit the cliff since a very young age and would do his stunts since childhood.  But the tragedy of losing his family members provoked him to master this hobby as a passion that has made him well renowned today as Khivraj Gurjar, India’s BMX Yogi.


Khivraj Gurjar
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As a child, Khivraj Gurjar  used to go visit the cliffs after school. One day after the tragedy of the sudden and tragic demise of his loved ones, he bought a BMX cycle and diverted all his energy and sadness into doing extreme yoga. In the summer season, Khivraj prefers to exercise at the beginning of the day, to prevent the impact of intense heat. While performing yoga on cliffs, one slip would mean a probable death. In spite of his talent, skills, hardwork and dedication his family still worry about the dangerous nature of Khivraj’s extreme balancing act.

Opinions of Family Members

Khivraj’s grandson fears the yoga stances his grandfather performs under huge risk on high mountain cliffs. However, his granddaughter Yoga Gurjar who is 15 years old feels proud because he is the source of grit and inspiration for her and aims to follow his footsteps someday. She is very confident and believes that her grandfather who does stunts on mountains is like an in-house superhero for her. Khivraj has also represented India at a national level as a cyclist and also competed in India’s national football league.

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